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Golden Outpost | Nearly 700 new mobile payment registrations in 5 years Karaka explores digital currency



Domestic comprehensive financial technology group and third-party payment company Lacala announced the establishment of a dedicated team to research and explore digital currency.

Lakara said on the interactive platform that the promotion of digital currency is led by the central bank, and the company has been keeping a close eye on it, and has set up a dedicated team to conduct relevant research and exploration.

Lakara revealed in June this year that it is cooperating with external research institutions to conduct in-depth discussions and practices in the direction of blockchain applications, digital currency, and multi-party privacy computing, focusing on digital currency, new financial supervision, payment settlement, and supply chain finance. The scene has been pre-researched and proofed, and an in-depth analysis and experiment has been conducted on the impact of digital currency on the payment industry.

Analysis| Golden disk: xrp bottomed out and rebounded. Focus on daily divergence: Golden disk analysis: After yesterday’s panic selling in the market, many targets have a technical rebound demand. XRP’s daily MACD has diverged. If it continues to rise, it is expected to usher in a daily rebound opportunity. The recent intensification of market volatility reminds investors to judge cautiously and do a good job in risk control. [2018/9/13]

At this stage, Lakala has won a number of patents in digital currency, including: electronic certificate security control method and device (to solve the problem of conflicting security and convenience in electronic certificate management and control in the prior art), etc.

Golden Exclusive Commentary Huang Zhen: Promoting the development of the blockchain industry must not touch the red line of financial supervision: At 13:59 on June 14, the Chongqing Municipal Economic and Information Commission released "Five Major Measures of Our City to Actively Promote the Development of the Blockchain Industry" on its official website "One article. "Establishing a blockchain digital asset exchange" is the first official statement that a blockchain digital asset exchange will be established, and the news immediately detonated in the circle. At 18:32 that night, it was reported that the headquarters of the central bank had just issued an internal notice, and it would immediately communicate with the local government to immediately stop the project. It is said that the decision came from a top-level resolution, and the news is very reliable. Golden Finance found that the content-ethexc had been deleted from the official website of the Chongqing Economic and Information Technology Commission. Huang Zhen, a professor at the Central University of Finance and Economics, director of the Institute of Financial Law, and vice president of China's first blockchain technology and application association, said: "Some time ago, General Secretary Xi mentioned blockchain twice in his speech. I want to take advantage of the trend and increase the support of blockchain technology and industry. However, digital asset exchanges involve financial supervision issues. Since last year, the central government has continuously stated that all financial businesses must be included in supervision; all financial institutions must be licensed. Legitimate When the central bank’s Internet financial risk rectification focuses on cleaning up digital currency exchanges, the original assumptions and expressions of the Chongqing Economic and Information Commission conflict with the central financial supervision policy, involving touching the red line. The relevant parties should have realized this in time , should make a more accurate statement.” [2018/6/15]

A few days ago, the Ministry of Commerce issued a notice proposing that digital renminbi pilots will be carried out in the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region, the Yangtze River Delta, the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, and qualified pilot areas in the central and western regions. According to the data from Qichacha, there are currently 5,271 mobile payment-related companies in my country, and 1,567 in Guangdong Province, accounting for 30% of the country. Jiangxi and Jiangsu rank second and third respectively. In the past five years, the average annual number of new registrations in the industry has reached nearly 700, of which 682 were newly registered in 2019. In addition, companies with a registered capital of less than 1 million accounted for 31%, and companies with a registered capital of more than 50 million accounted for 16%.

Golden Finance Live Report Samoa National Communication Technology Company Stephen: Blockchain can help China’s “One Belt, One Road” land in the South Pacific: Golden Finance Live Report, at the Greater Bay Area Station of the Global Blockchain World Tour Summit, Samoa National Communication Technology Stephen, the chairman of the company, pointed out in his keynote speech entitled "How Blockchain Technology Helps the Development of the Information Technology Industry" that the Belt and Road Initiative can help China connect to the South Pacific and South America, and blockchain can help China's "Belt and Road Initiative" develop Chinese home. Developing countries need blockchain, Samoa needs blockchain, the Belt and Road Initiative needs blockchain, and blockchain is in line with the common interests of all parties. [2018/4/23]

At present, mobile payment-related companies are still dominated by technology-based companies. According to data, 45% of mobile payment-related companies are distributed in information transmission, software and information technology service industries, 15% are distributed in scientific research and technical service industries, and other companies are mostly distributed in Wholesale and retail trade, leasing and business services and other industries.

In addition, since 2014, the number of registrations of ATM-related companies has shown an upward trend. From 2014 to 2019, the number of registrations has increased by an average of 46%. Hanging sales increased by an average of 128%, exceeding the growth rate of annual registrations.


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Golden Outpost | Nearly 700 new mobile payment registrations in 5 years Karaka explores digital currency

Domestic comprehensive financial technology group and third-party payment company Lacala announced the establishment of a dedicated team to research and explore digital currency.

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