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How does it feel to play on the world's largest contract trading platform?



A few days ago, I watched the market fluctuate very well. I have been holding ETH, HT and several mainstream coins at a low price to rise, and I don’t want to sell, but my hands are a little itchy, so I want to play with contracts, but I know this thing is risky. I don't really want to play with my own money...

It may be that God fulfills one's wish, but suddenly one day I saw this news——

Pay attention, there will be rewards as long as you sign up! The kind that is sent directly to the perpetual contract account. I signed up on August 11th, and nearly 30,000 people signed up for the competition that day!

U.S., Ukraine, and U.K. lead the world in overall cryptocurrency use: August 22, new research shows that among several countries around the world, the U.S. ranks No. 1 in overall cryptocurrency usage with a score of 7.75 (out of 10), Ukraine came in second with 5.96, followed by the UK with 5.79.

The score is understood to take into account the number of cryptocurrency owners in a country, the global decentralized finance (DeFi) adoption index, the number of businesses that allow crypto payments, the number of Bitcoin (BTC) ATMs, and the number of monthly searches for cryptocurrency terms. . The focus of the study was to find the countries that invest the most in cryptocurrencies by sampling different indicators from 50 countries and regions. (Finbold)[2022/8/22 12:40:54]


Justin Sun: When the global economy is facing a crisis, the value built on the blockchain will increase significantly: Justin Sun, the founder of Tron, said on Twitter that he is personally very optimistic about DeFi, rather than asserting whether DeFi will become a bull market I am more willing to explain to you that at a time when the global economy is facing a crisis, the value built on the blockchain will increase significantly, which will convince those who are skeptical to reconsider the realization of blockchain-driven innovation. Make it part of the new normal. [2020/8/26]

Everyone knows that Huobi is the largest exchange with the largest contract trading volume in the world. Although people like me who are used to hoarding coins don’t have much desire, they are usually calm... But, it’s a little bit of a waste of money to play. I was a little itchy, and I wanted to experience what it was like to play on the world's largest contract trading platform, so I signed up.

Voice | Chief Commercial Officer of BitPay: India, China and Russia are the last three hurdles for the global popularization of digital currency: According to Cryptoglobe, digital asset trader BitPay Chief Commercial Officer (CCO) Sonny Singh said in a recent interview that India China, China and Russia are the last three hurdles for digital currency to become popular globally. All three countries have been against Bitcoin, but India is currently under consideration, unlike the other two. For the next year or so, India will be open to this. And China and Russia will be the biggest checkpoints, and no one knows when they will accept Bitcoin. [2018/9/14]

About August 18th, the game will start in the afternoon, and the promised airdrop rewards will also be in place. I went to the perpetual contract account to see that although the money is less, it can really open an order! So I thought, let’s try my luck with the free airdrop. Although I don’t see the point so accurately, I can guess the trend that is not bad. What if I play enough to be on the yield list? No matter how lucky you are, maybe the Porsche will drive home...

So I began to open orders with the airdropped LTC, and several orders came down one after another, and in the end it really made me a lot of money!


Screenshot of some operations

Probably every time the market stabilizes slightly, open a long/short position with the highest multiple, and then take a short-term profit of 50% to stop the profit. I think, even if it gets blown up, it’s okay, and I choose a relatively stable range, so I don’t have to worry about getting blown up. (Here is a rule of thumb. If you are really worried about being inaccurate, you can open two positions in two directions, half positions and half positions)

In this way, as long as you don’t encounter too much fluctuation, you can stop the profit and stop the loss on both sides in the end. In fact, even if you liquidate in the wrong direction, you still have the right direction, and the profit will make up for your loss.

I participated in the Huobi Perpetual Swap Masters with the trial money given away by Huobi for free, and I have a good rate of return after calculation, which is quite satisfying.

In terms of overall experience, I still like the details of Huobi products, especially the one-click liquidation function, which is very convenient and allows you to calmly and quickly close positions when the market fluctuates violently.

After experiencing many contract products, I still think Huobi is the best. No wonder the trading volume has been far ahead in the world. Look at the rules of the event before, and now you can also directly participate in the Huobi Perpetual Contract Masters during the competition.

There is no need to sign up, trading means participating, but it should be noted that only trading or holding positions in limited currencies can be considered as participation. The eight participating coins are BTC, ETH, EOS, LTC, LINK, ADA, ZEC and KNC.  

It is also convenient for everyone to leave the entrance here, and you can use it yourself to experience it.

1) Web-side entry process:

Log in to the contract master contest activity interface

2) App entry process:

Log in to the Huobi APP, click "Contract Masters" on the homepage of the APP to enter the event interface.


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How does it feel to play on the world's largest contract trading platform?

A few days ago, I watched the market fluctuate very well. I have been holding ETH, HT and several mainstream coins at a low price to rise, and I don’t want to sell, but my hands are a little itchy.

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