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Golden trend丨BTC is expected to usher in a new uptrend in the near future



Linked with the movement of gold to pull up and down and then pull up again yesterday, there are countless positions with high leverage. For this kind of short-term market with large fluctuations, you must be cautious when placing orders. On the disk, yesterday's wave of downswings hit as low as 40 days The moving average was pulled back, close to the low point of the previous drop, and quickly recovered after the needle was inserted. We know that there is a monthly bull support in the $11,100 area. Bottom shape, the neckline position is around 11,100 US dollars. At present, it is unlikely that this amount can fall below. The price fell back to the vicinity, and the bottom-hunting funds quickly poured in, and the price climbed up again. It is a healthy trend of breaking through and confirming the support. Even if the drop hits a new low in the near future, it is also a state of divergence from the bottom, and there will be a rebound later. At present, there are signs of a double bottom at the 4-hour level, but it will take 4 hours to break through and stand above $11,480, and the subsequent upward trend will be big probability.

Golden Evening News | List of important developments on the evening of October 23: 12:00-21:00 Keywords: Central Bank Opinion Draft, Ethereum 2.0, Ministry of Industry and Information Technology R3, Zhejiang Jiaxing Court

1. The Central Bank’s Opinion Draft: Any unit or individual is prohibited from producing and selling token coupons and digital tokens.

2. Ethereum 2.0 project leader: The Ethereum 2.0 deposit contract will be launched within two weeks.

3. Ministry of Industry and Information Technology News Library: Accelerate the application of next-generation information technologies such as blockchain in the industrial Internet.

4. Liu Guiping, President of CCB: Will actively explore frontier fields such as digital finance and digital currency.

5. Bank of Japan official: The issuance of digital currency first requires public support.

6. The police cracked a USDT cross-border online gambling case worth 120 million RMB, and 77 people were arrested.

7. Russian President’s Information Technology Advisor: If developed now, the Central Bank of Russia’s CBDC will become a reality within three to seven years.

8. Zhejiang Jiaxing Court used blockchain technology to realize data management of physical evidence. [2020/10/23]

In the recent period, the daily line has a trend of arc top, and the neckline support is also around 11,100 US dollars. As long as the daily line does not effectively fall below, the possibility of trend reversal is not high. The trend is still bullish, and it is still It can be held patiently. The current stage is very similar to the previous 9,000-10,000 USD range. The state of continuous range consolidation is very similar. The continuous washing and gaining momentum will continue to wear down the patience and confidence of the currency holders. When the time is ripe, there will be a high probability of a new one. A round of band market, the weekly head-and-shoulders bottom, the monthly double bottom, and the effective breakthrough of the long-term trend suppression line of 19800-14000 all indicate the subsequent upward trend. Mainly, hold patiently.

Golden Finance News: The price of Bitcoin Cash (BCH) broke through ¥25,000, hitting a record high. The data comes from the Korean exchange Bithumb. [2018/1/7]

Golden Finance Exclusive News: Private Equity Big Brother Wang Yawei and Giant Network have invested in OKCoin and completed the shareholding change after the September 4th Incident: December 15th, Golden Finance passed the business information verification, October 31st, Beijing Okai Lianchuang Network Technology Co., Ltd. A shareholding change occurred. The first private equity firm Wang Yawei’s Qianhe Capital and Giant Network became shareholders of Okai Lianchuang. Giant Network held 10% of the shares, and the number of shares held by Wang Yawei was not clear. However, the list of shareholders did not find the capital of Lei Jun's family rumored on the Internet, and Jinse Finance will continue to pay attention. [2017/12/15]


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Golden recommended reading | Does virtual property belong to property in the sense of criminal law?

Case Details From May 2015 to April 2016, Wang bought an online game account and password illegally obtained by others and operated by a company.

Golden trend丨BTC is expected to usher in a new uptrend in the near future

Linked with the movement of gold to pull up and down and then pull up again yesterday, there are countless positions with high leverage. For this kind of short-term market with large fluctuations.

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