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"Starting in a hurry, exiting coldly and calmly" block chain projects encountered obstacles



The reporter searched through the China Government Procurement Network and found that within half a year, there were more than 30 local government procurements related to the blockchain. The application of blockchain technology is the general trend, but why some places fail to apply the technology in place? Experts explained that although blockchain technology is good, its application scenarios are limited, and it is not a "universal magic weapon" that can solve all problems.

According to reports, Zhang Desheng, a staff member who participated in the project at the time, introduced that in 2017, their supervisors believed that the blockchain could be used in the judicial, law enforcement and other fields through technical means to solve the problem of "difficulty in obtaining evidence, difficulty in demonstrating evidence, and authentication" of electronic data. Difficult, difficult to store evidence" and other issues. For example, the blockchain technology is deeply integrated with the court's enforcement work, and the blockchain smart contract is embedded in the judgment document, and the background can automatically generate non-fulfillment reports, execution applications, extract party information, automatically execute cases, generate execution notices, etc. , complete the enforcement filing procedures and introduce the enforcement system, which will help to solve the "difficulties in enforcement".

Report: 18 'Non-Financial' Risks In Decentralized Finance: A November report by data and research firm BraveNewCoin highlights 18 'non-financial' risks in decentralized finance More technical issues related to Ethereum's smart contract funding protocol. For example, scalability risks, high gas fees and transaction failures caused by network congestion may cause DeFi protocols to malfunction or not work properly. (Cointelegraph) [2020/12/11 14:54:01]

However, in the actual operation process, the staff found that the blockchain platform needs to have enough data support to become a real database before it can be put into operation. However, the local government did not issue a clear policy to support it, and the staff encountered obstacles everywhere in the process of communicating with other departments. The data required by the entire blockchain management platform involves local banking, insurance, telecommunications and other departments. Some departments are willing to provide data, while others are not.

News | Japanese "art + blockchain" venture capital firm Startbahn received additional financing from SBI investment A round: According to Crypto Watch, Startbahn Co., Ltd., a venture capital firm dedicated to the field of "art + blockchain", announced on May 23 , A round of additional financing has been completed. The investor is the "SBI AI & Blockchain Investment Business Co., Ltd." operated by SBI Investment Co., Ltd., a venture capital company of the SBI Group. Startbahn has been cooperating with some companies of SBI Art Auction, and will continue to strengthen cooperation through this financing. [2019/5/23]

Later, the leaders who paid attention to the blockchain project changed their jobs, and the project that was once "hot and fast" died down.

Review丨Hot events of last week: "Voting", "Rebound", and "Risk" ranked the top three: According to the weekly data insight of Huobi Blockchain Big Data, the top three hot events last week were "Voting", "Rebound" ” and “Risk”. Among them, "voting" mainly involves the voting of EOS supernodes, and Binance voting for listing, etc.; "rebound" mainly reflects the rebound in currency prices this week after the sharp drop in currency prices last week; topics related to "risk" mainly focus on : 1. Mining risks due to Bitcoin price drop and computing power growth, 2. Technical vulnerability risks after the EOS mainnet goes online, 3. OTC transaction risks (bank card freezing, etc.). [2018/6/25]

Meng Yan, deputy director of the China Digital Asset Research Institute who has been concerned about blockchain technology for a long time, said that such a case may be just a case in the promotion of blockchain technology, but it does reflect the invisible "information barriers" to the implementation of blockchain technology. bring great challenges. He explained: "The basic logic of most blockchain applications is problematic. If we want to build a blockchain, we first need to centralize the data of various government departments or some different enterprises on the blockchain, and then play a regional role. The advantages of block chains that cannot be tampered with and easy to trace. This idea sounds good, but in practice, which department or company is willing to donate their data for free and put it on a chain so that everyone can Can you see? The core issue of this kind of resistance is that data is the right, especially for the government and enterprises, data is their core resource, donate these things without reservation, at least pay for them, these issues It’s not taken into account, which is the biggest problem right now.”

Ideally, what should be the application scenarios of enterprise and government blockchains? Meng Yan conceived this way: "Blockchain technology is actually a protocol layer technology. The correct way to use it should be to integrate the blockchain as a whole into the Internet, that is, to become a value layer protocol of the Internet. The ideal way should be, The Internet community and national forces work together to allow various companies to launch Internet value layer protocols under market economic conditions and the law of survival of the fittest, which will definitely involve the use of blockchain to construct an infrastructure. Ideal state Next, the blockchain is just like 4G and 5G. When we develop applications, we no longer need to care about blockchain issues. Instead, we can directly use the underlying blockchain infrastructure to define our own needs, Develop your own app."

Zou Chuanwei, chief economist of Wanxiang Blockchain, believes that from a national perspective, the development of blockchain is very important, but this technology is not as "magic" as ordinary people imagine. Without the support of mature technologies such as the Internet of Things , there are not many things it can do at present. He said: "A very real problem is that its storage space is limited. For example, a block is only a few megabytes, more than 30 megabytes, but in reality, a video or a picture is likely to exceed this range. In the Internet of Things, camera data is generated every moment, and it is impossible to put all these raw data on the blockchain.

One of the major features of blockchain technology is that it cannot be tampered with. However, Zou Chuanwei pointed out that the blockchain can only ensure that the intermediate links are not tampered with, and the authenticity of the source of information cannot be compared. "If the source of the data is not real and the writing link cannot be real and accurate, the overall real accuracy will not be improved. The blockchain is not a magical technology, and the real problems far exceed the scope it can solve. "Zou Chuanwei said.

Zou Chuanwei gave an example, if you want to realize the whole process of "traceability" of hairy crabs, the difficulty lies in the block chain. Every hairy crab must be equipped with an IoT chip, and every link must be verified. At present, the cost of using an IoT chip is much higher than the price of the crab itself.


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"Starting in a hurry, exiting coldly and calmly" block chain projects encountered obstacles

The reporter searched through the China Government Procurement Network and found that within half a year.

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