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First release|The longer it drags below 10200, the more unfavorable it is for the bulls



The nature of each level: daily line - consolidation, 4 hours - consolidation (more pattern), 1 hour - consolidation

The screenshot is from the 4-hour chart of the OKEX Bitcoin quarterly contract: I look at the market from two perspectives, one is the objective trend status and the coping strategies formulated according to the objective trend, and the other is the subjective prediction based on experience. Actual trading is mainly based on coping strategies under objective trends. Subjective forecasting is more of a prospect or entertainment for future development. It cannot be used directly as a trading strategy. The main purpose is to prepare psychologically for potential risks and opportunities in advance .

The current objective trend and coping strategies: Yesterday in the title-ethexc of the evening review, I gave a suggestion "the most taboo is the big yang chasing the rise and the big yin killing the fall". As a result, the subsequent trend has verified that our suggestion is correct and timely, because in At 8 o'clock in the evening, there were first signs of a big yang rising, and then a big yin fell, and after the same big yin, it quickly reversed and returned to calm. Although the current price is not much different from yesterday at this time, if you are used to chasing ups and downs, this short-term violent fluctuation may be very hurt.

Anhui Satellite TV's first digital collection: Jinse Finance reported that according to the official account of Anhui Satellite TV, Anhui Satellite TV released the creative digital collection of "Anhui Satellite TV logo-ethexc". "The collection takes the classic LOGO of Anhui Satellite TV as the core design element, and has created five collections of different styles: "cyberpunk, Hui style ink, green ecology, technological future, fashion and romance". The collection will be released in the form of a blind box. The total number of copies is 10,000. The "Anhui Satellite TV logo-ethexc" issued this time is the first Anhui-themed series of the "Digital Landmark" co-creation plan. There will be new ways to play in the future, and continue to empower physical cultural tourism through digitalization. [2022/5/21 3:32:30]

Speaking of the current market situation, looking at the daily chart, the last 7 days have been alternating between Xiaoyang and Xiaoyin, which makes people feel no waves in their hearts. The best strategy for this kind of narrow range consolidation market before it ends is to wait and see. If you are aggressive, you should consider selling high and buying low around the small positions in the consolidation zone (9450-9900), but you must strictly set a stop loss. In case there is a breakthrough market.

LBank Blue Shell's first SHFT debut has a maximum increase of 178.5%: At 20:00 on March 29, LBank will launch SHFT (Shyft Network) and open USDT transactions. The opening price of SHFT is 2.00 USDT, and the current highest quotation is 5.57 USDT, with a maximum increase of 178.5%. As of press time, the price is stable at 4.91 USDT.

According to the information, ShyftNetwork is a public blockchain protocol designed to aggregate and embed trust and verification into data stored in public and private ecosystems and permissioned and non-permissioned networks.

Note: The information is for sharing only and does not constitute any investment advice. [2021/3/29 19:27:24]

From the perspective of the overall situation, although the market is tepid these days, it is still in a bullish state, because the short-term long-short dividing line 9450 has not been clearly broken. However, the pattern has been lowered. Since the high point of 10548 on June 2, the trend pattern has been bearish, and the important resistance has moved down from the previous 10200 to around 10000 (marked by the blue line in the figure). This has increased the expectation that the market will break through 9450 in the future, and the long positions in the hand should be well controlled in advance, and it is considered that around 9300 is more suitable as a stop loss position.

Jubi will launch OVR on November 30, 2020: According to official news, Jubi will launch OVR /USDT on November 30, 2020. From 18:00 on November 27 to 18:00 on December 3, 2020 (UTC+8), anyone who registers, invites, recharges, and trades OVR in Jubi can get airdrop rewards. OVR is a decentralized web platform that aims to unite the real and virtual worlds through the use of Augmented Reality (AR). The platform consists of 1.6 trillion unique hexagons called OVR land, which can be auctioned, traded or leased in a decentralized manner. Each OVR land is a spatial domain name (NFT), type ERC-721, which can be purchased using the OVR token issued by IBCO. [2020/11/27 22:22:46]

Subjective expectations (for entertainment only): Before breaking away from the 9450-10000 consolidation area, it is still prone to the "Heaven and Earth Needle" trend like last night, and the probability of eventually falling below 9450 is high. If 9450 is clearly broken, the probability is further To test the 8550 mid-term key support. This paragraph is not intended as a trading strategy reference.

BULL will be listed on BiKi for the first time at 18:00 on November 20th: According to BiKi’s announcement, BULL will be listed on BiKi at 18:00 on November 20th (GMT+8), and the BULL/USDT trading pair and withdrawal will be opened on November 18th. Recharge is available at 15:00 (GMT+8) every day.

BULL integrates blockchain decentralized finance and e-commerce, and adopts a symbiotic approach with the Internet to penetrate into every corner of the world. The original design intention of BULL is to echo, circulate and balance with the existing mainstream Internet applications (such as Facebook, youtube, WeChat), thus forming a strong internal structure of BULL in the early stage, its internal financial balance, community promotion, business docking, and value Both precipitation and network expansion will further improve the shortcomings of the centralized business model, and eventually BULL will become a co-existing and symbiotic Internet for the world to use. [2020/11/18 21:10:19]

Resistance: 9900--10200--10500

Support: 9450--9100--8550

The nature of each level: daily line - consolidation, 4 hours - rising, 1 hour - consolidation (more pattern)

The screenshot is from the quarterly 1-hour chart of OKEX Ethereum: the current objective trend and coping strategies: ETH also follows BTC in a range-bound market. We have mentioned the range range many times recently (233-253). For the next short-term trend, continue to look at yesterday This view at night can be ↓

Regarding the trend after the end of the consolidation, judging from the current trend structure (obvious stagflation in the upward trend after a sharp rise) and its position (the neckline pressure zone of the head shape formed in February this year), short-term The probability of another sharp rise is lower than the probability of gradual shocks and weakening. Therefore, bulls should be more and more cautious, risk control should be done in advance, and don't put yourself in a very passive position at any time.

Subjective expectation (for entertainment only): In the short term, it will continue to jump up and down in the 233-253 range, and the probability of eventually breaking down is high. If there is a phenomenon of breaking 253, it is likely to be a false breakthrough on June 2. This paragraph is not intended as a trading strategy reference.

Resistance: 246--253--260

Support: 238--233--220

The nature of each level: daily line - down, 4 hours - consolidation, 1 hour - consolidation

The screenshot is from the OKEX EOS quarterly 1-hour chart: the current objective trend and coping strategies: EOS also did not escape the consolidation range that we have focused on recently, and the trend last night was more in line with our expectations.

Judging from the current trend status, it is enough to continue to pay attention to the 2.68-2.83 consolidation range in the short term, or not to do it before breaking away from it, and what to do is to sell high and buy low around the small position in the range.

Subjective expectations (for entertainment only): In the short term, it will continue to fluctuate in a narrow range around the range of 2.68-2.86, and more time will run around the lower half of the range, and finally leave the consolidation range downward. This paragraph is not intended as a trading strategy reference.

Resistance: 2.78--2.83--2.90

Support: 2.68--2.60--2.51


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First release|The longer it drags below 10200, the more unfavorable it is for the bulls

The nature of each level: daily line - consolidation, 4 hours - consolidation (more pattern).

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