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Golden Sentinel | Shinzo Abe announced his resignation and promoted the development of digital currency during his tenure



Golden Finance News, at 4 pm on August 28, Shinzo Abe held a press conference at the Prime Minister’s Residence in Tokyo, Japan, announcing his resignation as prime minister.

According to a previous report by the Japan Broadcasting Association (NHK), Abe went to the hospital for physical examinations twice in a row this month. The results of the examinations showed that Abe’s old problem, ulcerative colitis, was deteriorating. In order to avoid problems affecting state affairs, Abe decided to resign. Prime Minister.

Image from: CCTV News

Jinse Finance contract market analysis | BTC consolidated in a narrow range below $12,000: According to the Huobi BTC perpetual contract market, as of 18:00 today (GMT+8), the BTC price was temporarily reported at $11,825 (+0.66%), 20:00 00 (GMT+8) settlement funding rate is 0.010000%.

BTC is currently fluctuating in the range of $11,600-$11,900. According to the Huobi delivery contract data, BTC’s contract turnover in the current quarter has shrunk, the open interest has decreased slightly, the proportion of elite longs has decreased slightly, and the positive premium of the contract in the current quarter has remained stable. BTC is consolidating below the previous high point, and the open interest remains high, and it is still accumulating strength for subsequent directional fluctuations.

The price of USDT on Huobi Global OTC is 6.91 yuan, with a premium rate of -0.74%. [2020/8/7]

Shinzo Abe is currently the longest-serving Japanese prime minister. On September 26, 2006, Abe was elected as the 90th Prime Minister of Japan for the first time, and resigned on September 12 of the following year; on December 26, 2012, he became the 96th Prime Minister; on December 24, 2014, he was re-elected as the 97th Prime Minister of Japan Prime Minister; November 1, 2017, elected Prime Minister for the fourth time.

Golden Morning News | March 20 Overnight Important Updates: 21:00-7:00 Keywords: MakerDAO, United Nations, Vitalik, Citigroup

1. MakerDAO successfully conducted its first debt auction;

2. The Secretary-General of the United Nations: the new crown pneumonia will lead to a global economic recession "almost certain";

3. V God: Steem hard fork may become a positive turning point in the history of blockchain governance;

4. Yu Jianing from Huobi University: Without the financial turmoil in 2020, there would be no prosperity of the blockchain;

5. Venture capital investment in cryptocurrencies remained stable but declined in 2019;

6. Hodlbot Founder: Regulation and lack of killer apps are barriers to mainstream adoption of cryptocurrencies;

7. Citigroup increased its stake in blockchain startup komgo;

8. ETH miners use chip processing power of 6,000 computers to find coronavirus cure;

9. BTC is now at $6,224.03, an intraday increase of 5.59%, and the top ten mainstream currencies generally rose. [2020/3/20]

During Shinzo Abe’s tenure, Japan’s blockchain industry has achieved rapid development. Abe has expressed his views on blockchain and cryptocurrency on many occasions. Let’s take a look at it together.

Golden Finance News: The price of Bitcoin broke through ¥95,000, a record high. The data comes from the Korean exchange Bithumb. [2017/12/6]

On February 13, 2018, Shinzo Abe expressed his views on the development of digital currency. He said that from the perspective of the convenience of currency use, the security of settlement, and the impact on the financial system, he will continue to consider the possibility of the Bank of Japan issuing digital currency; exchange opinions at international conferences and other occasions, and deepen the understanding of virtual currency, etc. Discussion is beneficial.

On November 26, 2018, Abe stated in Congress: "Blockchain technology can be used not only in virtual currency, but also in the financial field and even in various fields. Blockchain technology will improve the company's productivity and increase The convenience and security of various services."

On February 5, 2019, Abe said at the Japan Budget Committee: "Virtual currency, I want to call it 'crypto assets'. I have done research on crypto assets and blockchain." He also emphasized that blockchain technology In addition to "crypto assets", there are other financial technology industries under application. These have great potential for development. It is necessary to ensure the security of technology, but we must also pay attention to ensuring the convenience of users, and we also expect all parties involved new challenges to this technology.

On August 15, 2019, Shinzo Abe stated on issues related to Libra that the three-department liaison meeting of the Ministry of Finance, the Financial Services Agency, and the Bank of Japan had discussed issues including Libra on July 10, the first year of Reiwa (2019). Various theories of so-called "stable coins" were comprehensively discussed, and issues related to stable coins will be discussed in the future as needed. Regarding the research on the impact of stablecoins including Libra on the economy, we will conduct appropriate discussions based on future progress. In addition, as far as the central bank's digital currency is concerned, Shinzo Abe said that regarding the ideal state of the currency, it is necessary to consider the convenience and settlement security of the national use of the currency, as well as the impact of the issuance of the currency on the financial system, etc., starting from these points of view , hoping to continue the discussion. In addition, Abe said that the Japanese government's revision of the capital settlement law has no intention of hindering innovation and venture companies.

On January 24, 2020, Shinzo Abe stated that he is working with the Bank of Japan to promote research on digital currency.

In addition to the above remarks, during Shinzo Abe’s tenure, Japan also passed a number of regulatory bills targeting virtual currencies.

In April 2017, Japan's Financial Services Agency (FSA) promulgated the "Payment Services Act" to regulate cryptocurrency exchanges. This act stipulates the operating standards of exchanges and recognizes Bitcoin as a legal currency.

On May 1, 2020, the revised version of Japan's "Fund Settlement Law" came into effect, which included virtual currency in the regulatory objects of the "Gold Merchant Law" in order to limit speculative trading.


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Golden Sentinel | Shinzo Abe announced his resignation and promoted the development of digital currency during his tenure

Golden Finance News, at 4 pm on August 28, Shinzo Abe held a press conference at the Prime Minister’s Residence in Tokyo, Japan.

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