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Golden Outpost|Alibaba and Yunnan signed 12 digital economic cooperation agreements



Jinse Finance reported that according to Phoenix Technology, on August 17, Alibaba and Yunnan Province signed a deepening strategic cooperation agreement and the remaining 11 project cooperation agreements, in digital agriculture, blockchain innovation, urban modernization governance, digital life, talent Comprehensive digital cooperation in training and other fields.

It is reported that the two parties signed a total of 12 cooperation agreements on the same day. On the basis of deepening the strategic agreement, they will focus on seven aspects of cooperation around the construction of "Digital Yunnan":

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The first is to build a unified "one mobile phone office" government platform and "one mobile phone service" public service in the province, build smart transportation and smart medical care in the province, and build Yunnan into a benchmark province for digital government affairs.

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The second is to build 100 digital agricultural bases in Yunnan within three years, and become the vegetable basket, fruit basket, and flower basket of the people of the whole country.

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The third is to pilot the construction of urban brains in Baoshan and Dali. The fourth is to jointly cultivate the blockchain ecology and create a blockchain application innovation highland.

The fifth is to cooperate with Taobao University to incubate e-commerce talents and blockchain talents, create a digital economy talent highland, and radiate South Asia and Southeast Asia.

The sixth is to expand domestic demand and promote consumption, and accelerate the digital upgrading of Yunnan's local commercial service industry.

The seventh is to build the province's industrial Internet platform and build Yunnan's intelligent manufacturing infrastructure.

Zhang Yong said: "The pulse of the digital economy and the real economy are inseparable. The digital economy is not a virtual economy, but a real real economy. Alibaba's 20 years of development and accumulation are all for the arrival of the era of the digital economy." At the same time, according to Alibaba, the cooperation between Alibaba and Yunnan began in 2015, focusing on e-commerce, poverty alleviation and people's livelihood services. In 2019, the sales of merchants in Yunnan on the Alibaba platform increased by 50% simultaneously, helping poor counties in Yunnan to sell 3.4 billion yuan.

According to previous news, on March 15, Yunnan launched the country's first blockchain commodity code "Peacock Code". Blockchain platform.

The Yunnan blockchain platform is a unified blockchain service platform in the province. Alibaba Cloud is responsible for the overall construction of the platform infrastructure, and cooperates with relevant governments and enterprises on this basis to carry out blockchain application cooperation and innovation. Ant Financial Ant Blockchain takes advantage of its research and development capabilities at the bottom of the blockchain to provide blockchain technology and product support.

In January 2017, the Yunnan Provincial Government established the Yunnan Provincial and Alibaba Group Cooperation Committee to coordinate and coordinate the progress of the project. The Yunnan Provincial Blockchain Platform is a further result of the cooperation between the two parties.


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Golden Outpost|Alibaba and Yunnan signed 12 digital economic cooperation agreements

Jinse Finance reported that according to Phoenix Technology, on August 17, Alibaba and Yunnan Province signed a deepening strategic cooperation agreement and the remaining 11 project cooperation agreements.

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