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Rest after drawing the door, BTC white plate maintains shock



Before the article starts, let’s brag and pay attention!

Before the big pie collapsed in the early stage, I participated in the Golden Salon on March 04, that is, before the BTC crash, I was bearish on the 2020 halving! And as early as half a year ago, when Bitcoin was still above $10,000 on September 3, 2019, it was predicted that the bear market was coming.

and. My bearishness is not a groundless bearishness, and there are one, two, and three good reasons. Interested friends can go to my official account "Paul the Great 007" to find out what my escape plan is?

What does the emperor think?

Gou Zhuang painted the door with a thousand knives and feinted a shot. Manipulate the price as you like, and profit from liquidation by up and down 2,000 points. Our retail investors are really fish and meat, while others are knives.

The total lock-up volume of the DeFi protocol fell to 75.056 billion US dollars, a drop of more than 5% in the past 24 hours: Golden Finance News, according to Defi Llama data, the total lock-up volume (TVL) of the DeFi protocol fell to 75.056 billion US dollars, a decline in the past 24 hours was 5.32%. [2022/6/18 4:35:57]

Looking at yesterday's "long needle" on the daily line, it belongs to the nature of the main force's false breakthrough, and the daily line did not stand firmly above the trend line. BTC still organizes the internal operation of the triangle, and still needs a bardo-yin line or a bardo-yang line to determine the later direction.

Venture capitalist Tim Draper: Bullish on Bitcoin because of its inflation-hedging properties: On May 21, venture capitalist Tim Draper said in an interview that in the downward trend that cryptocurrencies and traditional markets are experiencing, Bitcoin’s The importance has to do with its inflation-hedging properties. He said: "I am still bullish on Bitcoin because it is a good hedge against inflation and will diverge from technology stocks as speculators leave. I believe that as long as interest rates continue to rise, technology stocks will continue to fall." Draper sees Bitcoin as a hedge against inflation, a property that can only appreciate in the long-term. In addition, he said that Bitcoin provides a safe haven from poor governance and excessive regulation. (CNBC) [2022/5/21 3:32:44]

Researcher of the Ethereum Foundation: The Amphora testnet will be abandoned on October 14 and a more stable new testnet will be enabled: On October 12th, Protolambda, a researcher at the Ethereum Foundation, tweeted that after the successful launch of the Amphora testnet, it was found that Due to some configuration issues, the Amphora test network has suffered about 3 times the workload of the main network, and the scalability is not as good as the main network preset (mainnetpreset). So the next plan is to abandon the Amphora testnet at 12:00 UTC on October 14th, and use the most stable client running on the current Amphora network as the backbone to start a more stable new test with the mainnet preset network. A month later, once development is more stable, a larger merged (TheMerge) testnet will be launched, which will have a better distribution of clients. At the same time, the old alpha development network will be closed later today, and developers will need to switch to the Amphora test network. [2021/10/12 20:23:32]

Operating point reference: In a small period of 15 minutes, the upper pressure level of 9550 can break through and stand firmly; (Inserting pins are not counted. Take 50 points of stop loss to prevent false breakthroughs)



The quantitative indicator ALpha, the indicator signal is for reference only:

Note 1: The contract operation price above is the Huobi quarterly contract price, and the spot price is the Huobi spot price.

Note 2: Floating take profit and stop loss and each operation with a stop loss are the best ways to avoid liquidation, huge losses and profit taking.

The market fluctuates greatly, if you need more timely market information. You can add Paul's WeChat account (bldd007) to pull you into the group!


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Rest after drawing the door, BTC white plate maintains shock

Before the article starts, let’s brag and pay attention!Before the big pie collapsed in the early stage, I participated in the Golden Salon on March 04, that is, before the BTC crash.

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