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Golden trend丨BTC change is coming soon



From the trend, it can be seen that BTC started from USD 9,200 in the early stage, rose all the way to above USD 12,100 and then fell back. The whole process is in an ascending triangle range and oscillates upwards. It is gradually approaching the end of the triangle. The limit change date is August 20 Day, during this period, there will be market changes at any time. Once the daily line breaks through and stands above $12,050, the price will break through the triangle suppression, opening up new room for growth, and once it breaks through, the recent trend of the daily line will also build a double-bottom posture , and the short-term target of equal range measurement is above 13,000 US dollars, so once an effective breakthrough is made, BTC may once again usher in a consecutive rise of more than 1,000 US dollars.

Golden Noon News | A list of important developments at noon on May 5: 7:00-12:00 Keywords: Filecoin, Ethereum 2.0, Spain, OpenSea

1. Filecoin will hold a community meeting on May 19

2. The balance of the Ethereum 2.0 pledge address exceeds 4.2 million

3. Grayscale increased its holdings by 117,200 BAT yesterday

4. Spain will share encrypted business user data with the EU

5. 57.79% of mining pools support Bitcoin Taproot upgrade

6. The total transaction volume of OpenSea on May 4 reached 22.9966 million US dollars, a record high [2021/5/5 21:25:24]

At present, the triangular trend support is around 11,550 US dollars, which is also the support area of the 20-day moving average. As long as the daily line does not effectively break the position, the trend is still strong, and you can continue to hold coins, and the previous long-term suppression line of 19800-14000, and The head-and-shoulders bottom formed by breaking through $10,500 on the weekly line, and the big double bottom on the weekly line formed by the 0.5 Fibonacci point at $11,400 on the weekly line, all indicate that there is still a lot of room for the market outlook, but at present The indicator line is still in the downward trend of the dead fork, and the energy is also gradually shrinking. At present, the possibility of a direct upward change is not high. It will take a period of interval consolidation. After full adjustment, it is expected to continue to break through upwards. The $11,550 support can be held patiently.

Biniu Exchange is about to launch the golden computing power cloud FileCoin computing power product: According to official news, the Biniu platform will officially launch the first round of golden computing power cloud buying activities at 17:00 Beijing time on September 15, and the first phase will open 100T force.

Biniu is headquartered in Malaysia, and its core members are financial industry experts from different countries and fields such as Malaysia, Singapore and the United Kingdom. Currently, the Biniu trading platform has 1.8 million+ registered users, 200 million+ assets under management, and an average monthly growth rate of 300% for transaction users and transaction fees.

Golden Hashrate Cloud is a computing power sales platform launched by Golden Finance. The company cooperates with industry-leading mining machine manufacturers to provide users with convenient and safe mining services. Based on the professionalism of the team, the company has successively received millions of dollars in investment from Node Capital and ChainUP Capital. [2020/9/15]

Analysis | Golden disk: BTC is facing technical divergence after the surge: Comprehensive analysis of the golden disk: BTC continued to rise in the night market, and the BITMEX perpetual contract XBT-USD hit a rebound high of $7,298, and then began to fall. The current 4-hour K-line chart shows , The MACD indicator diverges. If the bulls cannot continue to maintain the price above $7,200, they will face the adjustment pressure brought by the technical deviation. In the short term, investors are advised to pay attention to risk control. [2018/9/2]


Golden Outpost | Nearly 700 new mobile payment registrations in 5 years Karaka explores digital currency

Domestic comprehensive financial technology group and third-party payment company Lacala announced the establishment of a dedicated team to research and explore digital currency.

Can't get away with paying taxes? IRS sends tax warning letter to cryptocurrency holders again

Recently, CoinTracker published a blog post stating that its users have noticed that the IRS has begun sending another wave of cryptocurrency tax warning letters to US cryptocurrency users about whether they have prop.

Golden Trend丨How long will it take for BTC to hit a new record high?

From the long-term historical trend chart of BTC, it can be found that the first output was halved in November 2012, and in the next three months.

Golden trend丨BTC change is coming soon

From the trend, it can be seen that BTC started from USD 9,200 in the early stage, rose all the way to above USD 12.

8.25 noon market: upward rush failed, pay attention to the risk of falling back.

The article is contributed by the blockchain analysis of Niu Qi.

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It's raining again in Beijing, and I just met an old friend who has always been a talent I admire. But this meeting with his mood is full of dark clouds. I listened to the story he told me and asked for his opinion. I.

Regulator: BitMEX is restricted from operating because it is not registered in Ontario.

BitMEX, one of the world's largest bitcoin (BTC) trading platforms.