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MXC matcha spot leverage is upgraded again, and the automatic loan and repayment functions are launched



 Official announcement, on May 25th, the MXC matcha spot leverage system was upgraded again, and the function of automatic currency borrowing and currency repayment was launched. When the user places an order using this function, the system will automatically complete the loan operation and start accruing interest. For the part that has not been traded, the system will automatically return the currency after the user cancels the order. Log in to the MXC Matcha webpage, and switch the mode to "Automatic" in the commission column of the "Margin Trading" interface to use it.

MXC completed the Rococo parachain test: According to official news, MXC has submitted the DataHighway parachain test and is currently ranked second in the parachain waiting list. It is reported that the data highway was developed by Luke Schoen, a former Parity senior engineer, and is the only IoT data cross-chain project in Polkadot's official incubation project Builder Program. [2021/2/20 17:34:58]

MXC Matcha Margin Trading Big Data: BTC long-short borrowing ratio is 52.4:1: The MXC Matcha Margin Trading Big Data shows that as of 10:00 on June 19, the BTC long-short borrowing ratio is 52.4:1. The top 10 currencies and their long-short loan ratio today: MX is 2255.9:1, EOS is 164.7:1, BHD is 160:1, XRP is 146:1, BEAM is 108.9:1, HT is 94.8:1, LTC is 75.1:1, ALGO is 69.5:1, OGN is 68.2:1, and HC is 56.7:1. Among them, the long amount of BEAM borrowed currency increased by 15778% compared with yesterday, and the long amount of OGN, LTC, BTC, and borrowed currency increased by 3310%, 84.9%, and 39.4% compared with yesterday.

MXC Matcha Margin Trading is currently the platform with the most tradable currencies on the entire network. It now supports 75 currencies, adopts the isolated margin mode, supports 2-10 times leverage ratio, supports automatic currency borrowing and repayment functions, and places orders and withdraws Borrowing currency and repaying currency can be completed with a single order. [2020/6/19]

MXC Matcha spot leverage is currently the spot leverage platform with the most tradable currencies on the entire network. It currently supports 73 currencies and supports 2-10 times leverage. On April 1, MXC Matcha launched a new version of the spot leveraged trading system, which greatly optimized the trading experience such as depth, order spread, lending efficiency, and matching efficiency.

Announcement | MXC Matcha will list MDU (MDUKEY) trading at 15:00 on February 8: According to the official announcement, MXC Matcha will list MDU at 15:00 on February 8, Singapore time, open MDU/USDT trading pair, and open on March 10 MDU deposits and withdrawals will be opened at 15:00 on the same day. At the same time, MXC will cooperate with MDUKEY to send a total of 100,000 MDUs to community users for 5 consecutive days. Starting from February 3, users can participate in four ways: grab MDULY red envelopes, recharge MDULYs, trade MDUs, net buy MDUs and share red envelopes Receive award. Mytoken data shows that the MDU of the public chain project rose 44.15% in 24 hours on February 2. Click the original text for details. [2/2/2020]

Since its establishment, MXC Matcha has insisted on investing in technology research and development, insisting on writing codes by itself, and striving to develop a better and safer platform. At present, MXC Matcha has been operating safely and stably for more than 700 days. After more than 30 major upgrades and iterations, it has established one-stop trading capabilities of "spot, leverage, contracts and ETFs", high-speed system matching capabilities under the premise of safety, and product innovation capabilities And a highly liquid mainstream asset market.

Since the new year, MXC has carried out 9 product upgrades, including server expansion, trading system upgrade, product function and user experience optimization, etc. In the extreme market on March 12, MXC Matcha traded smoothly without any large-scale or long-term downtime.

In addition, MXC always adheres to the concept of user-driven development. Based on the insight into the core needs of users, it better meets the basic and potential needs of users in terms of transaction experience and service experience. In the final analysis, it serves every user well and obtains user support and support. word of mouth.

From January 1, 2020 to March 31, MXC has received 9,043 person-times one-on-one during the matcha customer service period, and received a total of 1,879,280 messages alone, with a user satisfaction rate of 97.89%. Increase from 25s to 20s, and increase the average response time requirement from 34s to 30s.


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MXC matcha spot leverage is upgraded again, and the automatic loan and repayment functions are launched

 Official announcement, on May 25th, the MXC matcha spot leverage system was upgraded again.

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