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Tron, Bytom, and Wikipedia: Who is more valuable among Chinese DeFi ecological imitators?



According to the "Risk Reminder on Preventing Illegal Fundraising in the Name of "Virtual Currency" and "Blockchain"" issued by the China Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission and other five departments, please establish a correct investment philosophy. The content-ethexc of this article does not endorse any promotion of business and investment activities , Investors are asked to raise awareness of risk prevention.

Bitcoin was congested, CORE abandoned the Satoshi Nakamoto route, got rid of the successor, and removed the promotion of low transfer fees. The prince rose up, and then was separated by a liar, and the children and grandchildren were infinitely scarce, but the king remained the same.

Ethereum is also congested. The so-called third-generation EOS is sharpening its sword, and behind it is the rich and powerful TRON who is the richest man in the horse. Giant Whale, Beggar Gang, Bi Yuan, and Wiki also came to make a revolution. To learn or to resemble?

How to deal with the rising cost of DeFi at the outlet. The imitator is that the waves behind the Yangtze River push forward the waves ahead;

Real estate can be used as a mirror. Although housing prices in the city center are high, they will be even higher. Housing prices in the suburbs are low, and they will fall if the timing is not good. One is scarce (only in the center) and one is of value (more opportunities). What repeats is history, what remains unchanged is human nature.

TRON founder Justin Sun tweeted meeting with the Prime Minister of Dominica: On December 24, TRON founder Justin Sun tweeted that he met with the Prime Minister of Dominica. [2021/12/24 8:01:48]

However, there is no investment value, and there is also speculative value. The difference between investing and speculating is timing. Investing is to be optimistic about throwing money and wait to make money, while speculation is to choose an opportunity to throw money, and then choose another opportunity to run fast. For these imitators of the DeFi ecology from China, who is worth investing in and who is worth speculating on?

Pawnshops, banks, and exchanges have been built on ETH, all of which are well-established financial institutions. Then built decentralized finance on ETH, referred to as DeFi, which became popular

The essence of fire is actually new levers and new ways of playing, not new leeks. Of course it doesn't matter, fire will do. As long as there is a profit-making effect, as long as it can be a hundred times a year, and the class is crossed, will there be fewer new leeks?

DeFi is on fire, and both leeks and sickles are here. Leek looks at the open code, decentralized transactions, and security. Take a look at the sickle, and you can’t understand the open code. Go to the center and run away, no one will chase you, it’s safe.

The number of TRON transactions exceeded 1.7 million for 7 consecutive days: On November 27, according to the latest data from the TRONSCAN blockchain browser, from November 20 to November 26, the number of daily transactions of TRON exceeded 1.7 million. At present, the total number of TRON transactions has reached 1,344,163,840, exceeding 1.34 billion. The data of TRON has been advancing steadily. While the ecology of TRON is getting stronger, it will also usher in more trading volume. [2020/11/27 22:21:33]

After DeFi became popular, the next generation of ETH also followed. EOS with 1.0 more than ETH, TRX who likes to copy ETH code, BTM, which has been exploring wrong bets for ten years, and WICC.

Although there is only one city center, there are more cities and counties. You can build a CBD, and I can build an industrial park. Dushan is not alone. It is difficult to live on the top, but easy to drink soup. Maybe you can pick up a Huawei from Shenzhen and Dongguan.

On ETH, MakerDAO’s governance token MKR stablecoin DAI is a pawnshop where mortgage assets are exchanged for USD coins, COMP is a bank where deposits and loans can be made, Uniswap is a bazaar where everyone can trade, and LINK provides an intermediary for currency price information. It's all on fire.

TRON’s official version of YFI project SUN.Market is about to be officially launched: Justin Sun, the founder of TRON, just published an open letter announcing that the official version of TRON’s YFI project SUN.Market will be officially launched soon, and will start genesis mining on September 2. Participating in genesis mining can get an additional 10% SUN mining reward. The SUN.Market project will be officially launched on September 16. Justin Sun stated in the open letter that SUN is TRON’s first meme coin, which represents the spirit of community autonomy. This is also an experiment of TRON in encryption culture and art. TRON respects and appreciates the community culture full of humor and self-deprecation, which is an important source of energy for the rise of cryptocurrency. Solarcoin is positioned as Bitcoin on Tron, completely relying on the community and open source smart contracts. [2020/9/1]

Voice | Justin Sun: Samsung Galaxy S10 adds three TRON-based Dapps: Justin Sun tweeted: “Samsung started to add three TRON-based Dapps on the Galaxy S10 and some other models. [2019/12/29]

DeFi on EOS includes PIZZA-USDE, EOSDT, Vigor, Chintai, Defibox, Defis Network, etc. For example, Defibox can mortgage EOS to borrow USN stablecoins, make market USN-EOS to obtain token boxes, and sell boxes to realize cash. It's been hot for a few days.

BTM Changjia said that MOV is the DeFi protocol cluster of Bytom. In terms of headcount ranking, Bytom’s MOV can actually occupy a place in the top ten DEX monopolized by ETH, which surprises us.

TRX Justin Sun said that the next wave of DeFi opportunities lies in Tron, the three major DeFi platforms: the lending platform JUST Lend, the Tron version of wBTC JUST BTC, and the decentralized trading platform JUSTSwap. However, 818 issued a bunch of counterfeit money.

WICC WaykiChain issued the native currency WICC, the stable currency WUSD, and the governance currency WGRT, claiming to be the earliest deployment of DeFi in China and the world's first TPS. OKEx supports DeFi on WICC. There should be a certain investment relationship.

If you want to invest in value, just take ETH with your eyes closed. The market value of companies on this land is getting bigger and bigger, and more and more fuel is being destroyed, so ETH will inevitably rise. The above projects are more risky.

Based on the data from this year’s currency disaster to the present, the growth rate of ETH is still leading, followed by wave positions, and the remaining three types have not increased much. EOS may have too many retail investors, making it difficult to rise, and it ranks last.

All chains have been moving frequently recently. Taking the data of the last month and making a correlation graph, we found that the correlation between ETH and TRX is 0.94, and the others do not exceed 0.9. It can be seen that Mr. Sun really copied his homework well.

ANK is an oracle machine on TRON. If LINK has risen like this, why would the benchmark ANK cough twice? DZI benchmark AMPL, of course it will be hot. I went to several at once, Taobao is hard to choose, or Jingdong is better, there is no Li Gui.

If you want value in ETH, if you want to speculate, you can use TRX, and you can also try ANK. Student Sun can often surprise everyone. There will be more and more other imitators, but they will come on a first-come-first-served basis. When there are too many sickles, leeks may not be enough.

Author: Zhao Yutao


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Tron, Bytom, and Wikipedia: Who is more valuable among Chinese DeFi ecological imitators?

According to the "Risk Reminder on Preventing Illegal Fundraising in the Name of "Virtual Currency" and "Blockchain"" issued by the China Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission and other five departments.

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