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There are only two days left for the last round of subscription of BTR Bit Silver



In July 2014, the most valuable blockchain project token subscription in history began. This crowdfunding subscription was quite successful. A total of 31,591 bitcoins were raised that month, which was about 18 million based on the market value at that time. Dollar. Although this subscription is not the largest token crowdfunding in history, it can be called the most valuable crowdfunding in history. It has changed the subsequent development of the blockchain industry and created hundreds of millions rich man.

This crowdfunding is the crowdfunding of ETH, the king of the public chain today. It rose from the lowest price of 0.3 US dollars to the highest point of nearly 1,400 US dollars. Since the wealth myth of Ethereum, token subscription was pushed to a climax in 2017. Although the bubble burst afterward, there are still occasional high-quality star projects. For example, at the beginning of 2019, the platform coins of the second-tier top exchanges and some emerging small mining coins, many of which have increased by a hundred times, and the oracle machine Chainlink, which has become popular this year, has been more than 200 times faster from the subscription to the highest.

Bit Silver BTR is officially launched on Leidun LOEX mainstream digital currency exchange: According to official news, the benchmarking silver public chain BTR Bit Silver is officially launched on Leidun LOEX mainstream digital currency exchange, and will officially start trading after the height of Bit Silver chain 141541. Layton LOEX is the third mainstream digital currency exchange launched by Bitcoin Silver after WBF and Coinw.

BTR Bitcoin Silver is a public chain platform jointly built by global Bitcoin technology geeks, with the development concept of benchmarking global silver, adhering to the business philosophy of using technology for good.

Layton LOEX digital currency exchange has become one of the most influential exchanges with the business philosophy of providing better services for the majority of digital currency enthusiasts around the world, and implementing the service concept of customer first. [2020/7/13]

There are still many wealth opportunities in the field of cryptocurrency, the key is to have the vision to discover opportunities. This year, a super public chain built by the world's top bitcoin development technology geeks opened its subscription. This is BTR Bit Silver, a super public chain that uses the latest technology of Bitcoin to change the current 100 billion worth of silver financial trading market. .

Bitrue Exchange destroyed 100 million BTRs: According to official news, Bitrue Exchange will destroy 100 million BTRs (Bitrue Coins) held by the team on July 16, 2020. This means that 10% of platform tokens will be permanently removed from the total supply.

Bitrue said that this burning will help stabilize the long-term value of BTR on the one hand. On the other hand, this destruction is also a spur to the team.

Bitrue is a two-year-old financial exchange, focusing on providing overseas users with mainstream digital currency (such as BTC, USDT, XRP, BCH, etc.) asset value-added services. Bitrue also operates spot transactions, credit card purchases, and OTC deposit and withdrawal products comprehensive platform. The Bitrue exchange is currently ranked 27th in CMC, and Bitrue also ranks second in the global trading volume of XRP, accounting for 15% of the market share.

As part of the Bitrue platform ecosystem, BTR users can enjoy higher investment interest rates, lock-up investment quotas, and lower loan interest rates by holding BTR. At the same time, holding BTR can also enjoy discounts on transaction fees. As of Q1 of 2020, Bitrue has carried out a total of 3 repurchases and destructions, spending a total of 462,133 US dollars, and repurchased and destroyed a total of 15,444,879 BTRs. See the original link for details. [2020/7/9]

Different from the traditional subscription method, BTR Bit Silver adopts a unique method of gradually releasing quota through the Bit Silver chain, which is called "nuclear fusion". A total of 1.05 billion BTRs are issued, of which 80 million are pre-mined, and 40 million of the pre-mined are used for Bit Silver BTR nuclear fusion.

The first round of subscription for BTR swap ended and the 300,000 BTR quota was sold out in 1 hour: According to official news, the first round of subscription for Bit Silver (BTR) swap jointly launched by the digital currency trading platform Coinw and Bit Silver BTR was held on 15:00 today: 58 ended successfully, and learned from the event planning section of the HyperPay APP that nearly 300,000 BTR quotas were sold out within more than an hour.

Bit Silver is a global open source project, based on the POW+SHA256 consensus public chain ecology, based on the latest technology of Bitcoin, an independent public chain with the development concept of benchmarking against global silver [2020/6/17]

Users can convert BTC to BTR in proportion according to the rules. Nuclear fusion is divided into two phases, ICEX and CEX phases.

The ICEX stage is also called the private placement stage, and the time is between 46,500-141,540 heights of the BTR chain, and the period is divided into 3 small stages.

Data analysis platform Biotron's new project leverages smart location technology to reward users with BTRN coins: The data analysis platform Biotron has developed a strategy to reward users before they start sharing data through its apps and other tools. The company will use location intelligence to provide brands with analytics on their customer base and chain stores. In return, users receive a share of the revenue before joining the platform. Once they opt-in to Biotron's mobile app and start providing data, they will be able to earn BTRN coins or cash. [2018/3/22]

The first stage: the height of the Bitcoin Silver chain is 46500-78180, 1BTC: 31630BTR;

The second stage: the height of the Bitcoin Silver chain is 78181-109860, 1BTC: 18978BTR;

The third stage: the height of the Bit Silver chain is 109861-141540, 1BTC: 12652BTR.

The conversion ratios of the three stages are 5 times, 3 times and 2 times that of the regular stage respectively. This token economy design is similar to the current liquidity mining, which not only allows early participants to obtain greater profits, but also allows Bit Silver to be released regularly with the height of the block. It avoids the selling of traditional subscriptions, which is very consistent with the existing economic laws and lays the foundation for the continuous growth of BTR value.

After the end of ICEX, fusion will enter the CEX phase, which is the normal phase. An ingenious economic model that guarantees the value of BTR is also designed at this stage. At this stage, for every 10 bitcoins exchanged between BTC and BTR, the exchange ratio of BTS will be reduced by 5. In the normal stage, the first round of exchange ratio is 1BTC:6326BTR. After the exchange of 10 BTC is completed, the exchange ratio becomes 1BTC:6321BTR, and then the exchange of ten bitcoins is completed, the next round of exchange ratio is 1BTC:6316BTR…

The progress of the Bit Silver private placement stage is strictly in accordance with the block output. According to the analogy of this inverted pyramid economic model, the exchange ratio of Bitcoin and Bit Silver will eventually reach 1:1.

This mechanism design can well guarantee the price of BTR Bit Silver, laying a good foundation for its stable long-term rise.

According to the subscription rules and BTR Bit Silver block height calculation, the current BTR Bit Silver subscription is coming to an end, and there are only two days left before the low price exchange. After the subscription is over, BTR will usher in ten leading digital currency exchanges to fully open transactions. Due to the value of BTR itself and its influence in the market, BTR Bit Silver has set a new record in 2020. In less than two months, ten mainstream digital trading platforms have been launched at a high density.

The ten exchanges are: WBF, Coinw, LOEX, XT, ZT, BiKi, ZBG, ZG, Hotcoin Global and CEO Exchange. All BTR bit silver project plans are carried out according to the block height of bit silver. According to the current block height, all exchanges will officially start trading after the height of bit silver chain 141541 (about mid-to-late August).

The reason why ETH (Ethereum) can become the most valuable crowdfunding in the currency circle is because of the technical advantages and application value of Ethereum itself. It is precisely because of Ethereum that there will be subsequent ICOs and DeFi this year. The reason why BTR bit silver is highly anticipated is also because of its technology and product applications. In terms of technology, BTR Bit Silver has adopted a strategy of in-depth upgrade and optimization based on Bitcoin, using the classic POW consensus and SHA256 encryption algorithm, so Bitcoin mining machines can be used to mine Bit Silver, and there are currently a large number of Bitcoin Miners have joined the mining of BTR Bit Silver; in terms of products, BTR Bit Silver PC has developed software that supports all mainstream operating systems such as Windows system, MAC system, and Linux system, and BTR Bit Silver has completed Android and IOS version, and also constantly upgrade and maintain the software version. In terms of application, BTR bit silver will change the pattern of the silver trading market, which has a high status in the financial field.

There is no shortage of miracles of wealth in the field of cryptocurrency, but what is missing is the vision to discover opportunities. The ETH crowdfunding in 2014 was such an opportunity, and now BTR Bit Silver in 2020 may re-enact this wealth opportunity. From the success of Ethereum, we can see that as long as there are technical advantages and broad application scenarios, then this project may succeed. The current BTR Bit Silver is very competitive in terms of technology, products and application scenarios, and the next round of opportunities is very likely to happen to BTR Bit Silver.


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There are only two days left for the last round of subscription of BTR Bit Silver

In July 2014, the most valuable blockchain project token subscription in history began. This crowdfunding subscription was quite successful. A total of 31,591 bitcoins were raised that month.

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