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Golden DeFi Daily | UMA Soared 29.6% Dex Trading Volume 341 Million USD



Golden Noon News | A list of important developments at noon on August 19: 7:00-12:00 Keywords: Colombia, China Banking Association, Bulgaria, UK

1. The Colombian Ministry of Technology issued a draft calling for the adoption of blockchain technology;

2. China Banking Association report: Continue to increase research on cutting-edge technologies such as blockchain;

3. Bitcoin transaction fees rose by 71.2%;

4. Bulgarian start-up company provides bitcoin compensation for flight delay passengers;

5. Huobi is expected to complete the 1:100 denomination split of DOT tokens at block height 1248328;

6. The U.S. military revealed that North Korea has multiple cryptocurrency-related cybercrime departments;

7. Cryptocurrencies make UK headlines;

8. YAM completes the migration contract review;

9. Within 3 hours, the transaction gas fee on Uniswap surpassed USDT and ranked first, accounting for 16.55%. [2020/8/19]

The rise and fall of the top ten currencies by market capitalization, Jinse Finance Chart, data source CoinGecko

Golden Noon News | June 19 at noon important updates: 7:00-12:00 Keywords: Filecoin, Telegram, Compound, Guangzhou

1. Dean of the National Institute of Financial Research of Tsinghua University: RMB will make a major breakthrough in the field of virtual currency.

2. The Filecoin Phase 2 test network is reset, and the browser displays "No blocks produced within half an hour".

3. The judge ruled that the relevant physical evidence of the ICO participants in the Telegram lawsuit will be permanently sealed.

4. China Unicom: The number of the company's blockchain patent applications ranks among the top in the country.

5. The total loan amount of Compound surpassed that of Maker, reaching 140 million US dollars.

6. Data: The total market value of DeFi tokens exceeds US$4.2 billion.

7. There are 39 companies and 41 cases in Guangzhou selected for the blockchain information service filing list.

8. Compound’s new proposal is generated, and it plans to increase the USDT mortgage value to 20%. [2020/6/19]

Jinse Finance live report Wang Binsheng, Ph.D. Distinguished Professor of Chinese Academy of Social Sciences: Blockchain is used to believe: Jinse Finance live report, at the 2018 World Blockchain Summit held on April 3rd, Distinguished Doctorate Professor of Chinese Academy of Social Sciences Wang Binsheng said that I personally think that Bitcoin is actually an application in the blockchain world. He has directly launched a revolution in the traditional financial system. Bitcoin is used to believe, not to be used. One day we will fight the landlord , we don’t need to use Bitcoin, just buy a Moutai coin. You have Quanjude and KFC downstairs. He issued meal coupons. As long as you believe that it will exist for a hundred years, this coupon is money. You get 10,000 yuan Money coupons are enough, so after 2018, with the advent of the Internet of Things and the artificial age, this step will be very obvious. The Internet of Things is the connection between things. It is not a simple matter to start resource collaboration. Hand in hand agreement, so this step will be gradually reflected in 2018. [2018/4/3]

Data source of top ten DEXs by trading volume: Debank

3. The total amount of loans on DeFi lending platforms: 1.6 billion US dollars

Borrowing ratio of each DeFi lending platform, charted by Jinse Finance, data source: Debank

4. Assets locked in DeFi: $7.38 billion

The top ten rankings of locked assets and locked positions of DeFi projects, data source: Defi Pulse


8.18 morning market: BTC breaks through 12,000 strongly, the next target is 20,000?

Last night, the market not only broke through $12,000, broke through the long-term high volatility, but also directly broke through the year’s highest peak and reached around $12.

The hot war is in full swing, who will make the Huobi contract a god?

Huobi recently held the Perpetual Contract Masters.

What is Yam Finance?

There are a few decentralized finance projects that offer flash loans. Yam Finance (YAM) is a DeFi project that is just a flash in the pan. Originally described as a "minimum viable currency experiment.

Golden DeFi Daily | UMA Soared 29.6% Dex Trading Volume 341 Million USD

Golden Noon News | A list of important developments at noon on August 19: 7:00-12:00 Keywords: Colombia, China Banking Association, Bulgaria.

Golden Trend 丨 Based on history, BTC will usher in a monthly rise?

Bitcoin’s VWAP metric is volume-weighted average price, an alternative to realized price (MVRV).

Data shows: the total value locked in DeFi is overestimated by 2.83 billion US dollars

The numbers shown by the source may be a bit high, but as one Twitter user pointed out, this happens in traditional finance too.The total value locked in a DeFi protocol can be difficult to calculate.

Blockchain reconstructs the trust system of public resource transactions Experts say it will improve the efficiency of government social services

Recently, the 2020 Public Resource Trading Blockchain Seminar and Application Results Conference was held in Guangzhou. At this conference.