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Golden Outpost | Tencent announces 500 billion investment in blockchain and other new infrastructure



On May 26, Tang Daosheng, President of Tencent Cloud and Smart Industry Business Group, announced that Tencent will invest 500 billion yuan in the next five years for the further layout of new infrastructure.

500 billion will be specifically applied in the following areas, cloud computing, artificial intelligence, blockchain, servers, large data centers, supercomputing centers, Internet of Things operating systems, 5G networks, audio and video communications, network security, quantum computing, etc. will all be Tencent focuses on areas of investment. Among them, in terms of data centers, Tencent will successively build multiple large data centers with a scale of one million servers across the country.

At the same time, Tencent will also focus on the construction of Yunqi Industrial Base, Industrial Internet Base, Innovation Center, and Industrial Park in combination with the needs of industrial technology innovation.

Golden Salon丨Zhong Wenbin: There are few "surface" breakthroughs in the public chain industry: In this issue of the Golden Salon, Qtum CTO Zhong Wenbin made a speech and pointed out that there are many "point" breakthroughs in the public chain industry, but there are few "surfaces" breakthrough. Encrypted digital currencies represented by Bitcoin, LTC, DASH, etc. have been verified for ten years. The concept of community-based currency has also been deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, and it is still growing and self-reinforcing today. However, the vast majority of "public chain platforms", including Ethereum, still did not jump out of the simple logic of self-reinforcement of encrypted digital currency, but began to retreat to the space of Bitcoin for homogeneous competition of "encrypted digital currency". The overall innovation is relatively slow, and it is still far away from the breakthrough application.

From the perspective of encrypted digital currency, individuals are looking forward to the further development of privacy technology (private assets, private storage, private computing) to protect the privacy of assets on the chain. For example, zero-knowledge proof technology, Mimblewimble, multi-party secure computing, smart contract-based privacy assets, etc. From the perspective of the platform, in addition to some "point" breakthroughs such as privacy technology and distributed storage, I also hope that the public chain can jump out of the inherent framework of strong consistency in the entire network, and integrate blockchain technology with cloud computing and artificial intelligence. Integration makes the technical framework of the public chain platform more diversified and the execution logic more asynchronous. [2020/3/18]

In addition, Tencent will fully mobilize top internal scientific research experts and laboratory resources, and actively cooperate with top universities at home and abroad to build scientific research platforms, strengthen industrial research and personnel training, invest in major scientific and technological research, and actively participate in the formulation of industry standards.

Analysis | Golden disk: BTC rebounds at night and pays attention to the 30-minute resistance: comprehensive analysis of the golden disk: the bulls launched an offensive in the night market and recovered $6,300. Turn more; but pay attention to the changes in 30 minutes. If it continues to rebound, it will face the pressure on the upper track of the channel and the possibility of divergence from the top of MACD, so be vigilant in the short term. Investors are requested to view market fluctuations rationally and do a good job in risk control. [2018/9/19]

Tang Daosheng said that Tencent will continue to uphold the concept of "Technology for Good", integrate technical capabilities, and be a digital assistant for all walks of life, so that everyone and every enterprise can share the fruits of industrial upgrading and development.

Analysis| Golden disk: BTC futures contract position changes: Comprehensive analysis of the golden disk: According to OKEx data, 58% of accounts are long, 39% are short, 24.13% are long, and 22.39% are short. The gap in the proportion of short positions has further narrowed, and market differences have widened. As of press time, the quarterly BTC0928 contract price is US$6,258, and the spot price is US$6,332, with a discount of US$74. The bearish sentiment is obvious. Investors should pay attention to risk control. [2018/9/10]

In the future, with the further increase of investment in new infrastructure, Tencent will further open up to the industry to open up the interconnection and interoperability of user connections, the research and development technology experience experienced in the Internet field, the open source synergy to maximize the public value of new infrastructure, and the operation ability to drive The platform ecological power of the ecological economy and the global security power covering the bottom layer and applications fully support the digital upgrading of the industry.

Tang Daosheng said, "Taking the opportunity of investment in new infrastructure, online and offline enterprises, government departments, scientific research institutes, public welfare organizations and the majority of users will jointly build a digital ecological community and promote the development of the industrial Internet into the fast lane. We believe that accelerating the new The infrastructure construction will definitely help realize the closer connection between the supply side and the demand side of the digital economy, provide a strong guarantee for the development of the industrial Internet, and achieve high-quality economic development."

For a long time, Tencent has continued to invest in new infrastructure layout. At present, Tencent has achieved two 100s in cloud computing: the total number of servers in the entire network exceeds 1 million, and the peak bandwidth exceeds 100T; in the field of AI, we have more than 6,500 global patents.

In the field of IoT, Tencent has launched a real-time terminal operating system and a one-stop IoT development platform to provide users with IoT application development capabilities covering multiple scenarios such as retail, manufacturing, logistics, cultural tourism, smart travel, and smart cities.

In addition, Tencent Cloud has also launched an industrial Internet support platform suitable for industrial digitization. At present, Tencent Industrial Cloud Base has landed in Xi'an, Yantai, Zhangjiagang and other places, effectively boosting regional industrial upgrading.

In the field of artificial intelligence, Tencent has established a number of AI laboratories representing the highest technical level in the industry, such as Youtu Lab, AI Lab, and WeChat Artificial Intelligence Lab. As of March 2020, Tencent has more than 6,500 AI patents worldwide, and more than 800 papers have been included in top international AI conferences.

In the field of blockchain, Tencent has paid attention to blockchain development technology and carried out independent research and development in 2015. The research and development mainly focus on these aspects. One is to overcome the implementation of core application scenarios, and the other is to strengthen the underlying infrastructure in Capabilities in terms of security, flexibility, performance, etc.

In terms of security performance, Tencent has passed the first batch of pilot projects for blockchain service security, and has become one of the first batch of blockchain filing companies issued by the Cyberspace Administration of China. In terms of application scenarios, Tencent has applied for 777 blockchain-related invention patents in China. The blockchain electronic invoice project in cooperation with the Shenzhen Taxation Bureau can now be applied in many scenarios, such as taking the subway, shopping at Wal-Mart, taking a taxi, etc. At present, the number of Tencent blockchain electronic invoices has exceeded 10 million.


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Golden Outpost | Tencent announces 500 billion investment in blockchain and other new infrastructure

On May 26, Tang Daosheng, President of Tencent Cloud and Smart Industry Business Group.

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