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8.17 evening market: Will BTC stand firm at 12,000 this time?



The article is contributed by Biquan Beiming, the columnist of Jinse Finance and Economics, and his remarks only represent his personal views, and are only for learning and exchange! Golden Disk will not actively provide any transaction guidance, nor will it charge any fees to guide transactions. Readers are requested to carefully screen and beware of being fooled.

Ouyi OKEx DeFi broadcast: The total market value of DeFi is 123.81 billion US dollars, and the Ouyi OKEx platform ZKS leads the rise: According to Ouyi OKEx statistics, the current total market value of DeFi projects is 123.81 billion US dollars, and the total lock-up volume is 68.32 billion US dollars;

In terms of market conditions, DeFi tokens are generally rising today, and the top three DeFi tokens on OKEx platform are ZAS, HDAO, and ANT;

As of 18:30, the popular DeFi currencies on the OKEx platform are as follows: [2021/4/2 19:41:15]

The BTC daily level has been sideways for several days, and the price fluctuates within a range. Although the sideways market has no clear direction, from the overall perspective, Btc can still rise in the end, so the probability of going up in the short term is high, please pay attention to the upside The strength of 12000 and whether it will form a blood-sucking effect; the mid-line market continues to be optimistic, you can refer to the trend in the middle and late April of 2019.

Hong Kong stocks closed: Outech Cloud Chain closed flat, Huobi Technology closed up 8.16%: Hong Kong stocks closed today, the Hang Seng Index closed at 25183.01 points, closed down 0.19%; , closed up 6.03%; Huobi Technology (01611.HK) closed at HK$4.640, up 8.16%. [2020/8/14]

In terms of operation, it is recommended to take profits on rallies for short-term stocks with large gains in the past two days, and there will be opportunities to cover at low prices in the future. In the short-term and medium-term, it is recommended to hold the 3-day moving average; it is recommended to continue to hold stocks with small gains. The short-term pressure level of BTC is 12000~12100, and the short-term support level is 11650~11700.

The U.S. dollar accounted for 78.11% of bitcoin-to-fiat transactions, and the British pound rose to fifth place: Coinhills data shows that the U.S. dollar still ranks first at 78.11% of the current Bitcoin-to-fiat transactions; the second is The Japanese yen accounted for 11.78%; the euro ranked third, accounting for 3.91%; the fourth and fifth places were Korean won (3.25%) and British pound (1.17%). [2020/3/29]

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Author: Biquan Beiming


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8.17 evening market: Will BTC stand firm at 12,000 this time?

The article is contributed by Biquan Beiming, the columnist of Jinse Finance and Economics, and his remarks only represent his personal views.

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