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Liu Xing, Chairman of Galaxy ECCOM: The disadvantage of IPFS now is that its volume is not large enough



Recently, IPFS and Filecoin have become hot words in the industry. In addition to discussing the prospects of technological development, most people are more concerned about how many times the wealth that Filecoin can bring after it goes online. Among them, the discussion on Filecoin mining is even more popular. No more. Jinse Finance interviewed Galaxy ECCOM, a technology-focused blockchain company that provides Filecoin mining services, and discussed the current development of IPFS and Filecoin as well as investment opportunities with Liu Xing, Chairman of Galaxy ECCOM.

Jinse Finance: ECCOM is a technology-focused blockchain company dedicated to providing Filecoin mining services. Please briefly introduce the development of Galaxy ECCOM and the details of the business services it can currently provide.

The EU warns Musk that Twitter may face a ban due to content-ethexc review: On December 1st, the EU threatened to impose a European ban on Twitter unless Musk abides by its strict content-ethexc review rules. According to people familiar with the matter, Thierry Breton, the EU commissioner responsible for enforcing the bloc's digital rules, told Musk in a video conference with Musk on Wednesday that he must abide by a list of rules, including abandoning the "arbitrary" approach of restoring banned users and "aggressively ” went after disinformation and agreed to conduct an “extensive independent audit” of the platform by next year. Failure to comply with these rules could put Twitter in breach of the EU's new Digital Services Act and could face a Europe-wide ban or a fine of up to 6% of global turnover. Musk has previously said Twitter will abide by all relevant laws. [2022/12/1 21:13:59]

Flood Liu: Since Galaxy ECCOM was established last year, it has been doing special technical optimization tests for Filecoin mining machines with different configurations, and at the same time has explored the post-operation and maintenance management of Filecoin mining machines. And choose a more efficient cluster mining system solution from the very beginning. For B-end users who already have mining machines, now it is possible to make a special mining management plan for machines with a certain configuration base, so that clusters with different configurations can exert the strongest hardware effect. One-click deployment, without lengthy waiting process; one-click configuration, automatically matching the most suitable scheduling scheme; fully automatic cluster management, no need for senior operation and maintenance personnel to master basic operation and maintenance management methods. For users who have not purchased mining machines, choose the most suitable hardware solution according to their capital volume and market conditions, free and flexible. Free expansion options are available, such as the most efficient solution and the 'immediate' deployment solution.

FTX will suspend ETH deposits and withdrawals on Arbitrum, SOL, and BSC: On September 5th, FTX announced today that in preparation for the upcoming Ethereum merger, FTX will suspend Arbitrum One, Solana, and Binance Smart Chain zones on the following timeline ETH deposits and withdrawals on the blockchain, and re-open deposits and withdrawals until the merger is completed and the network is stable: Arbitrum One ETH: September 7, 2022 00:00 UTC; Solana (Wormhole) ETH: September 15, 2022 00 :00UTC; BSC ETH: 00:00UTC on September 15, 2022. [2022/9/5 13:09:21]

Jinse Finance: Zhongke Interstellar is committed to the exploration of distributed storage ecology, what is the relationship with ECCOM?

The 5th CIIE will set up a metaverse-themed artificial intelligence zone: Jinse Finance reported that the establishment ceremony and promotion meeting of the 5th CIIE's artificial intelligence zone was held online, and digital people from Metaverse issued a joint initiative on behalf of exhibitors. It is reported that the artificial intelligence zone of this year's CIIE will focus on the two major themes of metaverse and smart city, covering subdivided topics such as cloud computing, algorithm modeling, and metaverse applications. It has attracted Microsoft, SAP, Facebook (Facebook), Leading companies such as Intel and Nokia signed contracts to participate in the exhibition. (People's Daily Online) [2022/4/19 14:33:25]

Flounder Liu: Zhongke Interstellar aims to popularize the concept and future vision of IPFS distributed storage technology to the general public. At the same time, explore market demand and explore new storage services that combine IPFS & Filecoin with traditional industries. Galaxy ECCOM can use its own technical strength to respond to the needs of Zhongke Interstellar and provide targeted solutions for Zhongke Interstellar.

Inke will launch NFT products on OpenSea: Golden Finance News, according to sources, Inke Interactive Entertainment Group is about to launch NFT products abroad. The content-ethexc is designed around the image of Inke’s IP Xiaoying. The NFT trading platform OpenSea is online. In China, Inke will also launch digital collections on the Inke Live app, but the digital collections cannot be traded.

In the future, a digital collection pavilion will also be launched in the live broadcast app, which is convenient for collection and display. In addition, several people familiar with the matter revealed that Inke is developing virtual products and will have an independent App online. (Titanium Media) [2022/4/7 14:10:35]

Jinse Finance: How did you come into contact with IPFS/Filecoin? If you use keywords to describe them, what do you think of them?

Flounder Liu: I learned about IPFS at a blockchain summit forum in 2018 through friends' explanations and popular science. After hearing that its goal is to solve many problems existing in the existing Internet underlying protocol - HTTP protocol, I very much agree with its philosophy and vision for the future. So as to further understand its incentive layer - filecoin. Filecoin is a free storage trading market based on this protocol. It can perfectly fit the concept of IPFS and help the rapid growth of the IPFS network and the construction of the service layer. So resolutely, I threw myself into the track of Filecoin.

Jinse Finance: What do you think of the current IPFS/Filecoin ecosystem, what are its advantages and risks and challenges? What are the areas that need to be improved?

Flounder Liu: The ecosystem of IPFS is already very large. According to statistics, in 2019, the IPFS public network increased by 30 times, and Google Chrome, Firefox, D.Tube, IPWB, Ethereum, Origin, etc. joined the IPFS network. Today, IPFS is growing at a rate of 2.5EB/day , to store valid data for the world. But this is far from enough. We expect that there will be phenomenal products in the IPFS ecosystem that are equivalent to those on the traditional Internet, and that the advantages of the IPFS protocol can be brought into full play. Only then can it be regarded as the real "bottom protocol" . The more IPFS nodes, the stronger the entire network can be reflected. The disadvantage of IPFS now is that its volume is not large enough, its popularity is not large enough, and there are regulatory risks.

The same is true for Filecoin. We can see that more than 90% of the nodes on the computing power list are Chinese miners, which is a very unhealthy phenomenon for a global project. At the same time, the hardware standard of Filecoin is relatively high, and the requirements for hardware operation and maintenance are higher. Ordinary people need a higher threshold to participate in Filecoin mining. All of the above are problems to be solved by IPFS&Filecoin Cheng. We look forward to more and better players entering the game in the future and building a healthy and sustainable ecosystem together.

Golden Finance: When it comes to mining, we think of the entire industrial chain of Bitcoin mining machines, mines, mining pools, transactions, and coin hoarders. What will the future industry chain of Filecoin look like? What role will ECCOM play in it? What kind of investment opportunities will there be in each link?

Flood Liu: The original white paper of Bitcoin defined Bitcoin as a peer-to-peer electronic cash system. This also defines the core application scenario of Bitcoin, which is transactions. Unlike Filecoin, Filecoin is a free storage trading market. In the future, in the filecoin industry chain, in addition to the same industry chain as Bitcoin, there will be more application-layer products. In the future, as long as industries that need data storage can use the application layer of Filecoin to reduce their own costs and ensure their own data security.

Galaxy ECCOM will also be committed to the future ecological development of Filecoin, and as a developer, provide more application layer products for Filecoin. In the field of mining machines, we will be committed to testing the output level ROI and other data of various mining machines, so that users with different needs can choose the most suitable mining machines to participate in Filecoin mining. In the field of mining pools, we will have a customized mining system - GalaxyPool OS with powerful algorithm optimization, task scheduling management, operation and maintenance monitoring system, and fully automatic operation and maintenance management system. To ensure the efficient and stable mining income of the user system. In the trading market, we already have a quantitative trading team with strong domestic and foreign strengths to ensure risk control and trading opportunities in the secondary market.


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Liu Xing, Chairman of Galaxy ECCOM: The disadvantage of IPFS now is that its volume is not large enough

Recently, IPFS and Filecoin have become hot words in the industry. In addition to discussing the prospects of technological development.

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