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Golden Trend丨The last chance to buy low before the start of the BTC bull?



BTC has now completed the third halving of production. The picture above shows the long-term monthly trend of BTC from 2010 to 2020. Through research, it can be found that before each halving, the price of BTC is at the Fibonacci 0.5 suppression at the top of the previous bull market. Running below the line, the first time in 2012, the second time in 2016 and the third time in 2020 are all in this trend. It failed to break through, and the current price is also below 0.5 points from the peak of the 17-year bull market, which is currently around $11,400, which means that the trend suppression in this area is still strong.

Golden hot search-ethexc list: ANT is at the top of the list: According to the data of Golden Finance and Economics ranking list, in the past 24 hours, the search-ethexc volume of ANT topped the list. The specific top five list is as follows: ANT, CVT, HC, BCH, LTC. [2020/10/29]

At the same time, within three months after the first two halvings, the price of BTC dropped rapidly after the halving was implemented. After a period of adjustment and gaining momentum, it will reverse and continue to climb upwards, and break through the peak of the previous round of bull market and fall back The 0.5 suppression level, and once the monthly line breaks through and stands firm, there will be a monthly line in the back, and the big bull market will also start. This has been verified in the bull market in 2013 and 2017. At the same time, this pressure zone is also 17 Once the long-term downward pressure line area connecting the top of the bull market in 2019 and the top of the calf market in 19 is broken through, it means that the long-term suppression of the 17-year big bull turning back and falling back will be reversed, and the probability of starting a long-term upward bull market will be greatly enhanced. Therefore, the few months after the halving are more critical, and may be the last opportunity to buy low before the start of the long-term bull market. The medium and long-term operation is recommended to be distributed in batches when there is a sharp drop.

Golden Relativity | Biyin Pan Zhibiao: Lightning Network will create a new payment incremental market: In this issue of Golden Relativity "Lightning Network: Hello, TPS", Tong Yang, a partner of Jinse Finance, talked with Pan Zhibiao, founder of Biyin, about lightning Can the network be popularized and commercialized on a large scale? What are the necessary conditions for this to happen? Alipay, WeChat popularization in daily life, where is the competitive advantage of Lightning Network, etc. Pan Zhibiao said: Lightning Network is still an experiment. It's a cool experiment. I dare not say that it will be popularized and commercialized on a large scale. This is the current direction of scientific exploration, and no technology better than Lightning Network has yet emerged. If it is popularized, the necessary condition is that the threshold for setting up operation nodes is lowered, and the breaking point is that operation nodes can be profitable. If you can set up nodes with low threshold, operate nodes at low cost, and at the same time be able to profit from operating nodes, there will be economic incentives. Then a large number of nodes will emerge, creating a network with excellent liquidity. Competing with Alipay and WeChat has almost no advantage at present. There is no need to compete with mature payment networks in the stock market. The Lightning Network will create a new incremental payment market, and this new market may be very large. In this emerging payment market, there is no KYC, no country differences, and no various restrictions. The funds are truly controlled by everyone, and the funds flow freely in the market 7x24. I believe it will be an efficient and prosperous payment market. [2019/3/7]

Analysis | Golden disk: USDT OTC transaction data: Golden disk comprehensive analysis: USDT/CNY price 6.93, hit a new high since August 2, USDT price rose, caused by increased short-term demand, which was mainly due to increased risk aversion, funds Outflows from the digital currency market put pressure on BTC prices. [2018/8/9]


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Golden Trend丨The last chance to buy low before the start of the BTC bull?

BTC has now completed the third halving of production. The picture above shows the long-term monthly trend of BTC from 2010 to 2020. Through research, it can be found that before each halving.

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