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Golden Outpost | Sichuan issued a mining clearance document to stop mining investment



Yesterday, the Muli County Development Reform and Economic Information Bureau issued a notice on the submission of virtual currency "mining" activities. Enterprises began to guide orderly exit.

The following is an excerpt from the original text of the document:

According to the spirit of the "Notice of Liangshan Prefecture Internet Financial Risk Rectification Work Leading Group Guan Gan Forwarding <Sichuan Provincial Financial Work Leading Group Office on Guiding Enterprises to Orderly Quit Virtual Currency "Mining" Activities> The hydropower generation enterprises in our county are engaged in the virtual currency "mining" investment promotion behavior, and in order to guide the relevant stock enterprises to withdraw from the virtual currency "mining" activities in an orderly manner, we are now reporting the virtual currency "mining" for all relevant enterprises ; The event and other relevant matters are notified as follows:

Golden Evening News | List of important news on the evening of July 12: 12:00-21:00 Keywords: Ninth City, Hive Blockchain, South Korea, United Arab Emirates

1. Ninth City signed a digital currency mining machine custody agreement with Russian mining company BitRiver;

2. Compute North plans to expand its capacity by 1.2 gigawatts in the next 12 months;

3. Hive Blockchain purchased more than 3,000 mining machines and joined North American mining pools for mining;

4. Ukrainian police seized 3,800 PS4 consoles used for illegal mining;

5. Korean media: The Bank of Korea is unwilling to renew the cooperation agreement with the cryptocurrency exchange;

6. FBI warning: cryptocurrency exchanges and holders need to beware of attack risks;

7. The Central Bank of the United Arab Emirates plans to introduce digital currency as part of its 2023-2026 strategy;

8. The authenticity of "Israel Investment Fund Group invested $2.3 billion in Bitcoin" is doubtful, and the source of the information has been banned;

9. Bank for International Settlements: There are currently only two retail CBDCs that can be effectively used in the world. [2021/7/12 0:46:14]

1. Prohibition of adding new virtual currency "mining" projects From the date of issuance of this notice, all hydropower generation companies in our county will immediately stop the investment promotion of virtual currency "mining" activities, and shall not add new virtual currency" "Mining" project, otherwise, our bureau will recommend that the county people's government investigate and deal with illegal construction projects, and take administrative measures such as banning, fines, and ordering self-demolition, until it is handed over to the people's court for enforcement.

Golden Relativity | Huang Lejun: ICO risk exposure has led to strong regulatory trends in various countries: In this issue of Golden Relativity, Huang Lejun, chief inspector of China Overseas Fund and author of "Blockchain and Token: Redefining Future Business Ecology", said: Since 2017, With the continuous exposure of ICO risks, there is a general trend of strengthening supervision in various countries. More and more countries, including the United States, and even countries such as Japan and the United Kingdom, which have always been supportive, have also begun to strengthen the supervision of virtual currencies, ICOs and virtual currency exchanges, and gradually began to pay attention to consumers caused by virtual currencies. , Investor protection issues. At the same time, the regulatory policies of various countries are quite different. In recent years, countries have repeatedly discussed the regulatory issues of virtual currencies at major international conferences, but they have not reached a broad consensus. [2018/8/31]

2. Reporting of virtual currency "mining" activities

Analysis | Golden disk: BTC/USDT adjusted in the afternoon: Golden disk analysts said: BTC/USDT has been falling all the way in the afternoon, and the adjustment has intensified in the past hour, with an amplitude of more than 1%, testing 7000 again. Support: 6998, Pressure: 7282. [2018/8/6]

According to the requirements of provincial and state documents, it is imperative to orderly withdraw from virtual currency "mining" activities. In order to timely reflect the status of hydropower generation companies engaged in virtual currency "mining" activities and provide decision-making reference information for the county government's decision-making, power generation companies with virtual currency "mining" activities are invited to combine their actual conditions in 2020 Submit a special situation report to our bureau through the "Muli County Hydropower Project Q0 Group" before May 25, and the relevant requirements are as follows:

(1) The report is written by the superior company of the hydropower station. In principle, there is one report for each hydropower station, or a general report with individual materials for each hydropower station can be adopted.

(2) The report must be written in accordance with the principle of "seeking truth from facts", and no falsification is allowed.

(3) Contents to be included in the report: first, the situation of investment promotion; second, the situation of handling administrative licensing procedures; third, the situation of construction and operation (mainly the year of project construction and operation, electricity consumption in each year since operation, operating income, tax payment, etc. Situation); Fourth, the company puts forward suggestions on how to cooperate with the government to orderly withdraw from virtual currency "mining" activities.

(4) The report must be stamped with the legal person seal of the unit and submitted to the basic industry unit of our bureau in PDF format.

This document points out that it is forbidden to add or clear stock and submit it to relevant departments before May 25. The content-ethexc of the submission is related to the compliance status of mining companies.

A few months ago, according to people familiar with the matter, a round of liquidation work has been carried out in various parts of Sichuan, mainly to liquidate mining companies that cannot meet the standards, with the goal of establishing a mature standard mining industry. After the Qing Dynasty retreated, all parts of Sichuan launched industrial support policies based on the goal of hydropower consumption.

As soon as this document came out, investment promotion activities mainly facing "compliance risks" became the key implementers. In this regard, Yu Wei, the founder of Zhijian Core Cloud, who has rich experience in mine construction, shared his thoughts with Jinse Finance.

"This may be a combined blow from the government. Those who do not have government approval and private connections will definitely have to pay more. If they are all stopped, it will have the greatest impact on power companies. I personally think that this may have the effect of scaring ten. If it is If it is really cleared, it will not be a local government document."

In addition, Yu Wei also added that the government may be giving mining companies a "choice". Mining companies can choose hydropower consumption parks to obtain low-priced electricity.


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Golden Outpost | Sichuan issued a mining clearance document to stop mining investment

Yesterday, the Muli County Development Reform and Economic Information Bureau issued a notice on the submission of virtual currency "mining" activities. Enterprises began to guide orderly exit. The following is an exc.

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