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Tonight BTC pay attention to this point of life and death



Before the article starts, let’s brag and pay attention!

Before the big pie collapsed in the early stage, I participated in the Golden Salon on March 04, that is, before the BTC crash, I was bearish on the 2020 halving! And as early as half a year ago, when Bitcoin was still above $10,000 on September 3, 2019, it was predicted that the bear market was coming.

and. My bearishness is not a groundless bearishness, and there are one, two, and three good reasons. Interested friends can go to my official account "Paul the Great 007" to find out what my escape plan is?

What does the emperor think?


From a technical point of view, the Bollinger Bands on the Bitcoin daily chart are slowly shrinking. The indicators in the attached figure, MACD dead fork is below the zero axis, RSI value is 43, and trading volume (VOL) is in a state of flat volume.

CCTV Finance "Economy Half Hour" will broadcast the program "Break: 40 Billion Currency Circle Scam" tonight: CCTV-Economy Half Hour Weibo shows that at 20:00 tonight, China Central Radio and Television's financial program center will have an economic half hour The column will launch "The 38-year-old "Gambler" in the 40 Billion Big Case" of "Financial Detective". [2021/4/9 20:02:54]

On the whole, the dead cross on the BTC daily line diverges downward, and the RSI in the attached picture is close to the oversold area, but the trading volume has not been released. Although BTC is now in a low range, it is still weak in the short term.

TRON Century Mining will officially start at 9:00 tonight: According to the latest news, TRON founder and BitTorrent CEO Justin Sun announced that TRON Century Mining will officially start at 9:00 tonight. Weibo content: "Tonight at 9 Point, Tron century mining, excavation on time! Seven-hour countdown! Official mine, real-name mine, pledge any coin, five coins benefit (TRX, BTT, JST, WIN, SUN) All mining coins have been listed on the top three !The possibility of being hacked is 0! Visit to mine! The safest, most conscientious and most stable mine in history! ”[2021/3/8 18:24:29] will automatically complete the Polkadot DOT split and re-opening for users tonight: According to the voting results of the Polkadot community, the Polkadot DOT (old) 100 times plan will be implemented on August 21. will automatically complete the split for users tonight, and users who hold coins and deposit to do not need to do anything. The splitting process is as follows: will suspend DOT (old) spot, leveraged and perpetual contract services after 19:00 today. Financial lending orders will not be affected. During the split period, will suspend DOT (old) deposit and withdrawal services, and recharge 99 times the original holdings of DOT (old) to the user's spot account to achieve a 100-fold split.

After 20:00 tonight, after the split is completed, will reopen new DOT transactions through call auctions. After the split, the fund amount and order amount of the principle wealth account and leverage account will not be affected. After DOT is re-launched, the price will fluctuate significantly before the split (expected to be about 1/100), reminds users to be cautious when placing orders. See the original link for details. [2020/8/21]

We said above that BTC needs to be on the middle track of Bollinger on 1-2 days, otherwise there is a risk of touching the lower track of BOLL. Judging from the current trend, it is indeed the case! The back draw of Dabing weekend was suppressed by the middle track. Ended up without illness.

ETHLend will issue airdrops at 20:00 tonight: ETHLend previously announced that at 12:00 GMT on January 19 (20:00 Beijing time tonight), 15,000 Lend airdrops will be issued to Eidoo wallet users. They also said that due to the congestion of the ETH network, it may take several weeks for all distributions to be completed. [2018/1/19]

Looking at BTC in 4 hours, $8,500 is a key position. Why? If 8500 falls below, the BTC daily line may form a double top! (This point must not be broken, and the pancake can still oscillate at 8500 as a support box. I hope the main force will show some mercy.)

Today's operation: the first pressure level is 8900, the second pressure level is 9300, the first support level is 8500, and the second support level is 8200. (4 hours. The larger the cycle, the larger the point span; the smaller the cycle, the smaller the point span). In terms of contracts, the general direction is bearish.

Current trend: "Bitcoin breaks through the $10,000 mark, and it will go like this after halving...

Note 1: The contract operation price above is the Huobi quarterly contract price, and the spot price is the Huobi spot price.

Note 2: Floating take profit and stop loss and each operation with a stop loss are the best ways to avoid liquidation, huge losses and profit taking.


The trend of Ethereum is quite strong in mainstream currencies, at least much stronger than EOS, BCH, LTC, etc. The daily line level, (as shown in the picture) pulled up to the trend line and fell back. Considering the recent weakness of the pie, wait and see before ETH stands on the trend line.

The first pressure level is $205, the second pressure level is $210, the first support level is $200, and the second support level is $190.


Grapefruit, BCH, XRP, LTC, etc. have all been relatively sluggish recently, and they did not follow up when the pie rose, not to mention when the pie was weak recently. As mentioned above, the key support of $2.40 cannot be broken, otherwise the head and shoulders will be topped. Now we still need to pay attention to the big pie.

The first pressure level is $2.60, the second pressure level is $2.70, the first support level is $2.45, and the second support level is $2.35.

Quantitative indicator ALpha:

The market fluctuates greatly, if you need more timely market information. You can add Paul's WeChat account (bldd007) to pull you into the group!


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Tonight BTC pay attention to this point of life and death

Before the article starts, let’s brag and pay attention!Before the big pie collapsed in the early stage, I participated in the Golden Salon on March 04, that is, before the BTC crash.

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