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Consolidate the foundation, promote the brand, and re-operate CoinEx to sweep the overseas market



In 2020, the development of CoinEx in some regions can be described as "advancing by leaps and bounds". After more than two years of continuous optimization and upgrading of overseas market operation strategies and product services, the proportion of overseas users of CoinEx has reached as high as the total number of users on the site. 80% of the number of registered users. Mainly distributed in Australia, Southeast Asia, North America, Japan and South Korea. In 2020, CoinEx’s overseas user registrations and trading volumes will increase significantly, and the number of new daily users will increase by 100% compared with before. The number of new overseas registered users increased by 133.6%.

Recently, CoinEx VP Eddie accepted an exclusive interview with Jinse Finance to explain the development process behind CoinEx's impressive achievements.

Interviewee information: Eddie, currently the VP of CoinEx, has more than 10 years of working experience in the TMT industry. He has worked as a marketing manager in a Fortune 500 company and as a marketing director in a US-listed Internet company. Before joining ViaBTC Group, he was the global marketing director of the super unicorn company Bitmain. As a veteran in the industry, he has extensive experience in marketing and operations.

StarkNet Alpha 0.10.0 version is launched on the mainnet: On September 11th, StarkWare, an Ethereum expansion solution, announced that StarkNet Alpha 0.10.0 was launched on the mainnet. [2022/9/12 13:23:28]

Great achievements come from accumulation

"Compared to making rapid progress, I prefer to call it accumulation and steady progress." Eddie pointed out that in the early days of its establishment, CoinEx began to prepare for going overseas.

CoinEx was born in December 2017. At this time, a round of large-scale regulatory turmoil had just ended in China. A large number of exchanges closed the Chinese market and turned to Southeast Asia, South Korea, Japan and other regions with more friendly policies, including CoinEx’s predecessor Micro Therefore, whether it is from the consideration of regulatory risk avoidance or the perspective of market competition, CoinEx has been positioned as a global cryptocurrency investment platform since its establishment. Today's achievements are due to the efforts and accumulation made by CoinEx in both product and market operations in the past two years.

At the product level, CoinEx continues to complete the product system and create a diversified product system. From the initial basis of only spot transactions, it has gradually increased leverage, perpetual contracts, and wealth management products. At the same time, it has continuously enriched platform assets. There are 124 currencies and 304 trading pairs. In order to improve the trading liquidity of the platform, CoinEx has established a close cooperative relationship with major mainstream market maker teams to provide depth for most currencies and narrow the spread between buy and sell orders. This year, CoinEx supplemented the fiat currency deposit channels, and entered into a strategic cooperation with Simplex, a world-renowned credit card payment institution, to provide multiple fiat currency deposits.

Web infrastructure completes $140 million in financing: Jinse Finance reported that web infrastructure completed a $140 million Series D round of financing led by Digital Partners. The financing closed today, with participants including Morgan Stanley Expansion Capital, Revaia, BGV, Eurazeo, Hiinov and Partech.’s total funding so far stands at $187 million, which founder Plais says will be used for recruiting efforts and “doubling down” on automation. (techcrunch) [2022/6/21 4:41:27]

Recently, CoinEx has upgraded its visual experience and product orientation. Eddie pointed out: "According to the feedback and evaluations we have received from community users at home and abroad, the experience of using CoinEx products has entered the upper circle of trading products. Next, We will continue to carry out overall revision and reconstruction of the product, and strive to achieve excellence."

In terms of market operations, CoinEx is focusing on the new game of traffic fission this year. On March 9 this year, CoinEx launched a new and upgraded version of the Ambassador Recruitment Program. Different from similar models in the market, the CoinEx Ambassador Program focuses more on adopting the "inventory to find incremental" model to achieve traffic growth and pioneering. There are four types of ambassadors under the CoinEx Ambassador Program: Recommended Ambassadors, Market Ambassadors, Operation Ambassadors, and Business Ambassadors. The four types of ambassadors assist CoinEx in its global expansion from three aspects: operation, branding, and project selection.

The Supreme People's Court: It is necessary to use blockchain and other information technologies to improve the smart court information system: Jinse Finance reported that the Supreme People's Court held a press conference on February 22 and released the "People's Court Online Operation Rules". Use information technologies such as the Internet, big data, and blockchain to improve the smart court information system, standardize application methods, strengthen operational management, meet the diverse judicial needs of the people online, and efficiently support trial enforcement activities. [2022/2/22 10:08:18]

The essence of recommending ambassadors is the common "invitation fission", but the revenue model is richer than traditional Internet invitation rewards. Marketing ambassadors focus more on brand building and marketing promotion, and assist CoinEx to expand its voice in various market segments around the world through their respective channels. Operation ambassadors are responsible for product services, and shoulder the mission of small language translation and customer service, helping CoinEx overcome barriers such as time difference, language, and cultural differences in the process of global expansion. Business ambassadors can assist CoinEx Research Institute to discover more high-quality projects in overseas markets.

CoinEx ambassadors have their own division of labor, and at the same time cooperate with each other. At present, the CoinEx ambassador program has been operating smoothly for more than a month. The traffic on the CoinEx platform has such an astonishing growth in April, and the new method of traffic fission has played a vital role.

Steady and steady, step by step

Nervos has reached a cooperation with the open source oracle machine DIA: According to official news, the public chain project Nervos announced a cooperation with the open source oracle machine DIA. DIA will be integrated into Godwoken, the Nervos EVM compatibility layer, to provide reliable oracle services for dApps built on it, or dApps transplanted from the Ethereum ecosystem. Currently, creators of Nervos ecological dApps can choose services provided by oracles such as Chainlink, Band Protocol, and DIA, so that they can build applications on Nervos Layer 2. DIA is an open source oracle platform dedicated to enabling market participants to acquire, apply and share trustworthy data. [2021/11/12 21:45:41]

Different from most overseas exchanges relying on the capital grabbing strategy, CoinEx's overseas expansion is more inclined to be steady and steady. Eddie pointed out that CoinEx adopts a trilogy strategy of "consolidating the foundation, building the brand, and focusing on retention", laying a solid foundation in terms of products, services, and team building infrastructure bit by bit, and on the premise of making full preparations for global development, combined with continuous Carry out brand promotion to strengthen the memory of overseas users, improve the influence of CoinEx, and then cooperate with the operation strategy to retain it.

Localization is a challenge that every overseas project will face. Since the product usage habits of domestic users and overseas users are different, it is necessary to conduct preliminary research when polishing products, and balance the needs and usage habits of users at home and abroad to build product. When designing products, CoinEx will organize customer service team to establish a user feedback collection form in advance, and with the assistance of global ambassadors, collect demand suggestions from users around the world and give feedback to the product team. After carefully studying research reports and comparing excellent trading products in the international market, the product team creates products that suit the usage habits and needs of users around the world.

There are 33,542 unconfirmed transactions on the Bitcoin network: Jinse Finance reported that the data shows that there are currently 33,542 unconfirmed transactions on the Bitcoin network, and the 24-hour transaction rate is 3.48 transactions per second. At present, the difficulty of the entire network is 19.89 T, and it is predicted that the next difficulty will increase by 2.08% to 20.31 T, and there are 3 days left before the adjustment. [2021/10/16 20:33:17]

At the same time, in order to take care of the accessibility of CoinEx products for global users, CoinEx launched Arabic, Italian, Malay, German, Ukrainian, Portuguese, French, Turkish, Vietnamese, English, Japanese, Russian, Korean and other 16 languages. language versions.

After laying the foundation of product functions and services, CoinEx began to solve the problems of policy obstacles and entry barriers. For cryptocurrencies, each country has its own set of regulatory mechanisms. After obtaining the Estonian license, CoinEx is still following up the applications for operating licenses in other countries and regions. Fiat currency deposit is an important function for cryptocurrency exchanges to globalize and introduce traditional funds. CoinEx has reached a cooperation with Simplex, an Israeli payment provider. Users in more than 100 countries and regions of CoinEx can use credit cards to purchase cryptocurrencies.

CoinEx is also deliberate in the choice of market development. Eddie believes that evaluating which areas have the most development value depends on two dimensions: policy friendliness and development potential. According to the data of CoinEx in April, CoinEx newly opened two regional markets, the Middle East and South Asia. Both regions are relatively niche, with India in South Asia only opening up cryptocurrency trading this year. It was banned before this, but there are still many cryptocurrency investors in the Indian market. The entry of CoinEx can serve these cryptocurrency enthusiasts, providing a trading platform with a good depth and a complete range of currencies for them to purchase and trade cryptocurrencies. Users in the Middle East are more and more accepting of cryptocurrencies, especially in some countries that are subject to economic sanctions or have relatively high inflation in their national currency. For local people, cryptocurrencies are the best choice for asset preservation.

"Consolidate the foundation, promote the brand, and focus on operations. As part of our globalization strategy, the CoinEx Global Ambassador Recruitment Program can greatly assist CoinEx in channel building, brand promotion, and new acquisition functions. Next, we will focus on overseas markets. For refined operations, we will also launch the "National Expedition Program" and "Global Partner Recruitment Program". ’ revealed Eddie.

National Expedition Program and Overseas Market Partners

The National Expedition Program is an important move in CoinEx's globalization strategy this year. As the name suggests, the National Expedition Plan is to further promote the PR work of the global sinking market at the market level while consolidating the original market of CoinEx. With the improvement of the product, it will gradually start the refined operation work.

CoinEx officially will set up a "Pioneer Fund" of US$10 million to support the national expedition plan. The fund will be used to support local cryptocurrency projects and promote the development of the local cryptocurrency community through investment or cooperation. The goal of CoinEx this year is to invest in projects and communities that will help expand the CoinEx ecosystem in countries with great development potential.

In terms of partner policies in overseas markets, CoinEx will invest in recruiting local crypto community leaders to form a local operation team, promote the CoinEx brand to local users, and implement localized operations for different countries and regions.

Eddie pointed out that after two months of operation, the CoinEx Global Ambassador is relatively complete in terms of assessment mechanism and rating mechanism. Next, CoinEx will conduct the second round of global ambassador recruitment, and expand the coverage of recruitment, attracting crypto enthusiasts from more regions to participate and grow together with CoinEx.

Weibit Group has opened up the resources of CoinEx and ViaBTC mining pools. The combination of mining pools and exchanges can generate a variety of product combinations, and realize the full ecological interoperability of mining, storage, trading, and wealth management.

At the same time, in order to better implement the strategy of going overseas and serve customers well, the group comprehensively sorted out the business, and upgraded the organizational structure according to the trend requirements of the new era. The Microbit Group will be divided into three business groups, namely the financial service business group, the infrastructure business group, and the ecological development business group. The financial business group includes ViaBTC mining pool and CoinEx exchange; the infrastructure business group includes ViaWallet wallet and blockchain browser; the ecological development business group mainly focuses on the research and development of public chain technology and the ecological construction of public chain.

ViaBTC can realize "the mining pool is the wallet, and the wallet is the transaction". That is, each ViaBTC mining pool account has a built-in wallet and an exchange function. Users can exchange coins in the mining pool wallet; they can also transfer mined coins to the CoinEx exchange for free, and purchase financial management, contracts and other products , to realize the comprehensive intercommunication of ecology.

Facing the overseas market with huge market potential, more and more teams choose to go to sea. Although blockchain and digital currency are naturally globalized, it is not easy to enter an unfamiliar market. CoinEx can achieve today's achievements because of years of solid accumulation. Facing the vast international market, we hope that CoinEx can Continue to stick to the original intention, forge ahead, and promote the industry to globalization and standardization.


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Consolidate the foundation, promote the brand, and re-operate CoinEx to sweep the overseas market

In 2020, the development of CoinEx in some regions can be described as "advancing by leaps and bounds". After more than two years of continuous optimization and upgrading of overseas market operation strategies and pr.

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