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The hot spots in the currency circle are staged in turn, and the platform currency is about to launch, with the investment logic of the platform currency attached



On August 24, U.S. stocks rose sharply again. Affected by this good news, Bitcoin gained effective support at $11,700, showing a trend of turning from falling to rising. However, the selling pressure at the resistance point of $12,000 is severe. Judging from the current technical situation, it is difficult to make a breakthrough in the short term. Fortunately, the general direction of Bitcoin is still upward, which is beneficial for prudent investors to enter the market in batches to increase their positions or go long when Bitcoin steps back on the lower support... 

The next market trend, I think the bull market is still there, and it will last until the end of the year or early next year. At present, although the follow-up energy supply of the "DeFi" hot spot is insufficient, new projects and gameplay are still being updated, and the market will continue. At the same time, the old mainstream coins have also skyrocketed one by one in the past few days. For example, the old public chain OMG two days earlier has doubled the market with a 100% increase in one day. Therefore, next, I am more optimistic about the old public chain and the platform currency.

The author absolutely does not mean the AAX platform currency AAB mentioned next, but just chatting about my investment experience and investment logic. Popular currencies such as Nest, MLK, and LINK, which are popular in oracle machines, have only seen gains of a few dozen points, and have never doubled. why? Because of fear of death. On the contrary, the AAX platform currency AAB with a small position earns more money multiples.

Weibo rectified 52 financial self-media illegal content, involving multiple accounts in the currency circle: September 1 news, according to @微博管理员, in accordance with the notification requirements of the "Qinglang" series of special actions of the State Cyberspace Administration, Weibo Carry out special rectification actions for illegal content-ethexc in financial self-media. According to the relevant provisions of the "Weibo Community Convention" and the relevant requirements of the special rectification announcement, the first batch of illegal accounts was announced today, and a total of 52 accounts including @股社区 were disposed of, including 2 accounts with more than one million followers and 100,000 followers. There are 25 accounts with 1 million followers, and 20 accounts with 10,000 to 100,000 followers. Among them are @币圆大侠, @富币教育Nax, @江卓尔_emotional blogger, @股票bitcoin contract transaction-Shenlong and other currency circle accounts. During this special rectification, Weibo will publish the relevant disposal results every week, publicize the progress of the main tasks, and set up a "special rectification complaint and reporting hotline" to receive special complaints. Users are welcome to actively provide clues. [2021/9/1 22:52:42]

1. Experience with AAX

For the AAB Exchange, the initial impression was that it was built by the London Stock Exchange. The London Stock Exchange has a financial market for hundreds of years. Its entry into the blockchain trading platform is unavoidably impressive. The further contact came from the essay solicitation activity of "Planet Daily".

Xinhua News Agency: 100 times leverage! Does the crazy currency circle bring "sudden wealth" or "explosion"? : On the evening of May 29th, Xinhua News Agency released the title-ethexc "Hundred Times Leverage! Crazy "currency circle" brings "sudden wealth" or "explosion"? 》The article once again expressed concern about virtual currency. This is the third time Xinhua News Agency has asked about virtual currency in two days.

The article stated that behind the overnight book clearing of many investors is the futures contract trading in the "currency circle". In recent years, in addition to spot trading, futures contract trading has gradually become an important derivative of virtual currency trading. Such contracts have the characteristics of two-way trading and high leverage. On the surface, such contracts can hedge risks, but more investors regard it as a tool for "getting rich overnight". Because, after adding leverage, as the "currency value" rises and falls, the income will also change exponentially. The risk of virtual currency trading is far more than violent price fluctuations. Behind the trading hype, there are often "bankers" manipulating market prices. Industry insiders said that virtual currency transactions are not supported by real objects, and prices are easy to be manipulated. In particular, the issuance technology of many "air coins" is vague, the upper limit of issuance is uncertain, and there are a large number of holders, so the price is easily manipulated by the "banker". In the liquidation under high leverage, many investors lost their money with nothing, but the virtual currency trading platform made steady profits from it.

Earlier news, on the evening of May 28, Xinhua News Agency released "10,000 "mining machines" can "eat" 45 million kilowatt-hours of electricity a month! Are you digging "coins" or "pit"? ", questioning the huge energy loss caused by Bitcoin "mining". At noon on the 29th, Xinhua News Agency released "Cryptocurrency: Financial Innovation or a "Ponzi Scheme"?", again asking questions about Bitcoin and other virtual currencies. [2021/5/30 22:55:57]

Hong Kong Polytechnic University Chen Yibiao: Hong Kong’s regulatory measures are expected to make the chain circle and the currency circle healthy and harmonious: Golden Finance News, Hong Kong Polytechnic University’s School of Accounting and Finance Ph. Bringing the virtual asset management business represented by digital currency into the scope of supervision does not mean eliminating or reducing risks-sandbox supervision itself is a risk prevention measure. As an investor, you still need to be in awe of investment risks! However, this approach adopted by Hong Kong regulators will undoubtedly make international capital more confident and active-ethexc in investing in China's blockchain projects and digital currency projects. Due to the existence of the Hong Kong capital market and regulated compliance platforms, the "currency circle" and the "chain circle" do not necessarily need to be separated and develop independently. Therefore, the most likely result in the future is: because of Hong Kong, the currency circle and the chain circle do not need to be decoupled, but go hand in hand. (Tsinghua Financial Review) [2020/3/16]

(Figure 1)

"Planet Daily", a first-line media platform in the currency circle that everyone is familiar with, produces high-quality articles, such as the market analyst "Kangkang", which I like very much. Later, I signed up to participate in the essay competition. The theme of the essay was the relatively neutral content-ethexc of "bitcoin halving", so I participated, and finally won an unexpected prize, earning 500 AAB, the platform currency of the AAX exchange.

News | BiKi, Niubiquan and Jinse Finance hold the first online halving private meeting: According to the official announcement, the first halving private meeting (live broadcast) held by BiKi, Niubiquan and Jinse Finance will be held on February 2020 It will be held in the BiKi halving community at 20:00 on March 1 (GMT+8). In this live broadcast, Sany, the founder of Niubi, Wang Yukun, the content-ethexc director of Jinse Finance, and Tang Shi, the vice president of BiKi business, will discuss the 2020 halving market together. [2020/1/31]

As shown in Figure 2:

(Figure 2)

Out of confidence in the "Planet Daily" and the AAX exchange, I covered up another 500 AABs at a price of 1.2 yuan at the time. I made up 1,000 AABs and transferred them to "Wealth Management", with a daily income of 0.12 AABs.

Voice | Science and Technology Daily: Investors in the currency circle with ideas rarely have companies with core technologies to promote development: Recently, Wang Yu of Science and Technology Daily said: "Altcoins need to attract participants with ideas, but those who really invest in the currency circle for ideas There are very few people. More and more projects have landed this year. There is a process of understanding the new technology market. The hype often helps people understand this new thing. Only companies with core technologies can stay in the "big wave washing sand" and promote Blockchain technology is really moving towards application.” [2018/8/16]

(Figure 3)

The logic of my margin call is shown in Figure 3.

The first point is that Bitcoin is bullish: At that time, the overall outlook of the international financial environment was very optimistic, the price of crude oil continued to rise, and the domestic Shanghai Composite Index also rose. At the same time, the long-short ratio of the contract has been adjusted. A friend of mine, the big V of Bikan K station - "Wuxiu", opened 100 times more with 3,000 yuan of Litecoin, and earned more than 80,000 by the beginning of August. I followed suit and opened 3 times, dozens of points and ran away.. crying to death.....

The second and third points, you can just go to the "Planet Daily" to read a few articles casually. Whether it is the APP experience or the quality of the articles, they are all excellent, so my idea is that I can do activities on this platform, and the Planet Daily has reviewed it for me. After going through the AAX exchange, I feel more at ease to participate in other small activities.

2. Platform activities

AAB platform activities are roughly divided into two categories: 1. Sweepstakes activities. 2 is the activity of fee reduction and exemption. 3 is the increase of the platform currency. 4 The reduction or exemption of handling fees is in line with platform trading activities.

2-1. Welfare benefits of small activities

(Figure 4)

As shown in Figure 4, there are many such small lottery activities on Weibo. Although the money is not much, it is not bad, the more the better.

(Figure 5)

This kind of task benefits does not take time, and can be regularly refreshed and received every month, which is more convenient for small partners who trade frequently. Using these obtained AABs to participate in transactions can achieve "zero handling fees", and cooperate with spot trading competitions, contract trading competitions, and trading Defi tokens to catch up with the popularity, not only does not cost money but also makes money.

2-2. Order free activity

On August 19th, the AAX exchange launched the first round of "Summer Flash Sale", which roughly means that if you start buying the platform currency AAB with USDT at 8:00 p.m. on the 19th, you will automatically be eligible to participate in the event. If you choose 250 people for free, you will return the equivalent USDT to your account. Whoring for nothing, happy or not.

This event has recently been scheduled for September 2 at 20:00, you can pay attention to it.

2-3. Currency price increase

(Figure 6)

As shown in Figure 6, the current price of AAB is 0.54 USDT, with an increase of 3 times and 50% respectively. In addition, more than 300 USDT is free from the "Summer Flash Sale Event". Although the position is not large, it has made money on the currency AAB Thousands of dollars, not bad.

2-4. Fee Reduction

At present, I have traded mainstream coins (BTC) and some Defi tokens (LINK, BNT) with small positions in the spot market on AAX. deduction. A total of more than 10 coins before and after, and the handling fee has reached 0. And to cooperate with the activities of the trading festival, there are still a few U's credited.

3. Market hotspots rotate, platform currency will eventually explode

At present, I will continue to hold AAB and put it in wealth management to earn interest. My personal goal is to sell it at 0.6~0.7USDT1.5~1.7USDT.

Because it is still a bull market, the hot spots in the market have been changing relatively quickly recently, and it is obvious that the attention has jumped from one concept to another. Some concepts can last for several weeks, such as DeFi, Bitcoin and mainstream currencies, while some hot spots May happen on platform currency.

For example, the most popular domestic public chain last week was an example. At that time, the leading coin OMG tripled in three days; for example, when the market fell on August 25, OKB alone rose.

Fourth, the end of the article

The currency circle is the easiest place to make money in all capital markets, and spot is the best way to open it.

Investors here are not as mature as other markets, and it is easy to make mistakes due to panic and greed. The more people who make impulsive mistakes, the easier it is to make profits. Compared with the stock market, the currency circle is also more market-oriented. Don't look at someone who is manipulating the needle all day long, but he can only manipulate the short-term market and explode the contract. Gouzhuang has nothing to do with people who are dead on the spot.

At present, the platform currency has not exploded in this round of bull market. I believe there is still a chance. As long as short-term operations are overcome, there will naturally be gains.


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The hot spots in the currency circle are staged in turn, and the platform currency is about to launch, with the investment logic of the platform currency attached

On August 24, U.S. stocks rose sharply again. Affected by this good news, Bitcoin gained effective support at $11,700, showing a trend of turning from falling to rising. However.

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