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Golden Trend 丨 Based on history, BTC will usher in a monthly rise?



Bitcoin’s VWAP metric is volume-weighted average price, an alternative to realized price (MVRV), used to determine the average price paid by the market for each unit. VWAP is equal to the amount of each transaction multiplied by the price per transaction divided by the total volume of trading days, which can be used for trend trading, as a trend confirmation tool, and to establish trading strategies to predict the future price of Bitcoin.

Golden Morning News | A list of important overnight news on September 6: 21:00-7:00 Keywords: SushiSwap, Colombia, Defi

1. SushiSwap's 24-hour lockup volume decreased by 20.18%.

2. The founder of SushiSwap responded to cash out: only caused 5% slippage, and will continue to participate in community work.

3. BB: Ethereum leads to slow expensive and high inflation chain with daily upgrade delays.

4. Mayor of Beijing: New technologies such as blockchain will be used to create a system and service environment that is in line with internationally accepted rules.

5. Texas officials issued a suspension order for Pek Universe, a company operating an encryption fraud scheme.

6. Colombian police: Fraudsters are running a bitcoin scam claiming to have the support of President Duque.

7. Justin Sun: I believe that Defi will be a revolutionary change in the financial industry and will establish a fund to support developers. [2020/9/6]

The reason why VWAP is a powerful indicator is that it incorporates trading volume into the calculation of the average price, which can show the current dominant trend of the market and the area of liquidity.

Jinse Finance live report Tan Zhiyong, Chief Scientist and Co-Founder of Ouchain Technology: EOS may approach the processing scale of one million TPS: Jinse Finance live report, at Tsinghua University Blockchain Education and Industry Innovation Summit and Ivy Chain Alliance At the inaugural meeting, Tan Zhiyong, chief scientist and co-founder of Ouchain Technology, said that EOS has a very obvious room for improvement in packaging speed. When the network and bandwidth are not bottlenecks, doubling the packaging speed will basically double the throughput. . At present, the single-threaded version can achieve thousands of TPS. According to the expectation, the optimized multi-core parallel non-shared memory version will be implemented by the end of the year. Under the 128core machine, it may at least be close to one million TPS. scale. [2018/5/27]

In simple terms, VWAP is similar to a moving average. The advantage is that it helps eliminate most of the noise you see in the market during the day. Therefore, it is more complete than a moving average.

Jinse Finance’s exclusive analysis of Hangzhou’s “Building a Blockchain City”: On April 9, at the launching ceremony of the “China Hangzhou Blockchain Industrial Park”, Yao Yongjie, chairman of Hangzhou Tunlan Investment, announced the establishment of Xiong’an Global Blockchain Innovation Fund , the total size of the fund is 10 billion yuan, and Xu Xiaoping is the fund consultant. At the same time, Xiong'an Fund Management Company, including Li Xiaolai and Lao Mao as managers, was established to participate in fund management. Golden exclusive financial analysis shows that Hangzhou ranks among the top cities in the country in terms of attractiveness to blockchain companies. According to statistics, in 2017, 77 domestic blockchain projects were newly established, with geographical distribution: 36% in Beijing, 20% in Shanghai, and 15% in Shenzhen. %, Hangzhou 8%, Hong Kong 5%, Chengdu 3%, Guangzhou 2%, and others accounted for 11%. The traditional frontier city "Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen" has become "North, Shanghai, Shenzhen and Hangzhou". From the perspective of the number of blockchain projects, Hangzhou ranks fourth only after Beijing, Shanghai and Shenzhen. Looking back at the past few years, the country’s first blockchain industrial park settled in Xixigu Internet Finance Town, attracting a number of well-known Internet financial companies such as Ant Financial, MYbank, and Alipay; in the 2018 Hangzhou Municipal Government Work Report Writing into the blockchain indicates that the new technology of the blockchain will become the next focus of Hangzhou's support; the government even proposed "building a blockchain city". Hangzhou has firmly occupied the first echelon of cities in the country in terms of blockchain projects. [2018/4/9]

When the price is above the VWAP line, the market may enter an uptrend, and when the price is below the VWAP line, the market may be bearish.

The picture above is the monthly trend chart of the three halvings in BTC history in 2012, 2016 and 2020. The research shows that after each output halving is completed, the BTC price can break through the long-term VWAP indicator line on the station. After the breakthrough, the price will still It is located near the indicator line and continues to fluctuate for a period of time. This stage belongs to the intermediate stage of the bull market rising. The continuous consolidation and change of hands continue to oscillate and gain momentum, and then the monthly main rising wave market will usher in.

At present, BTC has completed the third halving in May, and then ushered in a rising market of 9,200-12,000 US dollars. The monthly line has broken through the VWAP indicator line, which is around 10,500 US dollars. The previous diving of 12,000-10,500 US dollars just completed the action of stepping back to test the support. The stepping back relatively shrunk, and quickly pulled up after touching, which verified the effectiveness of the breakthrough. Then there is a high probability that the trend will be similar to the previous two times , it will be possible to maintain a period of range consolidation in the future, and the probability of continuing to fluctuate upwards after gaining momentum is high, and it is possible to usher in a monthly-level main rising market. Therefore, it is recommended to stay close to this indicator line in terms of operation. Wait patiently for the follow-up market.


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Golden Noon News | A list of important developments at noon on August 19: 7:00-12:00 Keywords: Colombia, China Banking Association, Bulgaria.

Golden Trend 丨 Based on history, BTC will usher in a monthly rise?

Bitcoin’s VWAP metric is volume-weighted average price, an alternative to realized price (MVRV).

Data shows: the total value locked in DeFi is overestimated by 2.83 billion US dollars

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