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IPFS Pharaoh, Product Director of Zhongke Yunchuang: The ecological development of IPFS/Filecoin tends to be "white-hot"



On August 3rd, hosted by, undertaken by CapitalN Node Consulting, co-hosted by Golden Computing Power Cloud, gold sponsored by Shenzhen Xianhe System Technology Co., Ltd., silver sponsored by Anti-Entropy Technology, and Golden Finance as the co-hosted interstellar guide. Competition in the Central Plains·IPFS Technology and Application Research Forum was held in Zhengzhou.

IPFS Lao Wang, product director of Zhongke Yunchuang, shared on the "All-round Evaluation of Filecoin Hardware" and pointed out: the current cluster architecture in the market includes desktop-level clusters, server-level homogeneous clusters, and server-level heterogeneous clusters. For homogeneous cluster mining, the advantage is that it saves bandwidth and facilitates operation and maintenance, but the cost is relatively high. The logic of the hardware corresponding to the heterogeneous cluster is to combine the hardware distributed on different machines into one logical hard disk, which has obvious advantages, and the cost per T is relatively low. Zhongke Yunchuang aims to create a first-line brand mining machine for FIL coin mining. Ensuring a high unit input-output ratio and transparent hardware configuration are important indicators for judging whether it can become a brand.

Chuangda: The company has launched blockchain-related businesses such as digital wallets and hardware-level data authentication: Jinse Finance reported that Chuangda (300496.SZ) responded to investors on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange-Interactive. Technical reserves such as system security enhancement and hardware security, etc. have carried out blockchain-related businesses such as digital wallets and hardware-level data authentication, providing comprehensive security solutions for digital assets, and reserve blockchain-related technologies to cope with future possibilities Business. [2020/4/15]

After the meeting, Zhongke Yunchuang IPFS Lao Wang further explained the ecological development of IPFS\Filecoin in an interview with

Voice | Mei Hong, Academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences: The digital economy has become the mainstream Internet is starting a new industrial revolution: According to Xinhua News Agency, on December 4th, the Digital Civilization Conference Conference hosted by the Hainan Free Trade Zone (Hong Kong) Blockchain Pilot Zone Held in the Hainan Ecological Software Park, Professor Mei Hong, an academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and a foreign academician of the European Academy of Sciences, delivered a speech entitled "Embracing the Digital Economy". Mei Hong said that the digital economy has become the mainstream of China's economic development, and the development of the digital economy has become a national strategy. In his view, with the rise of the digital economy, the Internet revolution has entered the second half: the first half is the consumer Internet era, which is changing business models, etc., and the second half is the industrial Internet era, which is starting a new industrial revolution. [2019/12/4]

The popularity of Filecoin is based on the double blessing of technology and capital

Zhongke Yunchuang is the only company with a state-owned background in the IPFS field. IPFS Lao Wang, product director of Zhongke Yunchuang, pointed out that the company's team has been exposed to the IPFS\Filecoin ecology very early, and has been deeply involved in it. It is worth mentioning that Zhongke Yunchuang was established at the most suitable time to cut in. With its confidence in its technology and understanding of ecology, it chose to start its establishment and market promotion in the second half of 2019. Its advantage is that it consumes less in the entire ecological development, spends more funds in hardware configuration, and focuses on the input-output ratio as the goal.

The Institute of Software of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and Guiyang City jointly built a laboratory and released a blockchain cloud service platform: China Science Daily reported on June 4 that recently, the "Blockchain Technology and Application Joint Experiment" jointly built by the Institute of Software of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and Guiyang Municipal Government Room" released a set of cloud service solutions for blockchain enthusiasts at the 2018 China International Big Data Industry Expo (2018 Data Expo): RepChain open source community and cloud service platform. It is reported that RepChain is a basic component developed by the Institute of Software of the Chinese Academy of Sciences in combination with blockchain enterprise-level applications to provide basic functional support for blockchain application development. It has the characteristics of standardization, modularization, and visualization, and can better communicate with different enterprises. , Industry application integration. [2018/6/4]

Regarding the hotness of IPFS\Filecoin, IPFS Lao Wang, product director of Zhongke Yunchuang, believes that the industry is indeed in a state of "white heat", and the hustle and bustle is beneficial. IPFS has existed for a long time, but it is just a niche technology. It solves the problem of a static file, which is cold data. This is also an important reason why IPFS cannot completely replace HTTP.

Zhongke Space Solar SSPS plan will introduce blockchain technology: Zhongke Space Solar announced that it will introduce blockchain technology in future space solar power plants. The goal is to use it for the application and research and development of space solar power plant technology. In cooperation with China Science and Technology Space Solar Energy Co., Ltd., it began to introduce blockchain application testing in space solar power plants. [2018/2/28]

But Filecoin is "very smart", can combine technology and capital, and can tell the "story" of future development well, so it can naturally stand in the C position in the market. Lao Wang further pointed out that no matter how good the technology is, capital is inseparable. For example, even if the functions of many applications are good, if there is no funds to promote them and no one uses them, they will still be scrapped. No matter how good the technology is, it needs the promotion of funds, and Filecoin has both.

As we all know, the launch time of the Filecoin mainnet has changed several times, and "black swan" incidents have occurred frequently. If the mainnet does not meet expectations after its launch, will it bring opportunities to other projects on the same track? IPFS Lao Wang, product director of Zhongke Yunchuang, said bluntly that at this stage of social development, data redundancy and security are a big problem. The country has also elevated data development to a strategic level. In the process, this track will attract a lot of incremental funds. When a large amount of funds enter, the ecology will be very prosperous. There have been many similar projects in China before. The existence of this storage project is very important for the development of the entire track. OK

As for whether it can be accepted by everyone in the later stage, it mainly depends on two points, one is the application, and whether the application based on IPFS can prosper and develop in China. After all, everyone is only focusing on mining now, and whether phenomenal applications can be derived in the later stage is a major point of investigation; the second key point is whether the real and effective data in the entire system can be developed and used by everyone.

In addition, IPFS Lao Wang, product director of Zhongke Yunchuang, further pointed out that throughout history, the development of all projects has gone through a hot-calm-late stage of development. Filecoin's current series of measures in the field of mining has extended the front line for miners to participate. Pre-staking and post-staking extend the exit cycle of miners. In addition, mining also requires strong operation and maintenance costs and testing the best participation strategy, which will undoubtedly increase the exit cost of miners.

Bitcoin mining is more friendly to retail investors than Filecoin mining

Regarding the difference between Bitcoin mining and Filecoin mining, Zhongke Yunchuang product director IPFS Lao Wang analyzed that one of the two is consumption and the other is contribution.

Bitcoin mining consumes power resources. First of all, there must be a mine, which requires legal, safe, stable and cheap power resources. Mainly hydropower and thermal power. At present, hydropower was concentrated in Sichuan before, but now it is going to Yunnan and Guizhou, and there are more in Yunnan. Thermal power is the most stable type, basically in Ordos, Inner Mongolia, which is a holy place for miners.

However, the output of Bitcoin mining machines is relatively clear, and its charm lies in that it is a stable and safe investment method. Bitcoin mining is simple and crude, and it can be calculated. Everyone can rest assured and safe.

But Filecoin is different. It pays attention to contribution, and each company's cluster strategy, hardware, etc. are different. Therefore, Filecoin mining needs to pay attention to the structure. There is no way to participate without millions of investment, and it is not suitable for individuals to participate in mining. For retail investors, participating in Bitcoin mining is more friendly than participating in Filecoin mining.

It is worth mentioning that at the end of the interview, regarding the development of the market, IPFS Lao Wang, product director of Zhongke Yunchuang, pointed out that due to the existence of leverage, slow rises and sharp falls will be a major trend in the development of the market this year. Investors are warned that speculating in coins is risky, and investment needs to be cautious! Honest mining is the kingly way!


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IPFS Pharaoh, Product Director of Zhongke Yunchuang: The ecological development of IPFS/Filecoin tends to be "white-hot"

On August 3rd, hosted by, undertaken by CapitalN Node Consulting, co-hosted by Golden Computing Power Cloud, gold sponsored by Shenzhen Xianhe System Technology Co., Ltd.

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