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5 must-reads in the evening | Can other public chains also exert their strength on DeFi?



What you need to know about Polkadot

While DeFi on Ethereum is in full swing, Polkadot has also made significant progress recently.

DOT completed the main network mapping in early July. On August 19, Polkadot opened the DOT token transfer function at block height 1205128, becoming the real main network native token. In addition, on August 21, Polkadot plans to conduct a 1:100 token split at block height 1248328 (approximately at 13:15 UTC on August 21, 2020). This issue of Hardcore takes you into Polkadot. click to read

Golden Evening News | List of important news on the evening of May 6: 12:00-21:00 Keywords: Polkadot, Coinbase, Nuvei, Bullish

1. Polkadot released a new version Polkadot v0.9.0, deploying the parachain on Kusama

2. Internet automation platform IFTTT has supported access to Coinbase personal transaction data

3. Payment processing giant Nuvei to acquire cryptocurrency startup Simplex for $200-250 million

4. IBM released the industry-leading 2nm chip process, claiming that this is the world's first

5. The Bullish page, which is suspected to be’s new project, has been launched

6. Vice Chairman of the Reserve Bank of Australia: Cryptocurrencies have a lot in common with gold in terms of price changes [2021/5/6 21:30:50]

Public chains have difficult scriptures

Golden Evening News|A list of important news on the evening of July 11: 12:00-21:00 Keywords: MakerDAO, DOS Network, Nobel Prize winner, Xiongan New Area, DeFi

1. MakerDAO plans to deploy the new monetary policy tool "anchor stability module" before the end of July.

2. The decentralized oracle network DOS Network Ethereum mainnet Caelus was officially launched.

3. Nobel Laureate Sargent: The combination of AI and blockchain can protect privacy and facilitate data sharing.

4. Chen Gang, Secretary of the Party Working Committee of Xiongan New Area: Accelerate the integration and application of blockchain and other technologies in the supply chain field.

5. Former Goldman Sachs executive: ETH/BTC is experiencing a bull market breakthrough.

6. Report: The development of DeFi will go far beyond the Ethereum network, and even beyond the cryptocurrency itself.

7. Analysis: The recent bullishness of altcoins is related to key network upgrades and the strong performance of ETH.

8. Ethereum mutual insurance Nexus Mutual claims that its native token NXM is not listed on any exchange. [2020/7/11]

A few days ago, Medalla, Ethereum's new test network, failed in the verification process due to the low participation rate. Although this is just a small accident, it is also the test situation that the testnet hopes to appear, because the goal of the testnet is to test all possible dangers. But for investors who are walking on thin ice in the secondary market every day, they may be misunderstood as "Ethereum" is not good, the Ethereum team is poor, and so on. click to read

Golden Evening News | List of important news on the evening of June 14: 12:00-21:00 Keywords: Freeze Card, Xiong’an Technology, Encryption Fund, Dai

1. Major banks respond to "freezing cards": legal virtual currency bank cards will not be frozen.

2. Xiong'an Technology: It is expected that the group will record a significant decrease in profit for the year by more than 90%.

3. Data: A total of 8 crypto funds manage more than $250 million in assets.

4. The liquidation of the 24-hour contract market exceeded US$9.81 million.

5. Members of Congress: Digital assets such as Bitcoin may bring more challenges to the US dollar.

6. Mortgage of WBTC to borrow Dai has reached the debt limit of 10 million Dai.

7. Li Jinbin, Secretary of the Anhui Provincial Party Committee: Promote the deep integration of the blockchain and the real economy

8. Liu Changyong: Bitcoin fee overpayment attack exposed the directionality of blockchain development.

9. Bitcoin fell slightly, with a daily high of $9,492.72 and a low of $9,350.30. [2020/6/14]

Can other public chains follow up with DEFI and shake the status of Ethereum

In fact, the heat in the market has not dissipated, and DEFI has gradually transitioned from Ethereum to other public chains.

Some readers asked before: Are other public chains suitable for DEFI projects? In fact, this question is quite interesting. To do it or not to do it is a relatively critical choice, and the reason is very simple. click to read

DeFi wool is not plucked, you may have caught your own sheep

The farmers who did not grab the first mine and entered the market later were "surprised" to find that the income could not even offset the Gas cost, and it was even more difficult to escape the endless code loopholes, the sudden failure of the project, and the countdown to the crash...

Q: The expected annualized return of an investment project reaches 1000%, is it reliable?

"Liar" and "MLM" were the first reactions of most people in the currency circle two months ago. click to read

Global central banks promote digital currency research and development, and many countries test different solutions

The development of global digital currency is strong. Many governments, including the United Kingdom, Japan, and Sweden, are continuing to promote the development of central bank digital currency (CBDC). At the same time, the digital renminbi, which is undergoing closed pilot testing, has also attracted widespread global attention. At present, various countries have different paths and methods to promote CBDC, and the factors behind them are also different. Industry insiders said that as a new thing that has emerged in the existing financial operating system, it remains to be seen how digital currency will affect the existing financial system. Click to read


Golden Morning Post | Aave's total lock-up volume ranks first

Headline ▌Data: Aave's total lock-up volume has surpassed Maker, which has been ranked first for a long time, and jumped to the first placeAccording to data from OKLink, as of 16:00 today.

The performance of the Federal Reserve may have "poured cold water" on Bitcoin's impact on $20,000

Bitcoin may hit $20,000 by the end of the year due to inflation concerns, but unfortunately.

Who is All in Bitcoin?

Bitcoin has once again reached the important mark of $12,000.In the past few months, Bitcoin has hit a new high for more than a year, the market's pursuit of the concept of DeFi.

5 must-reads in the evening | Can other public chains also exert their strength on DeFi?

What you need to know about PolkadotWhile DeFi on Ethereum is in full swing, Polkadot has also made significant progress recently.DOT completed the main network mapping in early July. On August 19.

Will Ultra (UOS) launch BitMax games soon?

Blockchain games are actually a sector that seems to have been "quiet" for a long time. Since 2019, there have been countless game DAPPs developed with EOS as the underlying layer. In addition to EOS.

Moore Exchange The world's first diversified ecological trading platform is shocked

At present, the digital currency derivatives market is on the rise. According to TokenInsight data, the transaction volume of derivatives for the whole year of 2019 is 3 trillion US dollars.

Tron, Bytom, and Wikipedia: Who is more valuable among Chinese DeFi ecological imitators?

According to the "Risk Reminder on Preventing Illegal Fundraising in the Name of "Virtual Currency" and "Blockchain"" issued by the China Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission and other five departments.