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Shake Hollywood with a high-profile production of cryptocurrency-style themed movies



Hollywood blockbuster director + author of the original book for the best Oscar script + rich and handsome crypto currency brothers + many big names in the investment and entertainment industry..., the starlight is shining and the background is indescribable - the cryptocurrency-themed movie that claims to shake Hollywood is about to start shooting !

Greg Silverman, the former president of Warner Bros. and the founder of Stampede Ventures, is known as the "Father of Film Series". He has produced hit films such as "Inception", "Batman", and "Wonder Woman". This time it will be working with the Winklevoss brothers to make a film adaptation of Ben Mezrich's best-selling non-fiction book "Bitcoin Billionaire".

The Winklevoss brothers, who will star in the movie, graduated from Harvard University. They are the founders of the Gemini cryptocurrency trading platform and the first batch of Bitcoin billionaires. They once co-founded Facebook with fellow alumni Zuckerberg. , but eventually parted ways. His feud with Zuckerberg appeared in Ben Mezrich's "Accidental Billionaire" and was later made into the movie "The Social Network".

Coinbase announced a partnership with Google Cloud to accelerate Web3 adoption and innovation: On October 12, according to official news, Coinbase announced a partnership with Google Cloud to accelerate Web3 adoption and innovation. The partnership will include Google Cloud allowing certain customers (starting with users in the web ecosystem) to pay for its cloud services through Coinbase Commerce's specific cryptocurrency. Web3 developers will be able to access Google Cloud's blockchain data through BigQuery. [2022/10/12 10:32:12]

The movie "The Social Network," adapted from the book "Accidental Billionaire" by Ben Mezrich, won the Best Adapted Screenplay Award at the 83rd Academy Awards. "Bitcoin Billionaire" is considered a sequel to "Accidental Billionaire".

A-share closing: Shenzhen Securities Blockchain 50 Index fell 2.56%: Jinse Financial News, A-shares closed, the Shanghai Composite Index closed at 3215.2 points, closing down 1.86%, Shenzhen Component Index closed at 12096.39 points, closing down 2.88%, Shenzhen Stock Exchange District The Blockchain 50 Index reported 2826.14 points, closing down 2.56%. The blockchain sector closed down 2.73%, and the digital currency sector closed down 3.56%. [2022/8/24 12:45:03]


After explaining the specific background of the main participants, are you already looking forward to the specific plot of this cryptocurrency-themed movie, so the engine and everyone will spoil it.

Based on the life experience and the original novel, it is expected that the film will tell the story of how the Winklevoss brothers, step by step, eventually became the first batch of bitcoin billionaires.

The Winklevoss brothers were awarded $65 million in settlements over their Facebook dispute with Zach. What is the way out for the two brothers who have money? Engage in investment! So the two went ahead and formed Winklevoss Capital.

The total market value of metaverse-related encrypted assets is US$33.67 billion: Jinse Finance reported that according to coinmarketcap data, the total market value of metaverse-related encrypted assets is US$33.67 billion, with a 24-hour increase of 4.66%, and a 24-hour transaction volume of approximately US$2.716 billion. The current top five metaverse tokens by market value are: Decentraland ($5.536 billion), AxieInfinity ($4.504 billion), TheSandbox ($4.502 billion), THETA ($4.123 billion) and EnjinCoin ($2.113 billion). [2022/1/16 8:52:00]

They discovered Bitcoin by chance and believed that cryptocurrency would be "the next great invention".


Coinhub wallet officially supports the public chain TRON (wave field): According to official news, the decentralized multi-chain wallet Coinhub has announced that it is now on the TRON (wave field) network. Users can access TRON ecological applications through Coinhub, as well as store and trade TRC standard tokens. currency. It is reported that the decentralized wallet Coinhub is a multi-chain wallet that supports multiple platforms. It integrates multiple functions such as wallet, data, financial management, mining, and transactions. Now it supports BTC, ETH, HECO, BSC, Solana, MATIC, AVAX, FTM and other 20+ public chains have cooperated with 800+ dapps, and users are distributed in 50+ countries and regions around the world. [2021/11/23 22:11:04]

The brothers led a seed round in BitInstant, a bitcoin payment processing platform. Through this platform, users can use Bitcoin to pay in 700,000 stores in the United States, among which relatively large stores include Wal-Mart and Walgreens, a US drug retail website.

BitInstant developed extremely rapidly at the beginning, and the transaction volume doubled in just a few months in 2013. However, the good times did not last long. In July of that year, more than 10,000 users sued, arguing that they failed to perform the service and made false statements. Later, the CEO of the company was arrested for money laundering by exchanging bitcoins with the black market trading site Silk Road. BitInstant eventually shut down, and the brothers lost their money.

Although this first intimate contact with the Bitcoin world ended in failure, the two brothers refused to admit defeat.


The two brothers bought 210,000 bitcoins (accounting for 1%) with 11 million US dollars, and became "ten thousand coins". They stored their bitcoin wallets on multiple USB sticks in safes in three cities.


The brothers released Winkdex - a Bitcoin price index platform. Through the data of the seven major exchanges in the United States, the Winkdex platform provides instant currency prices to buyers.


The brothers launched the cryptocurrency trading platform Gemini (Gemini), and in 2016 obtained the world's first digital currency exchange license issued by the New York State Department of Financial Services (NYDFS), which is directly regulated by the New York State Department of Financial Services The world's first compliant exchange.

Soon, Gemini began its overseas expansion plan by opening trading in Canada, since Canadian bitcoin transactions do not require a license from regulators. Gemini then launched operations in Hong Kong and Singapore, making Asia an important part of its global expansion plans.

As the prices of cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin have risen one after another, the Winklevoss brothers have also risen in value, becoming the first batch of Bitcoin billionaires in 2017. Today, even Zuckerberg, his former enemy, is working on cryptocurrencies.

Of course, the way of expression of the movie will be more shocking and wild than the spoiler of the engine, and the superposition of love, hatred, love and hatred is more fascinating! For the young generation who are in the deep ups and downs of the back waves, it can even trigger in-depth thinking about technology, the future, and the times.

The Winklevoss brothers are also one of the eight major investors in the Filecoin project, and announced on February 25, 2020 that when the Filecoin network is launched, users can receive FIL tokens directly in Gemini custody accounts. In addition to custody services, Gemini Exchange is also working closely with the New York State Department of Financial Services (NYSDFS) to obtain a license to provide customers with Filecoin transactions.


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Shake Hollywood with a high-profile production of cryptocurrency-style themed movies

Hollywood blockbuster director + author of the original book for the best Oscar script + rich and handsome crypto currency brothers + many big names in the investment and entertainment industry...

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