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Blockchain creates a new ecology of digital copyright industry



01 Overview of cultural media industry

With the deep integration of the Internet and traditional media, the media industry has become an important part of China's digital economy. The media industry in the Internet environment is mainly a special industry that provides various information appendages and related value-added services through Internet TV, mobile TV, electronic newspaper media, and network platforms. With the evolution of technologies such as artificial intelligence, blockchain, and big data, the media is evolving towards a smarter, more diverse, and more personalized direction, and the requirements for content-ethexc quality are getting higher and higher.

Overall, China's media industry is composed of four media forms: radio and television, print media, PC Internet and mobile Internet. In addition to traditional media forms such as books, newspapers, periodicals, radio, television, and movies, in recent years, emerging Internet media forms represented by digital publishing, animation, games, electronic newspapers, digital movies/television, etc. increasingly mainstream. In the era of economic globalization and "Internet +", the cultural and creative industry has ushered in new development opportunities, but also encountered many challenges. Driven by blockchain technology, the media industry will combine artificial intelligence, big data and other technologies, and the transformation of intelligence, transparency, diversification and individualization will become more and more obvious.

China Manufacturing Association: "Nanhai Platform" blockchain interactive account distribution core platform has been successfully developed: On June 22, the China TV Drama Production Industry Association issued a notice stating that the "Nanhai Platform" blockchain interactive account distribution core platform has been successfully developed. The integration of production, distribution, broadcasting, charging, and viewing resources is proceeding smoothly. Members of the association and industry partners have actively combined. In the fourth quarter of this year, classic old dramas will be tested for free. At the end of the year, the first round of dramas will be exclusively on the chain and officially launched.

According to the China TV Drama Production Industry Association, "Nanhai Platform" is a new type of digital distribution platform. It takes the first round of dramas as the main dissemination content, adopts a brand-new blockchain accounting model, and completely eradicates the three mountains of "high remuneration", "false ratings" and "arrears"; the data is uploaded to the chain in real time, which can be traced but cannot be changed. Truly realize a fair, open, transparent, interactive, real-time production and broadcasting ecological model. (Interface News) [2022/6/23 1:25:17]

News | UAE Ministry of Health and Prevention Leverages Blockchain for Tamper-Proof Data Storage: News on February 18 that the UAE Ministry of Health and Prevention (MoHAP) has partnered with several other government-affiliated agencies in the region to utilize distributed ledger technology (DLT). ) for data storage and providing smart medical solutions. (BTCMANAGER)[2020/2/19]

02 Pain points of the industry

With the rapid development of the Internet, digital technology has expanded the channels of copyright dissemination, and many platforms and media can be used as dissemination channels. However, the risk of copyright infringement for original works is also significantly increased when they are disseminated online.

Intellectual property rights infringements are still serious in the current Internet industry ecosystem. Online copyright lawsuits and disputes are frequent, original piracy is everywhere, proof is difficult, and the cost of rights protection is too high, which has become a sharp pain point for the media industry. Online piracy directly brings negative effects such as job loss, shrinking copyright value, and loss of a large number of excellent works. Inferior content-ethexc also brings extremely bad experience to users, affecting consumers' perception of genuine works, resulting in a vicious circle. Text works, picture works, and film and television works are high-incidence areas of online copyright infringement. According to relevant reports from Science and Technology Daily, 69% of infringement cases occurred through websites. In the digital age, the use of copyright is fast and direct, and users' lack of awareness of copyright protection will also lead to the proliferation of piracy and increase the difficulty of rights protection.

Voice | Shanghai Blue Sky Economic City Party Secretary Pei Jiawen: We will strongly support the innovation and development of blockchain technology: On December 17, the "Digital Economy Industry Summit and 2019 Shanghai Blue Sky Economic City Enterprise Annual Meeting|Shenzhen" was held in Nanshan District, Shenzhen. Pei Jiawen, Secretary of the Party Committee and General Manager of Shanghai Blue Sky Economic City Development Co., Ltd., attended the summit and delivered a speech. He said, "Shanghai Blue Sky Economic City is a bridge between enterprises and the government. We strongly support the innovation and development of blockchain technology and encourage blockchain technology to be Empowering the real economy, building a good development platform for enterprises and helping the development of the digital economy.” [2019/12/18]

Traditional copyright protection methods and transaction methods are inefficient, and communication and various costs are relatively high. Taking literary works as an example, the fee is 300 yuan for every 100 characters or less, while the fee for a piece of art work is as high as 800 yuan. At the same time, it is difficult to trace the source of original content. Once a digital work is published on the Internet, it is easy to spread quickly, and it is difficult to find the source and source. However, there is a lack of clear mechanism incentives and constraints among original content-ethexc creators, content-ethexc reviewers, and content-ethexc disseminators on the platform. The awareness of copyright protection is poor, and the copyright protection mechanism is not mature enough, which makes copyright protection and infringement compensation in the media convergence environment a difficult problem. .

Voice | Li Lin: The reason for the bear market is that the implementation speed of blockchain applications is lower than expected: Recently, Li Lin said in a small offline exchange meeting: The main reason for the current bear market is that the implementation speed of blockchain applications is lower than expected. As expected, almost no real projects have been seen, which is far below expectations. [2018/10/9]

In addition, the core foundation of the development of communication media is content. The current status of homogenization, vulgarity, and excessive entertainment in the content-ethexc field is relatively obvious. The industry lacks high-quality content-ethexc with depth, innovation, and cultural literacy. At the same time, in the current media ecology, due to the low entry threshold and fast broadcasting, the threshold for information content-ethexc production and dissemination has been lowered, and information has exploded. A lot of false and vulgar information has caused network pollution, and information security issues have also occurred from time to time.

03 Blockchain copyright storage solution

Scene丨GBIC partner: China’s blockchain industry is closely linked and large institutions are committed to building an ecology: Jinse Finance reported on the spot on July 2, at the 2018 Asian Blockchain Summit (ABS) held in Taipei, GBIC partner Sinhae Lee introduced The new trend of the blockchain market in the United States, China, and South Korea mentioned that the blockchain market in China has the most characteristics, its industries are closely connected with each other, and large companies are building an ecosystem. For example, capital companies and exchanges also have ecosystems such as media and funds to expand their position in the value chain. At the same time, the Chinese market also attaches great importance to innovation. [2018/7/2]

In view of the piracy and infringement problems existing in the content-ethexc copyright industry, blockchain technology has the characteristics of non-tampering, openness, transparency and traceability, and can have a powerful transformation effect on fields that require data storage and cross-subject trust collaboration. This is in the field of content-ethexc copyright. Has natural advantages. Based on the blockchain, comprehensive promotion of content-ethexc copyright protection, decentralized distribution, and full ecological finance of copyright assets can effectively build a content-ethexc industry with more efficient operation processes and more reasonable profit distribution. Judging from the current development situation, the scale of my country's blockchain content-ethexc copyright market will continue to expand, with huge room for growth. The content-ethexc copyright industry is gradually becoming the key application direction of blockchain technology.

Utilize blockchain technology, through public key encryption and trusted time stamp technology, to prove the existence, authenticity and uniqueness of a piece of text, video, audio, etc. Once the title-ethexc is confirmed on the blockchain, the subsequent transactions of the work will be recorded in real time, and the entire life cycle of the original content-ethexc can be traced and traced, which provides a strong technical guarantee and reliability for IP rights certification, judicial evidence collection, etc. Strong evidence.

The emergence of blockchain technology is expected to subvert the monopoly model of traditional platforms, transitioning from the Internet of Information to the Internet of Value. The blockchain platform effectively integrates all aspects of the cultural and creative media industry, accelerates circulation, shortens the value creation cycle, realizes the value transfer of IP, and ensures the auditability, credibility and transparency of the transfer process, so that music, movies, The process of production, dissemination, licensing, and transaction of content-ethexc industry data such as written works is open and transparent, spanning publishers and distributors. Creators can directly publish, promote or trade works on the blockchain platform and get paid directly. Through the bookkeeping method of distributed ledgers, the circulation of real and trustworthy data and information in the blockchain network is promoted, and the revenue is directed from the platform side to the content-ethexc creator side.

04 Typical case

Baidu Totem covers a full-link copyright service platform such as image production, copyright certificate storage, image distribution, transaction realization, infringement monitoring, and rights protection services. The purpose is to better help image creators release value and protect their own rights and interests. Baidu Totem takes picture copyright as an entry point to resolve the pain points of current industry development. It is Baidu's first blockchain application project. Based on the credibility and immutability of the blockchain, combined with Baidu's artificial intelligence image recognition technology, the original works can be traced, reproduced, and monitored.

——Baidu Totem

The copyright owner of Anne Co., Ltd. utilizes the unforgeable feature of blockchain through copyright blockchain technology, which can record the creation information of works relatively objectively, and provide copyright deposit certificates for massive works at low cost and high efficiency. From copyright protection to copyright transactions and copyright operations, we provide one-stop copyright services for copyright owners.

—Copyright Owner

Guizhou Provincial Copyright Registration Center was formally established. After the copyright owner submits the work after real-name registration on the "Guizhou Provincial Copyright Registration Platform", he can obtain the "Blockchain Copyright Deposit Certificate" based on the keyless signature blockchain technology. Once a copyright infringement dispute arises, the "certificate of deposit" issued by the platform can be used as preliminary evidence provided by the copyright owner to the judiciary.

——Guizhou Provincial Copyright Registration Platform

Since 2016, Ziggurat has helped creators register their copyrights on the blockchain for free, and complete the confirmation of rights in as little as 15 minutes. As long as individual users upload their works on these novel, music, video, and photographer websites, the background will automatically register the copyright, and the applicant can query the data storage certificate on the chain at any time, and can obtain the certificate through the platform when they need it.

——Zhigui Blockchain Copyright Deposit Certificate Ping


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Blockchain creates a new ecology of digital copyright industry

01 Overview of cultural media industryWith the deep integration of the Internet and traditional media.

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