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In-depth analysis of spot leveraged products on mainstream exchanges



Spot leverage is almost a must for every transaction type. Since the spot leverage price of each currency is consistent and linked to the spot price, and the liquidity is connected, when the spot liquidity of a certain currency reaches a certain standard, it is a matter of course to open the spot leverage.

In contrast, contract trading is another price system. The link between the contract price and the spot price is mainly maintained by arbitrageurs, price expectations on the delivery date, and fee rates.

Therefore, for exchanges, spot leverage is a product type that is naturally derived when liquidity is mature.

For users, leveraged trading meets the following requirements:

1.  The need to enlarge the income of small currencies.

Due to the small market value of small currencies, the same funds enter, and the increase of small currencies is greater. Therefore, in the bull market, many investors choose small currencies to invest in and pursue greater returns, and spot leverage can further amplify this return. .

Therefore, for many investors, choosing a platform for spot leveraged trading is more important to whether the platform supports their favorite small currencies and the number of supported currencies.

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2. The need to control the leverage ratio.

The available leverage in spot leverage is fixed. Compared with the leverage of 1-125 times in contract trading, the fixed leverage is more conducive to investors' management of their own leverage and positions, and to avoid risks caused by mental fluctuations highly speculative behavior.

Therefore, although the contract is the more mainstream trading tool in the current market, leverage is also indispensable as a supplement to spot trading.

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This article will compare the leveraged trading situation of each trading platform in terms of product design, trading experience such as depth and price difference, and risk control.

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1.  Product design comparison

Details can reflect the degree of care in product design, and it also truly reflects whether the exchange is really starting from the user's perspective when designing products.

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First of all, on the spot leverage entry, Huobi and MXC Matcha chose to put "Margin Trading" directly in the navigation bar at the top of the page, and OKEx and Gate also chose to put the entry in the secondary navigation of the "Trade" button in the navigation bar .

In contrast, Binance's spot leverage entry is hidden and not an independent transaction page, but placed together with the spot. At the top of the spot transaction pending order window, you can choose spot or leveraged trading. The entrance is hidden deep, which is slightly unfriendly to some novice users.

Secondly, in terms of color matching, the main color of Huobi and MXC Matcha is relatively dark, because the dark color is relatively acceptable Relieve visual fatigue and help protect eyesight during long-term stare at the disk. Most other exchanges have opted for bright white tones.

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Third, in the setting of the guide, Huobi and MXC matcha clearly marked the leverage guidance process in the form of "1234" under the K-line view, guiding users to "borrow" and "repay" and other operations. Easy for users to see.

Fourth, the view layout of MXC Matcha and Binance chooses to place the market information on the left side. In fact, people's reading habit is to read from left to right, and placing the handicap information on the left will help users check the current market situation at the first time and make trading choices according to the situation.

Generally speaking, in terms of product design, MXC Matcha is relatively special and thoughtful.

 2. Comparison of depth and order spread

Citing TokenInsight, liquidity refers to the ease of buying or selling quickly without affecting price stability. Spread and depth are the core indicators of liquidity.

The smaller the price difference between buying one and selling one, the easier it is for users to place orders, and the price loss of market orders is also smaller. The depth determines the amount of funds that can be accommodated, and also determines the impact of large orders on market fluctuations.

In this session, we only compare the depth and price difference of Huobi, MXC Matcha and Binance BTC spot leverage.

At around 17:00 on May 13th, Beijing time, we intercepted 10 times of bitcoin price difference information on the Huobi, Binance, and MXC Matcha exchanges. The results are shown in the figure:

The time period we selected is the sideways stage of Bitcoin, and the performance of the price difference is relatively representative. It can be seen that Huobi has the best spread performance, with an average spread of 0.636 USD, and MXC Matcha and Binance have the same performance.

In addition, we also intercepted the depth of Huobi, MXC Matcha and Binance BTC spot leveraged trading pairs. The following pictures were intercepted when 2 decimal places were combined and 1 decimal place was combined.

It can be seen that when 2 decimal places are merged, the depth of Huobi and MXC Matcha is better. When it is 1 decimal place, Huobi Depth is more dominant.

3. Risk control comparison

The risk rate determines the user's liquidation price. The following is the calculation formula of the risk rate of each platform:

Huobi: total assets (principal + loan amount) / (loan amount + outstanding interest) * 100%

MXC Matcha: total assets (principal + loan amount) / (loan amount + outstanding interest) * 100%

Binance: total asset value / (total loan value + total accrued interest value)

OKEx: Replace the risk rate with the margin rate. Margin rate = original "risk rate" - 1 = (total assets of the current currency pair margin account - loan - interest) / loan * 100%

Gate: [(Total Assets in Denomination Currency - Unpaid Interest in Denomination Currency)/Latest Transaction Price + (Total Assets in Transaction Currency - Outstanding Interest in Transaction Currency)]/(Total Assets in Denomination Currency/Latest Transaction Price + Borrowing Assets in Transaction Currency)* 100%

In fact, the risk rate calculation methods of major platforms are similar, and there is no essential difference.

In addition, in addition to comparing the risk rate calculation methods, we also need to pay attention to the overall risk control of the platform. From the point of view of public narcissism, compared with Huobi and MXC Matcha, the overall risk control has more advantages. Both have maintained a record of zero coins since their establishment. A blockchain security company has reached an in-depth cooperation.

To sum up, since contract trading only supports a few mainstream currencies, margin trading has become an important choice for users to amplify the income of small currencies.

After comparing spot leveraged products on multiple platforms, we found that Huobi and MXC Matcha’s leveraged trading entrances and operation prompts are more eye-catching and easy to use, and the dark-colored design is more helpful for users to keep an eye on the market for a long time.

In terms of depth and market spread, we compared the performance of Huobi, MXC Matcha and Binance. The performance of the three projects Huobi is better, and MXC Matcha and Binance are on par. In terms of risk control, the calculation methods of the risk rate of each platform are similar. In contrast, Huobi and MXC matcha’s 0-coin loss basis is more reassuring.


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In-depth analysis of spot leveraged products on mainstream exchanges

Spot leverage is almost a must for every transaction type. Since the spot leverage price of each currency is consistent and linked to the spot price, and the liquidity is connected.

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