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TokenBetter public chain TBChain will be launched soon



TokenBetter public chain (TBChain) will be launched soon. TBChain is a point-to-point distributed blockchain operating system independently developed by the TokenBetter R&D team, combining the advantages of Bitcoin and Ethereum, and greatly optimizing performance. It will serve as the infrastructure for global asset digitization and financial markets based on blockchain. TBChain has the following salient features:

Account Abstraction Layer (AAL): In order to combine Bitcoin and smart contracts, TBChain designed the Account Abstraction Layer (AAL). AAL not only ensures that the EVM can run on the bottom layer of Bitcoin and execute smart contracts, but also separates and decouples the capital layer from the contract layer, making each layer run relatively independently and preparing for subsequent iterations and expansions.

Live | Jenny Sun - TokenBetter > A traditional publicist's ambitions in the currency circle: Jinse Finance Live hosted the third issue of "The Currency "Houlang" Fairy Live Week" tonight at 20:00 on time. This issue of "Houlang" fairy TokenBetter Brand Director Jenny Sun will talk about "A Traditional Public Relations Person's Currency Vision" in the live broadcast room. Interested friends scan the QR code and move to listen! [2020/6/4]

MPoS consensus mechanism: Another innovation of TBChain is the MPoS consensus mechanism. As one of the core parts of the public chain, the consensus mechanism is the basis for the public chain to decentralize the ownership of bookkeeping rights and complete transaction verification to achieve a global consensus. TBChain's MPoS algorithm is improved from PoS3.0. Its algorithm is very robust and can easily resist Sybil attacks, while providing participants with more flexible ways to participate and exit.

Hash Card integrates Bancor protocol to provide cardholders with Token flow: Hash Network Co., Ltd. (HSHC), one of the first suppliers to provide encrypted debit cards and instant conversion, today announced the integration of Bancor protocol to provide hash The card platform provides continuous liquidity. Earlier this week, HashCard received more than 1,500 applications in the first 48 hours and raised more than $1.5 million in pre-sales ahead of the public sale, with more than 20,000 customers expected by the end of the year. [2018/5/14]

Distributed Governance Protocol (DGP): TBChain attaches great importance to community building. Different opinions, proposals, objections, etc. on the future development direction of the project can be implemented through the entire ecological internal community, developers and TB holders through voting to reach a consensus Consistent public chain governance. Finally, the blockchain can realize self-management, upgrade and iteration.

Japanese online celebrity barbecue restaurant will issue token SYTG: According to Bitdays reports, the online celebrity barbecue restaurant "Tamura Charcoal Fire Grill" (烧火焼肉たむら), run by the famous Japanese comedian Kenji Tamura, announced on Twitter on the 24th that it will issue a token called SYTG the token. Previously, the store had announced that it would start accepting NEM payments. [2018/4/24]

High-speed transaction performance. As we all know, the matching speed of most existing decentralized trading platforms is much lower than that of centralized platforms, but transactions can be completed almost instantly on TBChain, which is much faster than other blockchains.

At the same time, TokenBetter will focus on the four major ecological construction directions that TBChain will focus on:

1. Issue digital assets

TBChain allows any customer to issue their own digital assets based on the public chain. In addition, TokenBetter will migrate encrypted assets such as TB and USDT to TBChain in the future to realize a leap in the era of blockchain public chains;

2. Independently build a decentralized exchange

Based on TBChain, users can build a decentralized exchange completely independently, and independently decide the assets and trading pairs on the line - truly realizing the dream of "everyone can open an exchange";

3. Publish DeFi applications

Users can publish their own DeFi applications on TBChain, develop distributed financial scenarios, and strive to lower the entry threshold of the blockchain, so that finance can benefit the general public;

4. Functions related to digital assets

Based on TBChain, TokenBetter will launch a rich ecology such as market data, blockchain browser, project incubation alliance, and new derivatives.

In addition, the TokenBetter team decided to use the TB credits issued and circulated on the platform as fuel after TBChain goes online. Any operation on the TBChain chain will consume a certain amount of TB, which will continue to cause deflation and increase the intrinsic value of TB. In the future, after TBChain goes online, TB DEX (TB Decentralized Exchange) will be opened, in which TB will act as the main trading pair.

Finally, in addition to announcing that the public chain will be launched soon, the rules of platform credit TB will also usher in new adjustments. After listening to the voice of the community, in order to further increase the rights and interests of platform points TB, the team, after careful consideration, plans to deflate the total 5 billion TB by 10 times, fix it at 500 million, and promise never to issue additional tokens privately.


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TokenBetter public chain TBChain will be launched soon

TokenBetter public chain (TBChain) will be launched soon. TBChain is a point-to-point distributed blockchain operating system independently developed by the TokenBetter R&D team.

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