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Beijing Digital Currency Research Center was established in Beijing



On August 26, the Beijing Digital Currency Research Center was established in Beijing. In order to comply with the global technological innovation trend characterized by digitization, networking, and intelligence, better grasp the theory and practice of digital currency, track and produce cutting-edge research results on the digital economy, and serve the cultivation of "new business" talents and Beijing's economic Social development, the "Beijing Institute of Digital Currency" (Beijing Institute of Digital Currency) was jointly established by the School of Business of Beijing Union University, Zhengdao Think Tank, and the China Banking Research Center of the Central University of Finance and Economics. The center will take digital currency theory, application and policy research as the core, gather multi-disciplinary, multi-field and multi-level industrial and intellectual resources of all parties involved, and open up the whole chain of "politics, production, learning, research, use and finance". Strive to build a unique and influential digital currency research platform and talent training base in the region to fully serve the development of the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei digital economy.

The virtual person Mei Setian is the promotion officer of the Metaverse of the Beijing International Film Festival: Jinse Finance reported that the 12th Beijing International Film Festival announced on June 19 that the virtual person Mei Setian will serve as the promotion officer of the film festival's Metaverse. According to Mei Setian’s public information, she was born in the Yuan Universe on May 30th, National Science and Technology Worker’s Day, and is currently active-ethexc in the fields of knowledge popularization, talk show performances, fashion life, literary and artistic creation, and her main works include "Mei De Shuo" talk Show series and "Meide Shuo" reading series. [2022/6/20 4:40:07]

Han Xianzhou, Secretary of the Party Committee of Beijing Union University, said that the establishment of the "Beijing Digital Currency Research Center" is to closely track the frontiers of the industry, grasp the pulse of the times in real time, and serve the teaching and research needs of business talents in the new era. The ability and level of the college to serve Beijing fully fulfills the school's positioning mission, which has important epochal significance and strong academic value.

Secretary of the Beijing Municipal Party Committee: Accelerate the construction of smart cities and deepen the application of new technologies such as blockchain: Yesterday morning, the 13th plenary meeting of the 12th Beijing Municipal Committee of the Communist Party of China was held. Cai Qi, secretary of the Beijing Municipal Party Committee, proposed in terms of "strengthening scientific and technological support" to promote the normal use of "Health Treasure" and "Jingxin Xiangzhu" to promote the construction of a health industry business network. Coordinate the strength of the CDC, hospitals, and third-party testing agencies, optimize testing methods, and improve nucleic acid testing capabilities. Optimize the distribution of scientific research forces in the field of biosecurity, strengthen scientific and technological reserves for epidemic prevention and control, coordinate scientific research forces of all parties, give full play to the role of Zhongguancun enterprises, strengthen core technology research, and pay close attention to the research and development of diagnostic reagents, drugs, vaccines and medical equipment. Further develop Internet medical care, accelerate the construction of smart cities, deepen the application of new technologies such as big data, cloud computing, blockchain, and artificial intelligence, and improve the level of precise epidemic prevention. [2020/5/17]

The Beijing Digital Currency Research Center should pay attention to the implementation of new technologies, new products, and new models, and contribute to Beijing's economic and social development. On August 14, the Ministry of Commerce issued the "Overall Plan for Comprehensively Deepening the Innovation and Development of Service Trade Pilots", which proposed that digital RMB pilots should be carried out in the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region, the Yangtze River Delta, the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, and qualified pilot areas in the central and western regions. An internal closed pilot test will also be carried out in the future East Olympic scene, and the functions are being continuously optimized and improved. Digital currency has gradually come to the public from concept, theory, experiment to pilot. We must fully study its theoretical system and application strategies to provide decision support for the practical application of Beijing digital currency.

Voice | Industrial and Commercial Bank of China Data Center (Beijing) expert: ICBC has launched "seven innovation laboratories" such as blockchain: Dun Hongcheng, an expert at Industrial and Commercial Bank of China Data Center (Beijing) at the "Third China Economic Fintech Summit Forum" The above said: ICBC has launched "seven innovation laboratories" such as the Internet, big data, artificial intelligence, and blockchain. Taking blockchain technology as an example, the key to whether blockchain technology can be applied and developed is to have its scenarios. For example, based on the multi-party consensus, transaction traceability, and non-tamperable characteristics of the blockchain, our bank has built the industry's first blockchain platform serving targeted poverty alleviation, realizing the transparent operation of poverty alleviation projects and approval of funds, and ensuring the closure of poverty alleviation funds run management. [2018/7/7]

Jiang Jingjing, director of the Beijing Digital Currency Research Center, said that the Beijing Digital Currency Research Center focuses on research on "digital currency" and is committed to carrying out "digital currency inclusive action" as a "seeder" and "propagandist" in the domestic digital currency field. "To popularize the right knowledge for the public, organize systematic overviews and reviews for scientific researchers, provide professional advice for decision makers, combine finance, information management, cryptography and other disciplines, and try useful technology development with enterprises.

Yu Jin, Dean of the Eastern, Central and Western Regional Development and Reform Research Institute, Hao Zhengjiang, Vice President of China Electronics University, China Electronics Technology Group Co., Ltd., Professor He Qin of the Science and Technology Department of Beijing Union University, Yin Fubin, Executive Deputy Secretary of the Business School of Beijing Union University, and Vice President Chen Jianbin, Professor Liu Yingchun, Deputy Directors of Beijing Digital Currency Research Center Wang Ling, Chen Mo, etc. attended the meeting and made wonderful discussions at the meeting.


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Beijing Digital Currency Research Center was established in Beijing

On August 26, the Beijing Digital Currency Research Center was established in Beijing. In order to comply with the global technological innovation trend characterized by digitization, networking, and intelligence.

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