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How to play with altcoins? Identify trends in altcoins first



"Getting rich", this is the original intention of every player in the currency circle to enter the currency circle. The first article that attracted me to enter the currency circle was an article about ICO. I tasted the sweetness of speculation for the first time, and I have been stuck in the mud since then.

Most people who enter the circle for the first time will be intimidated by the price of Bitcoin and turn to speculate on altcoins. The altcoins meet all the characteristics of the mentality of eager to get rich, low market value, high volatility, and it will be several times. heartbeat. Of course, in fact, there are very few altcoins that can outperform Bitcoin in the long run.

We all know the truth, isn’t coming to the currency circle to seek high odds, especially for those who want to fight with small funds, and I am the same, with less principal, I prefer altcoins with high odds, even though I know this Coins have no value, as long as they make me money. Many people think that playing with altcoins is gambling, but I don’t think so. Altcoins still have their own speculative logic and gameplay.

Live| Yuzhu> How to step on the new wave when the economy is going down: Jinse Finance · The fourth issue of "Currency Circle "Houlang" Fairy Live Broadcast Week" hosted by the live broadcast will start on time at 20:00 tonight. This issue of "Houlang" Fairy Blockchain Yuzhu, a senior practitioner in the industry, will chat in the live broadcast room about "how to step on the new wave when the economy goes down?" Interested friends scan the QR code and move to listen! [2020/6/8]

The currency circle has a very significant feature, that is, every few months, a concept section will appear in the market, such as ICO, FOMO3D, transaction mining, model currency, IEO, domestic public chain, halving currency, mining currency, etc. . Generally, there are 3-4 such concept trends within a year, and each round of trend will create a sudden wealth effect.

This trend is easier to identify, and it usually appears from a leading demon coin. The emergence of the leading demon coin is unpredictable, but it will drive the coins of the same concept sector. For example, in the wave of model coins, Bell took the lead in igniting market sentiment, and there is no doubt that there will be imitation markets soon. In the wave of halving coins, BSV took the lead in detonating, and the halving concept coins followed suit.

News | President issued an article explaining how blockchain can solve banks' KYC and AML issues: According to IMEOS, President Rob Jesudason issued an article "How Blockchain Offers an Answer to Banks' KYC and AML Issues" ten minutes ago How blockchain can solve KYC and AML problems for banks. He believes that blockchain is not a regulatory minefield imagined by bureaucrats or in the news; rather, it can be an asset for regulators.

The article mentioned that in the past ten years, many of the world's leading banks have been fined for anti-money laundering issues, with a total of 26 billion US dollars in fines. In the past 12 months, there has been progress in how regulators consider how to encourage the use of blockchain technology. Blockchain technology can alleviate data ambiguity and reduce the possibility of fraud. If all banks are on the blockchain, then KYC and AML data can be shared among financial institutions in a secure, transparent and seamless manner. [2018/10/16]

For us, there is no need to ambush, and you cannot predict in advance, but after the first demon coin appears in the market, this is what we can know, and then it is very simple, pay attention to the imitators of the same type of sector, and wait for opportunities.

Brookings Institution: There is no agreement among global regulators on how to deal with cryptocurrencies: According to Forbes, the Brookings Institution released a research report on central banks and cryptocurrencies yesterday. The report notes that banking regulators around the world have not taken a uniform approach to regulating cryptocurrencies. The report also noted that none of the major economies currently have central banks seriously considering launching their own cryptocurrencies. However, the Federal Reserve, the Bank of Japan, the Bank of Canada, the Bank of England and the European Central Bank have all said they are evaluating the pros and cons of central bank cryptocurrencies. Research shows that central bank leaders are currently mainly concerned about the potential tax evasion and money laundering of cryptocurrencies. [2018/4/18]

The duration of the trend in different stages is different, and there is a time bonus, which is more dangerous as it goes to the back. For example, for the IEO currency, at first Binance led the IEO trend, and then various exchanges imitated it, and the subsequent exchanges generally can be the first IEO project. But at the end of the period, there was a phenomenon that the IEO currency broke immediately when it went online, and the participants who knew it later became the cannon fodder of this game. Of course, smarter people know that IEO is just a hunger game, and it is bound to the value of the platform currency behind it, and directly buys the platform currency of a more reliable exchange.

Diao Ye: How will the blockchain change the world: In the war of words between Chen Weixing and Zhu Xiaohu, who have been relatively popular in the currency circle recently, Diao Ye was regarded as the "fuse" by some people. Diao Ye responded to this, he is very neutral towards the blockchain, and he also admitted that he owned Bitcoin in 2014. Diao Ye clarified his views in his official account: Blockchain can deliver value that was originally indivisible, and the value created by blockchain must be attached to business scenarios that can actually create value and can be verified. Diao Ye also said that now there is a large amount of capital pouring into the blockchain industry, and after a year there will be some serious people left behind. So now is a good time to join the blockchain industry, and it will be a year from now. [2018/2/25]

The more advanced exchanges, generally speaking, the stricter the review of projects, the leading and new first-tier exchanges are a good screening machine. Of course, this is only a very rough standard, but we must be vigilant. You can find that many projects are listed on dozens of exchanges. Exchanges must look at quality, not quantity. There are a bunch of third-tier exchanges. For project parties, many do not need money, as long as there is community traffic. Listed on third-tier exchanges for free.

You can compare the altcoins of Binance and the altcoins of the third-tier exchanges. Many altcoins of the third-tier exchanges will never pull the market, and return to zero in disguise. The most deadly thing is that the biggest risk of these exchanges is to run away, especially in the current market.

In addition, you need to pay attention to two things of the exchange, the token address and the depth.

I participated in an IEO project of an exchange last year. I took over the order in the secondary market without grabbing it. I made a profit of dozens of points. At that time, the price was not very high from the auction price, so I planned to take it. The price suddenly plummeted, which directly fell below the auction cost price. It was later learned that the external tokens that were originally released a few months later suddenly flowed into the exchange, causing a sharp drop.

After experiencing this incident, when I participated in IEO projects or second-level speculative IEOs, I would always pay attention to the number of tokens in the currency address of the exchange. Most IEO projects are ERC20 tokens, and you can directly go to the Ethereum browser to check the number of tokens on the exchange. Once an abnormality is found, leave immediately, and always remember that the currency circle is a place that does not follow the rules of the game and has no spirit of contract.

The other is the depth of trading. Playing with any currency depends on the depth of the transaction. In my experience, if you sell altcoins on many exchanges for 10,000 yuan, you can smash them into a pit.

In the currency circle, there are those who hoard Bitcoin, and there are also those who hoard altcoins. I won’t talk about whether hoarding altcoins is a fool. Since I want to hoard altcoins, let’s talk about the “value speculation” of altcoins.

1. Look at the market value, not the price

Many people have a problem, they like to buy cheap coins. But you must know that the total issuance of each currency is completely different from the current circulation. The market value of a project is the circulation multiplied by the price, so the market ranking of the market value of the project is not linked to the price.

Generally speaking, hoarding altcoins requires hoarding projects with a higher market value. The reason is simple. The market is a screening machine. The so-called consensus will be directly reflected in the market value of real money. Money is always the smartest. Projects are listed by market capitalization. It is recommended to select altcoins whose market value ranks within TOP50, which has higher certainty.

2. Divide the plate and pick the leader

The division of sectors is now done by the mainstream market software for you, and the more detailed sector division needs to be done by yourself. Personally, it is best to do the division by yourself, which is conducive to your understanding of the market, and the division is more detailed and accurate .

After the sector is divided, you can directly select the market capitalization leading currency of this sector according to the sector you are optimistic about, such as DeFi, games, anonymous currency, NFT, platform currency, etc. Winners take all in any field, which is often referred to as the Matthew Effect. Once a certain sector becomes popular, the most profitable high probability is the leader of that sector. In the face of the plunge of the entire sector, the leader is also the most resistant one.

More than 90% of the altcoins will disappear, and the current high-quality altcoins will also be shuffled in the next round of bull market. Most of the altcoins that have survived and are still alive will not be able to outperform Bitcoin. . When you are ready to enter the altcoin market, you must be clearly aware of the cruelty of the altcoin market. There are no fairy tales here, only tears.

Wolf's mouth snatches meat, knife's edge licks blood, are you ready?


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How to play with altcoins? Identify trends in altcoins first

"Getting rich", this is the original intention of every player in the currency circle to enter the currency circle. The first article that attracted me to enter the currency circle was an article about ICO. I tasted t.

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