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The solar energy project based on the blockchain-based PPA architecture was put into operation in Australia



The 9.4 MW Robinvale solar farm is Suntech's first fully self-owned project in the Australian grid and the first solar project in Australia to deploy WePower's blockchain-based PPA architecture. This opens the door of opportunity for small business customers to implement a green procurement strategy.

Image: Suntech

News | British Virgin Islands and blockchain company reach partnership to provide blockchain-based financial transactions: Official announcement from the British Virgin Islands, said on April 18, Andrew A. Fahie, Prime Minister and Minister of Finance of the British Virgin Islands Partnership with company to quickly deliver cash in emergency situations and create an alternative digital currency payment method for facilitating continuous financial transactions across the island network. will let islanders download the crypto wallet LIFEwallet on an iOS or Android mobile device and access an account that can deposit funds in the event of a disaster. For users who currently do not have smart mobile devices, LIFE will provide the ability to send and receive digital currency via SMS. Wallet apps can also be used for peer-to-peer (P2P) transactions, or in everyday business activities, to purchase essential goods and services from local businesses. The encrypted wallet LIFEwallet supports ERC20 compatible digital currencies such as LIFE, ETH, and BTC. According to Baidu Encyclopedia, the British Virgin Islands are located between the Atlantic Ocean and the Caribbean Sea. In 1872, they became part of the British colony of the Leeward Islands and are now a British dependency. [2019/4/21]

Although small in size, the Robinvale Solar Farm is a number of firsts for Australian renewable energy. The 9.4 MW project, which came online last week, marks the arrival of a new project developer and the beginning of an era of new technology that promises to open the door to renewable power purchase agreements (PPAs) for small businesses.

News | IKEA will launch a blockchain-based solar microgrid: According to Fastcompany, IKEA's innovation laboratory Space10 will debut SolarVille, a new solar microgrid powered by blockchain technology. The idea of Space10, IKEA's innovation lab, is that SolarVille could install solar energy in local communities and then share it on a small microgrid. Microgrids will enable people to sell excess energy to others on a blockchain​ platform. Space10 said that the design is for ease of use and installation, and that all software to run the blockchain is free. [2019/3/8]

The solar farm is located about 90 kilometers southwest of Mildura, Victoria, and the developer is Suntech Power Development Australia, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Suntech Power Japan Co., Ltd. In this project, 24,920 monocrystalline photovoltaic panels were installed on Suntech's single-axis trackers. It is one of the first solar farms in Australia to use string inverters in a utility-scale project. FRV's Winton Solar Farm, which has eaten crabs earlier, used Huawei's string inverters for this project.

Voice | Emirates Bullish on Blockchain-Based Airline Distribution: According to Phocuswire, Emirates is testing the use of blockchain technology as a potential means of future distribution. Tim Clark, CEO of Emirates Airline, said that he believed that there were many opportunities for this distributed ledger technology about three years ago, and now, all industries, including airlines, are accelerating the application of blockchain technology. He said: "Blockchain can bring a relatively closed ecosystem, and they can be scaled up relatively easily - BSP settlement, clearing house, these are places where blockchain technology can play a role." [2018/9/ 14]

The Robinville Solar Farm has 147 string inverters and three transformers connected to Powercor's 22kV grid, just 700 meters away from the Robinville substation. The farm is expected to generate approximately 18,000 megawatt-hours of electricity annually, enough to power approximately 2,300 homes.

Zeight Gao, CEO of Suntech Power Japan Co., Ltd. said: "The Robinville Solar Farm is our first fully owned project on the Australian grid. We hope to further expand the scale of our solar business in Australia."

Despite several disruptions due to bushfires and the COVID-19 pandemic, the Robinville Solar Farm was finally completed on schedule. According to the developer, it was thanks to the comprehensive and proactive planning of the Suntech team that the project was delivered on time in just six months.

"Based on this experience, we are confident in the smooth delivery of the Riverina solar farm, which is under development and construction," said Lorita Chen, country representative for Suntech's IPP business. One of many large solar farms announced.

New form of PPA

Electricity from the Marina Coastal Solar Farm has been signed up to a long-term PPA from innovative electricity retailer Mojo Power. What sets the ten-year, $10 million PPA apart is that its underlying technology comes from Lithuanian blockchain startup WePower.

By Marija Maisch

Produced by: pv magazine group


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The solar energy project based on the blockchain-based PPA architecture was put into operation in Australia

The 9.4 MW Robinvale solar farm is Suntech's first fully self-owned project in the Australian grid and the first solar project in Australia to deploy WePower's blockchain-based PPA architecture.

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