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Moore Exchange The world's first diversified ecological trading platform is shocked



At present, the digital currency derivatives market is on the rise. According to TokenInsight data, the transaction volume of derivatives for the whole year of 2019 is 3 trillion US dollars, and the average daily derivatives transaction volume is 8.5 billion US dollars. It is estimated that by the end of 2020, the size of the crypto derivatives market will reach 20 times the size of the underlying spot market. Obviously, the trading of digital currency derivatives is a major opportunity to open up the incremental market and has huge room for development.

As more and more people invest in the blockchain and the digital asset wave, they all expect to get rich fruits and value. In the entire ecological chain of the digital asset market, the exchange, as the most important circulation link, has an undeniable role. The important position of replacement, it outputs the value of the digital assets of the project party to investors, and connects each other closely.

Federal Energy Agency Reluctant to Act on White House Crypto Mining Proposal: Jinse Finance reports that U.S. lawmaker Jared Huffman, who advocates for increased scrutiny of crypto mining entities, has criticized the U.S. Energy Agency. The agency failed to act as requested by the White House. However, Federal Energy Regulatory Commissioner Allison Clements insisted that crypto mining should not be singled out from grid research.

U.S. energy and environmental officials have not announced plans to pursue possible efficiency standards or conduct energy use studies as requested by the White House report. On the other hand, Samaras’ counterparts at the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) and the North American Electric Reliability Council (NAERC) insist they have safeguards in place in the event of a grid shortage, so there are no plans to target cryptocurrencies specifically. (news.bitcoin) [2022/10/6 18:40:33]

Therefore, Moore Exchange, which is committed to building the world's first diversified ecological exchange, was born. A diversified trading platform integrating Moore contracts, mining pools, social networking, games, media, and funds will soon be launched. The strong layout of the modernized track.

Zhejiang Province launched the first standardized trading platform for digital collections: April 23 news, according to Zhejiang News, the first standardized trading platform for digital collections in Zhejiang Province, Xuxishuzang, was launched. As the first step taken after the implementation of the Regulations, Xukishuzang introduced the state-owned copyright service platform Zhixin Chain and the new version of the copyright industry chain to carry out correct copyright, content-ethexc review and value evaluation of digital collections. Xukishuzang is the first digital trading platform of Hangzhou International Digital Trading Co., Ltd., which was established in November last year and is controlled by local state-owned Hangzhou Financial Investment Group Co., Ltd. (Zhejiang Online) [2022/4/23 14:43:24]

Capital Wealth Planning CIO: The Federal Reserve will raise interest rates this week: March 14 news, according to CNBC financial program reports, Kevin Simpson, chief investment officer of Capital Wealth Planning, said in an interview with the column that the Fed will raise interest rates this week, but Unfortunately, only a 25bp rate hike is likely, the market calls for a larger rate hike, but may not see the previously forecast 50bp hike due to the current global environment. (Squawk Box) [2022/3/14 13:55:45]

Innovation at the bottom

The bottom layer of Moore Exchange seamlessly accesses various digital assets for transactions through the latest cross-chain and side-chain integration methods. Using the POS+DPBFT combination formula algorithm, the formula general ledger record can be completed in the fastest 1 second, and the TPS is as high as one million. Focus on improving user experience, system performance, security, and risk control mechanisms to protect customer interests.

Moore Exchange relies on value to improve the ecological system, and uses the token economic model and scientific and efficient management and operation methods to accumulate distributed ecological resources and energy to empower the entire industry. Constantly innovate and break through, absorb high-quality assets and excellent partners, and finally build a highly open, inclusive, continuous, transparent, and low-friction global big data transaction and digital application scenario. The platform currency Moore currency realizes the entire Trust and value exchange within the ecology.

Consensus Innovation

Moore Exchange has subverted the issuance mechanism and financing model of the previous platform currency. In addition to the deductible service fee, the platform currency enjoys airdrops, mining, dividends, voting, currency listing, repurchase and destruction, etc., all of which are based on the interests of users In general, all Moore holders are "shareholders" of Moore, who enjoy the distribution of transaction income and the right to participate in the election of community committee members, and permanently enjoy the dividends brought about by the appreciation of Moore.

With new products, new mechanisms, and new services, Moore Exchange announced its entry into the market with a strong attitude after years of honing and precipitation. We clearly see that after the waves have faded, we must truly consider the users, always insist on starting from the user's point of view, and try our best to protect users Equity trading platforms can go further. In the future, Moore Exchange will continue to expand the ecological application scenarios, create a more complete and diverse Moore ecology, escort digital assets, and allow global users to share the 100 billion market value bonus of the platform!


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Moore Exchange The world's first diversified ecological trading platform is shocked

At present, the digital currency derivatives market is on the rise. According to TokenInsight data, the transaction volume of derivatives for the whole year of 2019 is 3 trillion US dollars.

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