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Morgan Creek founder: Every pension system should allocate 1.5% of total assets in Bitcoin



Bitcoin and the S&P 500 experienced a brief correlation following the March crisis, with both traditional financial markets and cryptocurrency markets falling to record all-time lows.

However, as the popularity of crypto assets began to soar, the correlation began to disappear as both retail and institutional investors began to move funds away from the risk of hyperinflation caused by the Fed's flood of dollars.

The recent record high S&P index on Aug. 18 has subsequently been criticized by economists who believe that the positive performance of the cryptocurrency market defies economic logic.

Prominent Bitcoin evangelist and co-founder of Morgan Creek Anthony Pompliano pointed out that the ongoing quantitative easing policy has addicted the United States to debt expansion, which plays a significant role in the "artificial performance of the stock market."

Morgan Creek Founder: Anti-Bitcoin just shifted from one bad tone to another: Morgan Creek founder Anthony Pompliano just tweeted: "The anti-Bitcoin crowd used to be the one who chanted 'sound money is stupid' Keynes Economists. Then they became nationalists, shouting 'government will ban bitcoin'. Now they became environmentalists, shouting 'bitcoin is bad for the environment'. They just started from a bad (tone ) transferred to another." [2021/5/16 22:07:40]

Co-founder of Morgan Creek: Inefficient miners do not understand the halving and sell Bitcoin: In previous news, cryptocurrency analyst Joseph Young tweeted that the cost of Bitcoin mining is about $12,500. In response, Morgan Creek co-founder Jason A. Williams replied: "Mining costs will definitely not be that high. I do think some miners are inefficient miners, and they are still selling hard. It's like they don't understand halving .or they just surrender and still fall off the cliff. Until at least 100 days later." [5/25/2020]

“It’s no coincidence that the S&P 500 hit a record high today after an all-time high for quantitative easing was announced earlier this year,” Anthony said.

Voice | Morgan Creek Founder: Bitcoin has been moving forward as planned despite ongoing noise: On December 18th, Morgan Creek founder Anthony Pompliano retweeted "Bitcoin was rated as a decade by Bank of America Merrill Lynch Best Asset” related article, and commented that Bitcoin is the best investment of the decade. Despite the constant noise from Bitcoin haters and naysayers, Bitcoin has been moving forward as planned. [2019/12/18]

The Kentucky Retirement System's monthly performance annual report showed its return on investment was 1.2 percent for the 2020 fiscal year ended June 30.

Despite a booming stock market, the more than $18.2 billion pension system has gained less than 2%, leading analysts to question the validity of the gains. Again, Anthony, one of the top economists who believes the fiat market is doomed, now also believes that pension systems should diversify their portfolios by holding some of their funds in Bitcoin.

“Every pension system should have 1-5% of their assets in Bitcoin. If you haven’t done that, call them and ask why you haven’t.”

While pension systems are not prohibited from investing in digital currencies, the report also suggests that regulators and bureaucracy involved in pension systems may hinder the adoption of digital assets or private equity as a more transparent investment method.

“Any pension investment policy would not include bitcoin or any cryptocurrency, however, most pension systems are increasingly allocating to private equity, perhaps using PE as a cryptocurrency-specific fund.”

As Bitcoin and Ethereum wallet addresses hit record highs in Q2 2020, data provided by Fidelity shows that more than 36% of institutional investors, including pension funds in the US and Europe, own crypto assets , it is worth noting that Bitcoin has more than 25% ownership and is currently the most popular digital currency.

“More U.S. investors are discovering the appeal of digital assets than they were a year ago. Investors in Europe are more likely to own digital assets and have a more advanced view of the asset class than U.S. investors .”

Commenting on the findings, Fidelity’s President of Digital Assets, Tom Jessop, said: “These results confirm the trends we’re seeing in the market of growing interest in digital assets as a new investable asset class. interest and acceptance. This is evident in the changing composition of our client pipeline, which ranges from cryptocurrency funds to numerous pension funds."

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Morgan Creek founder: Every pension system should allocate 1.5% of total assets in Bitcoin

Bitcoin and the S&P 500 experienced a brief correlation following the March crisis, with both traditional financial markets and cryptocurrency markets falling to record all-time lows.However.

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The article is contributed by Biquan Beiming, the columnist of Jinse Finance and Economics, and his remarks only represent his personal views.

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