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"Bitcoin transfer out" is falsified and the market will continue to be strong



It's so tragic, I found the right change inventory yesterday, but looked in the wrong direction. A lot of changes have taken place in the market in the past 24H, and the madman will list it for everyone, so that you can adapt to the situation:

After the article was published yesterday, the BTC small-level K-line continued to increase in volume, which should be due to the involvement of a large number of retail investors. Then it was smashed by Gouzhuang, and the bulls were defeated. But at 14:45, the short positions on the disk were quickly closed. At this time, there was no problem in the market, and it was Gouzhuang's targeted small-level manipulation, and then the currency price returned to a high level.

The second incident occurred at 22:50. Whale Monitor tweeted that 40 coins were suspected to have been transferred from Satoshi Nakamoto’s wallet. The address of the wallet had never been moved since 2009. This is a deadly negative. If Satoshi Nakamoto's million coins are about to start smashing the market, it is not an exaggeration for Bitcoin to fall to three digits. Therefore, the market was in a hurry to fall first, and the madman's hedging was opened around 9700, because he was worried that the market would panic and smash the market. This test is everyone's ability to collect and analyze information in the first place. This news directly led to a short-term bankruptcy that broke through the 10,000 mark, and the market returned to the volatile market.

"Bitcoin (#Bitcoin)" was listed on Twitter Trend: On May 6, "Bitcoin (#Bitcoin)" was listed on Twitter Trend, with 72,000 related tweets. [2020/5/6]

Later, there was a bunch of analysis to analyze whether this address belonged to Satoshi Nakamoto. The final result pointed to that it was not Satoshi Nakamoto’s wallet address. The market panic began to dissipate. Therefore, now is also a good time to cover positions.

This is the change in the market in the past 24 hours. Due to unexpected news, the trading plan has changed. If you want to do a good job in the short-term, you must keep an eye on the market + quickly obtain information + analyze the adaptability. This is also the reason why most investors cannot make money in short-term speculation, so the madman still recommends that you hold it for a long time. Short-term news cannot change the trend of breaking through 10,000 in the future, so after the callback, it is still mainly to increase positions.

News | Hubei Jingzhou Sentenced Two Men in "Bitcoin Fund" Network MLM Case and Sentenced to Seven Years in Prison Network marketing case. During the first instance, the two men were sentenced to seven years in prison and fined 300,000 yuan. [2018/11/16]

Madmen like to analyze the market directly and don’t like to play charades, so wrong analysis seems to be commonplace, but if long-term follow-up and statistics, the accuracy rate must be higher than 60%, and each analysis will show the logic to everyone to help everyone Make your own better judgment, and the market is constantly changing. I also hope that everyone can have their own investment wisdom and be responsible for their own wallets.

Regarding whether it is a Satoshi Nakamoto wallet, there are several opinions on the market:

British company obtains "Bitcoin" trademark threat to file a lawsuit against small businesses selling Bitcoin-themed shirts: According to ccn news, a British company named A.B.C. IPHoldings South West LLC submitted an application on December 27, 2017, and filed a lawsuit against a small business selling bitcoin-themed shirts: Month successfully obtained the "Bitcoin" trademark. The company allegedly threatened to sue a small business selling bitcoin-themed shirts. IPHoldings said the business must remove all bitcoin-themed merchandise from its Etsy store, recall all bitcoin-related products that have been sold, and deliver the merchandise to the trademark owner. Failure to do so will result in a trademark infringement lawsuit. [2018/5/26]

The mining date of the wallet was February 10, 2009, more than one month before the genesis block. At that time, many miners participated, and many blocks around 3654 had been moved after Satoshi Nakamoto disappeared. , so it cannot be judged as a Satoshi Nakamoto wallet.

'Bitcoin Jesus' speaks out in support of Bitcoin Cash: 'Bitcoin Jesus', one of Bitcoin's first investors, Roger Ver, speaks to Medium that new innovations and infrastructure are being built on top of Bitcoin Cash , "because it really works". And added, “All these existing businesses are building their own new products with Bitcoin Cash.” [2018/5/16]

If Satoshi Nakamoto sells coins, he must first sell his recently mined ones in order to realize better anonymity.

The blocks mined by Satoshi Nakamoto will have a specific pattern in nouce, but this block does not, so it is almost certainly not.

Satoshi Ao Ben said that he contacted Satoshi Nakamoto and confirmed that it was not him. (This buddy probably has forgotten that he is Satoshi Nakamoto, right?)

Since it is not, everyone can happily and relax speculating in coins again!

Later, Li Xiao came to Weibo and Moments to say that Bixin has always been at risk of a run, saying that Wu Gang did not hesitate to spray shit all over his mouth in order to gain traffic. He didn't say a word about his second master Bao, and this brain circuit felt very surprised. Could it be that the second master Bao told the truth and could only rely on Wu Gang's back?

The Hainan Department of Industry and Information Technology has issued a document stating that companies are not allowed to engage in ICO and virtual currency trading. It seems that our previous vision has been aborted again. As an innovation and technology zone, Hainan still does not accept the currency circle. The road to compliance for the currency circle in China is a heavy responsibility. And the road is far away.

The assets of Grayscale Trust reached a new high, reaching 3.8 billion US dollars, of which more than 80% of the holdings are in Bitcoin, and about 8% are in Ethereum. People dare to ALLIN with this amount of funds. I don’t know what everyone is afraid of. Is it because they are worried about the future? Are 10,000 years the top of the mountain?


Although it fell yesterday, the decline was not large, and the volume was shrinking, so it is still regarded as a wash market. This time it failed to break through, and there may be a next time. The current trend is still healthy, and we will continue to hold currencies. Stepping back on the upward trend is the best buying opportunity.


Continue to hold for a chance to rise further.


The key point is 46.5, hold it if it does not break below it effectively.


The 5-day line holds currency, which is relatively strong.


Rally on heavy volume, continue to hold.


Cooperated with Samsung, THETA.TV launched various models of Samsung mobile phones. Judging from the K-line, it is obvious that many people knew about this news in advance, and the rise has accelerated now, so don't be a catcher. If you want to participate, wait for the transfer to be considered.


The hard fork confiscated the tokens that threatened the account, a total of 23.6 million tokens. This is the first time I have heard of this kind of coquettish operation. These small coin communities, as long as everyone reaches a consensus, can do anything, and it is really democratic. On the K-line, the pressure of 0.3 is very high, and we should still focus on reducing positions on rallies.

What the mainstream coins don’t talk about is linkage, basically they are all in shrinking state, so I won’t analyze them. Small coins are on the rise recently. If you like to play small coins, you can find some that have climbed up from the bottom, or continue to show signs of main operation If you want to participate in speculative currency trading, remember to set a stop loss. This kind of speculation is blood-thirsty, and those who can make money and run out will definitely take huge risks.


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"Bitcoin transfer out" is falsified and the market will continue to be strong

It's so tragic, I found the right change inventory yesterday, but looked in the wrong direction. A lot of changes have taken place in the market in the past 24H, and the madman will list it for everyone.

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