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Patoshi tells you it's not Satoshi who moves BTC.



In the middle of the night on May 20th, an amazing news came out of the bitcoin community. According to Whale Alert, a bitcoin allegedly belonging to Satoshi Nakamoto's wallet was moved. According to the information on the Bitcoin chain, it can be seen that 50 bitcoins in a block number (height) of block 3654 were transferred from address 17XiVVooLcdCUCMf9s4t4jTExacxwFS5uh to a new address. The block was mined as early as February 10, 2009. We must know that Bitcoin was first created by its anonymous founder "Satoshi Nakamoto", and Bitcoin was launched on January 3, 2009. That is to say, the moved bitcoins were mined almost one month after the earliest launch of bitcoins, and at that time only few people knew about bitcoins, so there were rumors in the community that it was very likely that this The owner of the block is Satoshi Nakamoto himself. Although until now we have not been able to determine who "Satoshi Nakamoto" is, or even whether it is a certain person or a certain team, the general consensus is that Satoshi Nakamoto dug out nearly one million bitcoins in the early days, and Today, those bitcoins are worth roughly $10 billion. Senator Pat Toomey slams Congress for failing to pass cryptocurrency regulations in a timely manner: Golden Finance reported that Pennsylvania Republican Pat Toomey tweeted Friday that the SEC's hostility and lack of transparency, as well as its failure to pass regulatory guardrails, Has \"generated a great deal of legal uncertainty". "These failures have prompted the development of cryptocurrencies into foreign jurisdictions with little or no adequate regulation," he added, referring to the collapse of failed cryptocurrency exchange FTX based in the Bahamas. Toomey believes that with a "reasonable, legislatively empowered U.S. regulatory framework for digital assets," the impact of bankruptcy on Americans could be mitigated. (the block) [2022/11/13 12:56:34] If these bitcoins re-enter the transaction, it is likely to cause a huge shock in the entire market, so as the news spreads rapidly, the entire market will soon fall rapidly, Bitcoin on Bitstamp dropped to around $9,300 almost instantly. Many people who don't know much about the history of Bitcoin think that Satoshi Nakamoto is likely to come back and realize the huge wealth in his hands, so the market sentiment has become a little panicked. However, on social networks, many senior experts in the industry pointed out that although the bitcoins moved this time should indeed belong to very early bitcoin mining participants, they do not conform to the Patoshi model, so it can basically be judged that they do not belong to the Chinese mining industry. Bitcoin dug up by Satoshi himself. Metaverse game platform Meta Spatial completes Beta test V2: On October 17th, Meta Universe game platform Meta Spatial announced that it has successfully completed Beta test V2. Now users can create characters, generate NFTs, and mix over 640 items to create their own characters. After creating a character, users can move to Spatial Portal, go to different universes such as Spatial Moon, Spatial Galaxy, and experience other functions, such as collecting, fighting monsters. [2021/10/17 20:35:06] So what exactly is the Patoshi model, who is Patoshi, and how do bitcoin "archaeologists" judge which bitcoins Does the currency really belong to Satoshi Nakamoto? First of all, let's get to know the well-known Bitcoin "archaeologist" - Sergio Demian Lerner, an independent researcher of cryptography, an expert in cryptocurrency security, and one of the designers of RSK. For a long time, he has carried out very in-depth research on the earliest stages of Bitcoin, according to his article published on April 17, 2013 titled "The well-deserved wealth should belong to Satoshi Nakamoto, the visionary and genius of Bitcoin." The creator” blog post mentioned that there is a unique pattern in the block chain data calculated by Bitcoin that shows that the vast majority of the earliest Bitcoins dug up were completed by a single miner. "God Temple" announces cooperation with famous cartoonist Pat Lee in the field of NFT: AC Ventures-backed NFT art collection "God Temple" announced a new project with famous cartoonist Pat Lee. As NFTs grow in popularity, a newcomer to the space – God Temple has announced its first celebrity partnership. According to a recent update, the AC Ventures-backed project has teamed up with North American comic book artist Pat Lee to create digital collectible art. (Newsbtc) [2021/4/7 19:55:08] He called the miner Patoshi in his later articles (obviously replacing the initial S of Satoshi in Satoshi Nakamoto’s name with P), and this The unique mining mode is called Patoshi Mode (Patoshi Pattern). Although there is currently no conclusive evidence that Patoshi is Satoshi Nakamoto himself, Lerner believes that it is obvious that Patoshi should be him. Almost 6 years later, in April 2019, he published another blog post titled "The Return of the Deniers and the Revenge of Patoshi (The Return of the Deniers and the Revenge of Patoshi)". My friends must know where the stalk of the name comes from. In the article, Lerner made a more rigorous definition and demonstration of the Patoshi model, and answered the questions raised by the doubters one by one. He said that these strict arguments made the Patoshi model a falsifiable point of view. Site | Patrick Baron: Token is a programmable asset that is very suitable for regulators: According to live reports, at the 2018 Seattle Blockchain Conference today, Patrick Baron, founder of Blockchain Consulting Group LLC, mentioned that tokens provide the traditional financial field A new approach combined with new technologies, with many new features. First of all, tokenized programmable assets are a great thing for regulators, and useful from a compliance perspective; in addition, tokens are like a combination of a global ledger and a stable currency, and people can use them at any time. Find a business that you can engage in without entering the traditional stock market; at the same time, it establishes an open system where anyone can participate and read data with technical possibilities. Token is also immutable and can build trust in new business models. [2018/8/22] Lerner's initial research report pointed out that the so-called Patoshi mode refers to tracking the ExtraNonce field, because whenever the nonce field (32 bits) overflows, the extraNonce field will increase sequentially, so this becomes a live flag that slowly increments until the application is restarted, in which case it returns 1. In Lerner's eyes, this is a very hidden privacy vulnerability, which allows trackers to distinguish specific mining participants, and if extraNonce uses random numbers, such problems can be avoided. Jinse Finance live report Patrik Baron: In the future, more companies will choose ICO instead of IPO: CEO of Ambisafe: Patrik Baron mentioned in his 2018 Global Token Galaxy speech that more companies will choose ICO instead of IPO as a financing method in the future. He mentioned that not all companies need to issue coins, such as Coca-Cola, the shares of these companies may be tracked and traded on the distributed ledger in the future, and each share will be represented by a token. But more start-up companies will pay attention to the innovative financing method of ICO, and use ICO for higher-quality project financing. He believes that now is not the peak time of ICO, ICO will explode in the near future, but the quality will be higher. [2018/5/27] Lerner's research indicates that the "Patoshi model" is likely to be the predecessor and prototype of the Bitcoin mining pool, and the amount of Bitcoin dug out by this Patoshi miner exceeds 1 million. According to him, Patoshi had suspended mining for about 10 days, and Patoshi, a miner, also donated or transferred about 550 bitcoins to others. Considering the length of the paper, there is no way to explain the technical details of the Patoshi mode in detail. I believe that anyone who is interested in Bitcoin, or cryptocurrency algorithms and history can find a lot of interesting points of view from Lerner's many essays, so I highly recommend everyone to watch and learn. . At the same time, Lerner also created a demonstration website to explain his research results to everyone. According to the Patoshi pattern he pointed out, it is easy to identify which Bitcoin blocks were dug by Patoshi, while the rest were. no. Therefore, according to the Patoshi model, it is obvious that the block (Block 3654) of the moved bitcoin this time is not dug out by Patoshi (Satoshi Nakamoto). Nic Carter, co-founder of cryptocurrency data service provider Coin Metrics, said on Twitter that this is not the first time a similar situation has occurred. Bitcoins dug up very early like this were moved in 2015. At the earliest, we can even see that the Bitcoin that was mined on February 3, 2009 was moved by someone, which is 7 days earlier than the time when the moved Bitcoin was mined this time. Later, more analysis found that some of the bitcoins moved this time were transferred to Coinbase, the largest cryptocurrency exchange in the United States, which dispelled more people's doubts. Coinbase has the strictest KYC policy, and knows the background information of each user very clearly, so whether it is Satoshi Nakamoto himself or someone related to him who puts the currency into Coinbase, it may immediately expose Satoshi Nakamoto himself. identity. However, judging from the history of Bitcoin's development to today, no one has discovered its identity under the relentless pursuit of countless media and curious people around the world. It can be seen that he spent a lot of effort to cover up his tracks. Ben Cong would have exposed his whereabouts so easily. Barry Silbert, founder of Digital Currency Group, the world's largest digital currency venture capital company, joked on Twitter, "Legend is that JK Rowling moved the bitcoin she dug up in 2009." Harry Potter author JK Rowling asked on Twitter who could explain to her what Bitcoin is, sparking an interesting discussion involving many celebrities. Lerner pointed out in the website introduction of that although we may never be able to prove that Patoshi is Satoshi, judging from their behavior patterns, they are all people or groups who have no intention of monetary rewards, and are likely to have been completely destroyed These early private keys were deleted to avoid unfathomable consequences. Some people also suggested that through technical means, these Bitcoins that may be held by Satoshi Nakamoto should be completely destroyed or permanently banned, so as to prevent some people with bad intentions from obtaining this huge amount of wealth illegally or accidentally due to coincidence and other reasons. Of course this proposal is very controversial and has serious ethical issues, but many agree that if the coins have not been moved in 50 years, the possibility of doing so could be explored again. From the previous narration in this article, you will find that what happened last night happened a long time ago. Although it did not happen so frequently, some people in the community have conducted in-depth research and discussions on this issue for a long time. Of course, many ordinary investors may not have much interest in these technical discussions, or have no way to start, but some people will also take advantage of such information asymmetry to profit from it. Therefore, it seems that we have sufficient reasons to believe that the small twists and turns like last night will happen in the future, and in the future, there will still be some smart people who can get better benefits from it.


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Patoshi tells you it's not Satoshi who moves BTC.

In the middle of the night on May 20th, an amazing news came out of the bitcoin community. According to Whale Alert.

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