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King, chief analyst of Huobi Institute: Bitcoin has started a historic bull market after halving.



BTC effectively broke through the 12,000 integer mark. Throughout the historical market, every time Bitcoin is halved, a historic bull market will start.

Huobi Research Institute: IPFS will lead the storage revolution in the Web3.0 era: At 8:00 p.m. A strong think tank team—the night of Huobi Research Institute’s peak formation”.

In the session of "The Journey and the Future of IPFS: Storage Revolution in the Web 3.0 Era", Huobi Research Institute conducted an in-depth analysis of the concept, background, technical cornerstones, and storage revolution in the Web 3.0 era of IPFS. For details, click the original link. [2020/7/24]

Figure 1 Review of halving market over the years

The National Information Center and the Huobi Research Institute jointly released the "Blockchain + Government Affairs" report: On April 20, the Smart City Development Research Center of the National Information Center and the Huobi Blockchain Application Research Institute (referred to as "Huobi Research Institute"), For the first time, the report "Blockchain Helps China's Smart Government Development into the Fast Track" (hereinafter referred to as the "Report") was released, predicting the application and development trend of blockchain technology in the field of government informationization.

Shan Zhiguang, Director of the Informatization and Industrial Development Department of the State Information Center and Director of the Smart City Development Research Center, pointed out that blockchain technology will profoundly change traditional production relations and pose new challenges to the national governance system and governance capabilities. The birth of blockchain technology will explore a new model of government governance in the era of digital economy, establish and improve a modern governance system and enhance modern governance capabilities, and help China's smart government construction enter the fast lane.

Yuan Yuming, CEO of Huobi China and President of Huobi Research Institute, believes that with the advantages of distributed collaboration, identity verification, traceability, and non-tampering, blockchain technology can open up "data islands" in government affairs, trace the data circulation process, and clarify rights and responsibilities Defining and realizing the full life cycle management of government affairs data can effectively solve the existing government affairs informatization problems, empower e-government affairs, and help the implementation of smart government. [2020/4/20]

This breakthrough may be the starting point of Bitcoin's next historic bull market. Some investors believe that as the block output is gradually halved, the influence of the miners' market will weaken, the deflationary effect of Bitcoin will weaken, and the third round of bull market may not appear. However, with the entry of compliant financial products with a lock-up nature like Grayscale, it not only reflects the recognition of Bitcoin by mainstream compliance agencies and their demand for admission, but also with the gradual increase in the amount of locked positions in Grayscale, the The supply of the market will gradually have a considerable impact. The deflationary effect of output is weakened, and the deflationary effect of compliance institutional products is increased at the same time. The deflationary effect may not have abated. It can be seen from the gradual loss of bitcoins in mainstream traditional exchanges in the current currency circle.

Voice| Dean of Huobi Research Institute: The shortage of blockchain talents has become a pain point restricting the development of the industry: According to the International Finance News, Yuan Yuming, the dean of Huobi Research Institute, said frankly that the biggest difficulty and challenge we have encountered is the shortage of talents, especially It is a shortage of high-end compound blockchain talents. Yuan Yuming believes that there are two main reasons for this phenomenon: first, the entire industry is still in its infancy, which is similar to the Internet industry in the 1990s and early 2000s, when few people knew about the Internet. Blockchain is such a state; secondly, what is more difficult than the Internet industry is that blockchain is a very comprehensive industry, involving IT technology, cryptography, economics, finance, etc., so practitioners are required to have various knowledge knowledge background. Therefore, the shortage of talents has become a major pain point that restricts the development of enterprises, and even the development of the entire industry. A few days ago, the reporter learned at the signing ceremony of the blockchain industry talent cultivation strategic cooperation signing ceremony held in Hainan Chengmai Ecological Software Park that the Talent Exchange Center of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology cooperated with Huobi China and Lianren International to strengthen the blockchain industry talent training , to jointly build a talent cultivation system for the blockchain industry. [2019/8/12]

Figure 2 The number of BTC on the mainstream exchange chain continues to decline.

If the secondary market determines the spot price of Bitcoin, the volume may be much smaller than investors expect. The deflationary properties of Bitcoin are stronger than expected. The bull market foundation of the third halving may not be fundamentally shaken.


He earned 194 times from playing Huobi Futures in 6 days, and he would lose all the money in the currency circle

Playing perpetual contracts on Huobi for 6 days, earning 19467.16% of the total income - 194 times!This may seem like an exaggerated story title. However, in the recent Huobi Perpetual Contract Masters.

The beginning and end of the "crash" event of the Ethereum Medalla testnet

Translator's Note: Users running Prysm client please upgrade to Alpha.23 version as soon as possible: issue is an update outside the wnie2 plan.

China Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission Chen Weigang: Blockchain application has ten development trends

On August 17, the 2020 Blockchain Ecological Cooperation Conference was held in Shanghai. Chen Weigang.

King, chief analyst of Huobi Institute: Bitcoin has started a historic bull market after halving.

BTC effectively broke through the 12,000 integer mark. Throughout the historical market, every time Bitcoin is halved.

Golden Trend丨Golden Cross again BTC will start again this time?

The picture above shows the long-term weekly trend of BTC from 2010 to 2020. The two key moving averages in the figure are the weekly MA20 and MA50 moving averages.

Golden Encyclopedia | What is lightning arbitrage?

Arbitrage, as we all know, is that investors or borrowers use the difference in interest rates and currency exchange rates between two places at the same time to make profits by circulating capital. It usually refers.

After the launch of Grayscale LTC and BCH Trust, the high premium is reappeared

Summary: This week, two Grayscale trusts began public trading, one for Litecoin and the other for Bitcoin Cash;Both trust products currently trade at high premiums;In this regard.