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Golden Outpost | The 50BTC transferred from the ancient address has a new development: part of it enters the exchange.



On May 20, about 50 bitcoins were transferred from the ancient bitcoin address 17XiVVooLcdCUCMf9s4t4jTExacxwFS5uh generated in February 2009, which aroused market attention.

At present, these 50 BTC have already had new movements. Chainalysis, a blockchain analysis company, stated that out of the 50 BTCs transferred out of the wallet at this address, about 10 BTCs (actually 4.99 BTCs) have entered the cryptocurrency mixing platform, and some of them have flowed into Coinbase and CoinPayments. The remaining BTC was transferred to an old address and has not yet been spent. Blockchain analysis company Glassnode gave specific figures, currently 0.004BTC has entered Coinbase, and 0.003BTC has entered CoinPayments.

Golden Relativity | Chen Jun: What we need to do now is to adapt to the environment and do a good job in the application research and practice of the currency-free blockchain: In this issue of Golden Relativity, the essence of the currency-free blockchain and the blockchain runs counter to the problem, Hangzhou Quantum University Chen Jun, the co-executive director of the Blockchain Research Institute, said that it is a bit too much to say that it is in the opposite direction. It is more appropriate to say that it is not possible to make the best use of it. The premise is that the blockchain we understand is complete or incomplete. The key difference is whether we want it or not. Decentralized” attribute. If you think that only decentralization is the blockchain, then you have to rename the application of blockchain technology without decentralization. If you don’t want to use other attributes to count as a blockchain, then you can accept a coinless blockchain, that is, an alliance chain and a private chain. Such applications will be easier to implement, but you must also accept blockchains without decentralized attributes. There is a huge gap between the block chain and the block chain with decentralized attributes in terms of subversion, innovation, and promotion of social progress.

My point of view is that there is no need to worry about what it is. Time will give us the answer, and we should follow the trend. At this stage, we must strive to do a good job in the application research and practice of the currency-free blockchain. I think the current B-side (enterprise) and G-side (government) are the main markets for blockchain applications, so let’s not consider C-side products. Coinless blockchains can make a difference, maybe even truly mainstream. [2018/9/29]

Analysis | Golden disk: BTC futures contract position changes: Golden disk comprehensive analysis: According to OKEX data, OKEx’s BTC futures contract positions reached about 101,184. Long accounts accounted for 63%, short accounts accounted for 36%, and short-term long positions fell from a high of 65% to 63%; the average long position ratio of the main force was 25.41%, and the average short position proportion of the main force was 20.11%. As of press time, the OKEx spot price is 6429, and the BTC0817 price of the futures contract is 6400.44, a discount of 29 points. The short-term panic is constantly decreasing. [2018/8/16]

Dovey Wan said that it was not just yesterday that the coins belonging to this great god started selling. Everyone who knows UTXO should know that the 50 BTC moved this time happened to be the complete mining income of a block at that time, so it may be a large block. It may just be this COINBASE output in Output.

Golden Finance live report Blockstack launched the world's first dapp store: Golden Finance live report, at the Coindesk 2018 Consensus Conference today, Blockstack co-founder Ryan Shea expressed his desire to create a decentralized network (Internet 3.0). Blockstack co-founder Ryan Shea announced the launch of the world's first dapp store - [2018/5/16]

UTXO (Unspent Transaction Outputs) is an unspent transaction output. It is a core concept of Bitcoin transaction generation and verification. Transactions constitute a set of chain structures. All legal Bitcoin transactions can be traced back to the output of one or more transactions. The source of these chains is mining rewards, and the end is the current unspent transaction output. All unspent outputs are the UTXO of the entire Bitcoin network.

At present, it is not known who exactly this account belongs to, but the hypothesis from Satoshi Nakamoto has been basically denied (details: hard-core interpretation of why Satoshi Nakamoto is not moving Bitcoin).

In addition, earlier, a number of early Bitcoin developers denied that the transfer of 50 BTC was done by them.

Hal Finney's wife, Fran Finney, claims a recent 2009 bitcoin wallet transaction was not her husband's bitcoins. Hal Finney, one of the early Bitcoin developers, died on August 28, 2014. Martti Malmi, one of the earliest developers of Bitcoin, also denied that he moved Bitcoin. He said that he discovered Bitcoin in April 2009, and the wallet of this transfer was involved two months earlier than him. Another early miner, Metal Pay, also claimed that the move of bitcoin was not his work, saying that he did not enter the bitcoin field until November 2009.


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Golden Outpost | The 50BTC transferred from the ancient address has a new development: part of it enters the exchange.

On May 20, about 50 bitcoins were transferred from the ancient bitcoin address 17XiVVooLcdCUCMf9s4t4jTExacxwFS5uh generated in February 2009, which aroused market attention.At present.

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