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Will Ultra (UOS) launch BitMax games soon?



Blockchain games are actually a sector that seems to have been "quiet" for a long time. Since 2019, there have been countless game DAPPs developed with EOS as the underlying layer. In addition to EOS, there are also many game-related DAPPs on the Ontology and TRON chains. , so for 2019, the new thing of chain games is really noticed.

However, from the perspective of the quality of chain games, the game experience is quite poor. For example, there are really very few chain games based on the bottom layer of the blockchain that can produce 3D effects, and the game experience is extremely poor. Well, in fact, we can completely change the way of thinking, that is, the game points will be shared, but the game will still have the traditional mode, and this is the first implementation of Steam. We can say that Steam is very prescient, but Steam is not necessarily in the field of game integration. It is an evergreen tree that is always threatened by latecomers of the same type, such as Ultra, which is currently relatively popular in the field of game integration.

Lens Protocol: CultivatorDAO will be established to solve spam and robot problems: On September 24th, Aave’s Web 3.0 social protocol Lens Protocol plans to establish CultivatorDAO to solve spam and robot problems. It is reported that CultivatorDAO is the first Web3 social DAO for open and decentralized content-ethexc review. It can be chosen "on" by developers and/or users, helping to address spam issues and reduce the risk of bots; members of the Lens community can fork DAO and create another version to meet their specific needs for content-ethexc moderation.

In addition, the community will vote for five seats to form the founding members of CultivatorDAO, snapshots can be found at Snapshot, and voting will begin on Monday, September 26. [2022/9/24 7:19:00]

Recently, according to Lianwen news, the French game giant Ubisoft (Ubisoft) announced its cooperation with the blockchain game distribution platform Ultra. Ubisoft will become one of the founding nodes of the Ultra UOS blockchain, and will also provide Ultra with Web-based services such as querying data on the block chain and helping third parties to send transactions on the block chain. Ultra said, "I believe that Ubisoft is in the leading position in the application of blockchain in games, and hope to explore NFT (Non-Fungible Token) token technology with Ubisoft in the future." This opens a new door to the field of blockchain gaming platforms.

Delphia completes $60 million in Series A financing, led by Multicoin Capital: Golden Finance News, algorithmic stock investment application platform Delphia completes $60 million in Series A financing, led by Multicoin Capital, Ribbit Capital, FTX Ventures, Valor Equity Partners, FJ Labs, Lattice Ventures and Cumberland, etc. participated in the investment, and the funds raised will be used to expand the number of employees and launch a native Delphia data reward token.

Delphia is an algorithm-supported stock investment platform. It has a hedge fund for qualified investors. The fund adopts a neutral strategy and covers about 2,500 U.S. stocks. Delphia will automatically actively adjust stock positions according to market conditions. Starting in the summer of 2022, Delphia will launch Delphia Data Token (ERC-20) to reward users who are willing to share personal data with Delphia. (Coindesk) [2022/6/8 4:11:16]

When it comes to Ultra, there are actually two groups of people who follow it. One wave is veterans who like to play games on Steam, and the other wave may be secondary market investors in the digital currency field. Most of the circle investors. And Ultra's token UOS is also a star currency in 2019. After all, it went online directly to Bitfienx, TEDA's old club, so there were more followers of UOS at that time.

dForce: The proposal on "launching a new Vault that supports USX paired LP tokens" has been voted through: dForce tweeted that the governance proposal DIP024 proposed to launch a new Vault that supports USX paired LP tokens, and the vote has passed with 94.35% support.

According to reports, the launch of dForce Vault is to introduce various assets as collateral, allowing USX to mint with a completely different risk model relative to isolated collateral assets.

Vaults can be customized to independently support different collateral assets. Therefore, we propose to support multiple liquidity pairs LP tokens as collateral for minting USX and improve capital efficiency. [2022/3/13 13:53:52]’s yETH Vault absorbed 378,000 Ethereum in 2 days: Encrypted asset investor Andrew Kang tweeted that the newly launched yETH Vault of absorbed 378,000 Ethereum in 2 days after its launch. It can also successfully manage risk in the event of a 25% plunge. [2020/9/4]

After a year, the Ultra platform has developed into a huge system. At present, it currently serves 33 billion advertisements per day in terms of advertisement placement. The downloads of games released so far have reached hundreds of millions, and it is technically compatible with more than 5,000 games. , and the blockchain technology for the Ultra platform is also developed by world-class top blockchain engineers. In August 2020, UOS logged into BitMax. In fact, this brought two signals. One is that Ultra already has a considerable user base and urgently needs a trading platform that can meet its TOKEN trading volume. From the perspective of the style of listing and the logic of coin selection (whether it is the first coin, auction coin or non-first coin, all have a very good performance), then UOS will bring a wave of wealth codes after it is listed on BitMax. After all, BitMax's ability to "bring goods" is obvious to all.

News | The latest proposal of NEM "Catapult Migration Team": providing options for migrating to a new chain and generating new tokens Catapult: Released by the Catapult Migration Group (Catapult Migration Group), composed of the NEM Foundation and Tech Bureau, Corp, the parent company of the exchange Zaif Proposal to launch Catapult. In this newly released material, the Catapult migration team stated that after many discussions and discussions, the plan mentioned in the document was unanimously adopted, and suggestions and opinions were put forward to the NEM core team. Decision items include: dual chains and dual tokens, providing options for migrating to new chains, etc. (Coinpost)[2019/9/16]

For example, the OM (MantraDAO) token launched on BitMax a few days ago has risen from the initial price of 0.2 US dollars to the current price of around 0.6 US dollars.

The UOS launch on BitMax will also have a good performance.

About Ultra game platform (based on EOS bottom layer)

In fact, at present, although the experience of traditional games is extremely good, the phenomenon of island effect between games is very common. At the same time, the purchase of games is still carried out in a centralized manner. It is very unfair, and most of the benefits are obtained by the centralized platform. So from this point of view, blockchain technology seems to be the best solution.

Ultra uses its token UOS as the blood of the entire system, and developers can easily convert their games into safe and reliable encrypted tokens. UOS tokens can be acquired from secondary markets such as BitMax or Bitfinex, or by recommending players or developers, joining Betas, watching advertisements, buying and selling digital goods, joining reward programs, installing Ultra Go mobile software, installing free computer games, Earn by reporting bugs, writing reviews, sharing content-ethexc on social networks, entering contests, and more. In the entire platform, the hard currency is UOS, and holding UOS can be used for payment or enjoy various rights and interests in the platform.

In many game scenes on the Ultra platform, UOS tokens will also penetrate into it, such as purchasing potions, life bonuses, etc., while most of the things related to tokens in the Ultra system are deployed through smart contracts.

Ultra Games SDK can provide all the SDK features of competitors, thus completely filling the gap between traditional publishing platforms and Ultra. Therefore, on Ultra, users can download games and obtain content-ethexc updates by holding tokens in the Ultra token wallet. Downloading updates from well-known platforms like XBOX and Steam is a huge plus. For developers, in addition to the common C++ SDK, Ultra also provides ready-to-use development tools for major 3D engines, such as Unity3D, Unreal Engine, CryEngine, and Lumberyard, which are very friendly to developers.

The Ultra platform is based on the bottom layer of EOS, so the advantages of EOS Ultra exist, such as fast transaction speed, high load capacity, and low transaction costs. At present, Ultra completes 100,000 transactions per second, and there is no cost for users to create corresponding accounts. EOSIO's resource allocation is optimized and smart contracts that have problems can be frozen and remedied, which is very necessary in business.

User accounts can be restored and users do not need to share secret keys, and blockchains communicate smoothly, which is more environmentally friendly and energy-efficient than the POW mechanism.

Compared with Steam, the advantages of the Ultra platform are obvious. After Ultra is listed on BitMax, the transaction depth and volume will also achieve a qualitative leap, which will give positive feedback to Ultra’s internal ecology. The launch of Ultra (UOS) on BitMax is likely to bring the next trend in the combination of blockchain and games. (if you have not registered BitMax, you can use my registration link)


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Will Ultra (UOS) launch BitMax games soon?

Blockchain games are actually a sector that seems to have been "quiet" for a long time. Since 2019, there have been countless game DAPPs developed with EOS as the underlying layer. In addition to EOS.

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