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He earned 194 times from playing Huobi Futures in 6 days, and he would lose all the money in the currency circle



Playing perpetual contracts on Huobi for 6 days, earning 19467.16% of the total income - 194 times!

This may seem like an exaggerated story title. However, in the recent Huobi Perpetual Contract Masters, the champion "White Dragon King" explained with his strength that everything is possible in Huobi perpetual contracts. Within days, won the championship with the total income of 19467.16% of the perpetual contract, and took the Porsche award!

Well, in fact, the rate of return of other people in the Conferred Gods List is also too scary, let’s feel it for yourself...

Fidelity President: There is More Space for Cryptocurrencies in Consumer Portfolios: Golden Finance reported that Michael Durbin, president of Fidelity Institutions, said at a financial conference that there is room for more digital assets in consumer portfolios. Fidelity urges advisors to allocate a \"meaningful\" risk budget when investing in bitcoin to protect against unpredictable market volatility.

Durbin said, \"As digital assets expand beyond cryptocurrencies and other various wrapped tokens, or whatever the regulatory environment facilitates for us, we think this type of portfolio building funding will increase, allowing more The basis for digital assets to enter end consumer portfolios.\"(the block)[2022/10/25 16:37:30]

Radio and Television Express: The company now has complete digital RMB products and solutions: Golden Financial News, Radio and Television Express stated on the interactive platform that the company now has complete digital RMB products and solutions, and has won the bid for the construction of digital RMB systems for 9 banks in succession The project and the digital renminbi marketing activities of many banks have formed a certain amount of business income, and the key is to form a reproducible experience. The company will cooperate with relevant banks to expand the digital renminbi pilot scenarios. (Golden Ten) [2022/8/12 12:20:25]

The 1482% rate of return of the top 20 starting threshold is terrifying, and the lowest and lowest rate in 6 days has also achieved more than 14 times the rate of return, which is really enviable.

The DFINITY ecological project ORIGYN will provide NFT authentication certificates for the luxury watch market WatchBox: On April 29th, the Swiss foundation ORIGYN reached a cooperation with the luxury watch market WatchBox. Together, the two companies will produce certificates of authenticity in the form of NFTs, enabling customers to trade digital ownership of watches.

It is reported that ORIGYN is the largest project on DFINITY Internet Computer Protocol (ICP). Individuals who purchase collector-grade watches through WatchBox can use their biometrics to authenticate the watch through ORIGYN. Each watch has a unique biometric fingerprint and an NFT containing all this information. ORIGYN’s utility NFT will be available to WatchBox consumers in Summer 2022. (Cointelegraph) [2022/4/29 2:38:28]

This time Huobi’s Perpetual Contract Masters, let us once again see what is the strength of a contract master. Huobi has selected 8 high-quality digital assets from the 43 types that have been launched: BTC, ETH, LTC, EOS, ADA, LINK, ZEC, and KNC, both mainstream coins and recently popular DeFi coins, no matter what kind of currency they are good at, there is room for them to play. Judging from the results, their strength is indeed crushing Pressure, I have to feel that professional players are really not covered.

Apart from being envious, I also want to know how they got so much profit. I was surprised to find out that the champion of this competition wanted to share their experience when I was reading the news of Jinse Finance.

What thigh did I seem to catch? !

August 28th, which is this Friday, hey, this time is quite thoughtful, just in time for the weekend to let me know how he plays, and then let me learn to open positions when I have free time on the weekend... this You can try it!

What shocked me was the dog head portrait, and I unconsciously remembered the metaphysical law...

That's what is circulated in the community: "If you don't have a dog on your profile picture, you can't take the champion away."

what am i talking about Look at this picture and you will understand.

Oh well, the dog heads of the champions are really good, which makes me look forward to the sharing on Friday. While learning the experience, I will know whether the secret of the dog head is really good, so I will participate next time During the Huobi Futures Masters...

I also change the dog head!


Morgan Creek founder: Every pension system should allocate 1.5% of total assets in Bitcoin

Bitcoin and the S&P 500 experienced a brief correlation following the March crisis, with both traditional financial markets and cryptocurrency markets falling to record all-time lows.However.

DeFi protocols after the dust settles: who will 'govern them'?

No one can replicate community engagement, great product, integrations and trust.If you have been active-ethexc in blockchain circles during the ICO mania, IEO hype, or STO mania.

8.23 evening market: how will the market go after an oversold rebound.

The article is contributed by Biquan Beiming, the columnist of Jinse Finance and Economics, and his remarks only represent his personal views.

He earned 194 times from playing Huobi Futures in 6 days, and he would lose all the money in the currency circle

Playing perpetual contracts on Huobi for 6 days, earning 19467.16% of the total income - 194 times!This may seem like an exaggerated story title. However, in the recent Huobi Perpetual Contract Masters.

The beginning and end of the "crash" event of the Ethereum Medalla testnet

Translator's Note: Users running Prysm client please upgrade to Alpha.23 version as soon as possible: issue is an update outside the wnie2 plan.

China Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission Chen Weigang: Blockchain application has ten development trends

On August 17, the 2020 Blockchain Ecological Cooperation Conference was held in Shanghai. Chen Weigang.

King, chief analyst of Huobi Institute: Bitcoin has started a historic bull market after halving.

BTC effectively broke through the 12,000 integer mark. Throughout the historical market, every time Bitcoin is halved.