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"Sweet potato" unsalable Yam re-opened the experimental field



After experiencing an extremely fast roller coaster, the DeFi protocol Yam Finance (hereinafter referred to as Yam), which is popular in the currency circle with the image of "sweet potato", has launched a restart plan.

On August 23, Yam announced the completion of the first phase of planning: Token holders destroy the YAMv1 tokens in their hands and mint them into new YAMv2 tokens to avoid the problem of excessive issuance of v1 tokens. In addition, Yam will initiate community proposals and votes, and the project will be fully governed by the community.

In the second phase, Yam will deploy the 3.0 phase protocol based on the community's voting results, and cooperate with third-party security agencies to audit smart contracts to avoid risks caused by contract loopholes.

Previously, Yam suffered a failure due to a bug in additional issuance, and the price of the currency was once close to zero. The "sweet potato" that was sought after at first became unsalable. After YAMv2 landed on the market, the currency price rose to around $18, and market confidence showed signs of recovery.

Cryptocurrency retail service provider Genesis Block has ceased trading: Jinse Finance reported that Hong Kong-based cryptocurrency retail service provider Genesis Block, which operates one of the largest Bitcoin ATM networks in Asia, has announced that it has ceased trading and will close on December 10 Its OTC portal. Wincent Hung, CEO of Genesis Block, said that since there is no way of knowing whether existing counterparties will also have problems, he hopes to close all positions to regain some liquidity. In addition, Genesis Block also informed customers to withdraw funds from the platform and no longer accept new customers. [2022/11/18 13:21:50]

The code of the "first-generation Yam" was not audited. Although it was officially announced as an "experiment" by the launching team, a large number of participants came to dig sweet potatoes and created a market sensation. The "Second Generation Yam" restarted, and Trent Elmore, one of the initiators, began to face up to this experiment. He said that Yam is not just a money game, and there will be more development directions in the future. The "vault" in the agreement makes it a decentralization Possibility of banking.

EOS Network Ventures will launch a $100 million EOS ecosystem fund to empower Web3 entrepreneurs: Jinse Finance reported that the official news is that the EOS network is working hard to reach a validator consensus agreement to launch a $100 million ecosystem fund. The fund will be managed by an independent entity, EOS Network Ventures (ENV), aimed at investing in Web3 businesses and entrepreneurs building innovative solutions based on EOS, and will also be used for startup accelerators and incubation programs to support the development of the EOS network in more innovative business models large-scale application. EOS network validators will oversee the independently operated ENV. EOS Network Ventures will make strategic equity and token-based investments in technology startups in the Web3 field, covering tracks including GameFi, Metaverse, e-sports, NFT, and financial technology. This move will allow the EOS network to further establish itself as the ideal blockchain and launch pad for new projects transitioning from Web2 to Web3. [2022/11/10 12:45:02]

In the early morning of August 23, Yam Finance, a much-watched DeFi protocol, completed the first step of its restart. Its tokens completed the migration from YAM v1 to YAM v2, and the final supply of v2 was about 3.7264 million pieces. This means that the 1.0 era of Yam has become a thing of the past, and the "sweet potatoes" in the Yam field will bring former users to version 2.0.

Tether CTO: The company continues to reduce its commercial paper holdings, with most of its reserves in U.S. Treasury bonds: May 13 news, Tether Chief Technology Officer Paolo Ardoino said in Twitter Spaces on Thursday that the company has reduced its commercial paper holdings in the past six months After exposure, most of its reserves are in US Treasuries. Ardoino did not say how much of the reserves are currently held in commercial paper, but said the proportion was "still declining" and that a quarterly update on reserves would be released later this month.

Joseph Abate, managing director of fixed income research at Barclays, said investors are concerned that Tether could be forced to sell its holdings in response to redemptions in the event of a financial run. Still, Abate noted that concerns about liquidity may be premature, as the largest portion (44%) of Tether’s holdings are in more liquid Treasury bills. He also said the company has other short-term assets that could easily be sold the same day. (Reuters) [2022/5/13 3:13:52]

Women's clothing brand Katla distributes NFT through QR codes on clothing: According to news on March 14, custom women's clothing brand Katla has created a new way to distribute NFT through clothing. In the next few months, Katla will launch a series of NFT , consumers can access these NFTs by scanning the QR codes on Katla items with their mobile phones. Additionally, Katl announced that it has partnered with Icelandic artist Hendrikka Waage to create an exclusive Katla X Hendirikka collection. The collection features limited-edition hoodies adorned with NFT artwork. The first 30,000 customers who scan the QR code will receive a free NFT. (FashionNetwork) [2022/3/14 13:54:57]

Yam Completed Token Migration

At this stage, Yam's liquidity mining is still at a standstill. According to the announcement, Yam will launch a governance forum on August 24, UTC time, using token holder signatures for off-chain voting, which is a key step for Yam to hand over the project to community governance.

Founder of Cardano: The encryption industry may be heavily regulated in 2022: Jinse Finance reported that Charles Hoskinson, the founder of Cardano, predicted in a YouTube live broadcast that in 2022 and beyond, the cryptocurrency industry may be heavily regulated and involved, and there is a risk of banning it. (cryptopotato) [2022/1/2 8:19:28]

To be more precise, v2 is just a transitional period before the final version of Yam goes live, and its most direct purpose is to allow community members to submit proposals for voting. After the voting is over, Yam will deploy a version 3.0 that has been audited by a third-party security agency based on the community’s voting results. Finally, YAMv2 token holders can convert their tokens to YAMv3.

On August 24, YAMv2 tokens have begun to be traded on DEXs such as Uniswap, with a price of about $18. The market once again has confidence in the follow-up of Yam.

The development of Yam has reinterpreted "one day of DeFi, one year of the currency circle". At 3:00 am on August 12, Yam started mining, and within a few hours, more than 100 million U.S. dollars of funds poured in. "Sweet potato" YAM once exceeded 150 U.S. dollars.

It is a pity that the prosperity only lasted for more than 30 hours. The Yam protocol exposed a code loophole, which caused the exponential increase when it triggered the elastic supply mechanism, which means that Yam1. . The once-sought-for "sweet potatoes" are unsalable, and most holders choose to sell them with tears. Those who don't want to sell "sweet potatoes" may encounter the situation of "rotten" in their hands.

The price of YAM currency has plummeted, but the outside world is still impressed by the gold-absorbing ability and unique mining mechanism of the Yam protocol. Therefore, many community members proposed to restart it, hoping that the DeFi experiment of mining "sweet potatoes" can continue.

During the few days when Yam was shut down, a number of similar DeFi protocols appeared on the market one after another, some digging "grapes" and some fishing "shrimp". The essence is to pledge tokens or provide liquidity for tokens. Mining, the wave brought by Yam is still continuing.

Yam's vulnerability once again exposed the huge risk of unaudited smart contracts. Such a nascent DeFi project can attract hundreds of millions of dollars in a short period of time. On the one hand, it is the epitome of strong speculative sentiment. Professional development team but optimistic about the token 0 pre-mining project.

The big V in the currency circle "Super Bitcoin" has participated in digging "sweet potatoes". While he called today's DeFi "a beautiful new world of bubbles", he also saw its transformation of the primary market. Some people commented that Yam is just a "money game", and the value of hype is higher.

Obviously, when Yam is planning to deploy a new "experimental field", there are both doubts and optimistic voices, which is also a manifestation of the duality of DeFi.

In this regard, Trent Elmore, one of the promoters of Yam, wrote that the original concept of Yam did have a deep game component, but he became more and more aware that this idea is not just a game.

He said that the greatest value of Yam is reflected in the "treasury" of the agreement. Users can obtain considerable income by mortgaging assets in the treasury, but its greater value lies in the fact that the community can tap the potential of this reserve mechanism. the

He gave an example that the community can establish a decentralized reserve financing model around the treasury, and can choose to allocate a certain proportion of the reserve fund, pay audit fees for new projects to obtain a certain Token share, and thus obtain returns. This case sounds a lot like decentralized crowdfunding.

Trent Elmore also cited that the community can also build financial agreements, such as borrowing from the treasury. He believes that the future form of YAM may be like a decentralized bank with community-led governance.

Of course, Yam has only been born for less than half a month, and it is hard to say whether anyone will use it to form more ideas and develop more functions. Trent Elmore said that achieving these requires a lot of collaboration, community governance and effective management. In the future, the cumulative value of YAM will be reflected in the community's joint efforts to integrate these concepts into the system. the

At present, Yam in the restart process has begun to break away from the state of "streaking" of the smart contract. On August 19, the blockchain security company PeckShield announced the completion of the security audit of the Yam2.0 smart contract.

Yam2.0 smart contract passed security audit

PeckShield said that shortly after locating the key issues of Yam1.0, the Yam team contacted them for cooperation. According to reports, this security audit mainly focused on the security and reliability of the YAMv2 migration contract. The main audit contents include: the balance query and destruction logic of the old YAMv1 account, the minting of the new YAMv2 account, and the security and integrity assessment of the overall migration logic.

"After several days of rigorous security audits, we found that the overall design of the YAMv2 migration contract is clear, the logic is rigorous, and the code is concise and effective." PeckShield believes that Yam, as a star-level project that the whole community pays attention to, should not be defeated due to a single security issue , which still has expectations for the development of Yam.

A number of users with YAMv2 positions also told Honeycomb Finance that they will participate in community voting to water potential new DeFi experimental fields including Yam.


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"Sweet potato" unsalable Yam re-opened the experimental field

After experiencing an extremely fast roller coaster, the DeFi protocol Yam Finance (hereinafter referred to as Yam), which is popular in the currency circle with the image of "sweet potato".

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