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ChainTalk, a cross-country and regional blockchain/digital cryptocurrency online live broadcast and social media platform, is released



ChainTalk  is a comprehensive platform for cross-country and regional blockchain/digital cryptocurrency online activities and social media. The platform is officially launched today, and users are welcome to experience it.


 ChainTalk platform aims to achieve online brand promotion and community building within the industry. The platform has 6 major functions, namely Online Events (online activities), TV, News (daily news), Explore (retrieval), Network (social interaction), and Community (community). The mutual cooperation of the 6 major functions builds a 360-degree information dissemination and social system in the platform, and realizes a new ecology in the blockchain/digital cryptocurrency industry.

ChainTalk Online Events ー live online

Hao Yi, Renmin University of China: Digital RMB will make transnational and international corporate transactions smoother: Hao Yi, a postdoctoral fellow at the School of Finance, Renmin University of China, said that although the current digital RMB does not use blockchain technology in China, it is actually based on blockchain. In terms of cross-border transactions, it is still in the conceived stage, but there is a high probability that blockchain technology will be adopted. Hao Yi believes that the convenience of digital renminbi will make the transactions of multinational and international enterprises smoother. If digital renminbi transactions are applied to regional economic cooperation organizations such as the Belt and Road Initiative, it will help expand the transaction scale of multilateral participants and further drive Digital renminbi transactions promote regional economic cooperation and form a virtuous circle. (21st Century Business Herald) [2020/10/20]

 The holding of activities is the most important link in the process of market expansion of the project. Due to the characteristics of the blockchain/digital cryptocurrency industry, while building localization, expanding the international market is also an inevitable factor for the success of the project.

 In the process of expanding overseas markets, since the blockchain/digital encryption currency industry is still in the early stages of development, users in various countries and regions are relatively concentrated in the industry, and events can directly promote brand promotion and community building. Potential customer acquisition, multiple effects of local business partner building. However, due to the high cost and low efficiency of offline activities, and the impact of Covid-19 on offline activities, the development of online activities is very important in the future market expansion.

Standard Chartered Bank issued the world's first offshore RMB cross-border blockchain letter of credit: Recently, Standard Chartered Bank issued the world's first cross-border blockchain letter of credit denominated in offshore RMB through the Contour platform to support the largest The steel group China Baowu Iron and Steel Group Co Ltd in a deal to import iron ore from Australia.

At the same time, this is also the first paperless RMB transaction in the iron ore industry. At the same time, in the context of the continuous fermentation of the new crown pneumonia epidemic, the digital solution based on blockchain technology solves the pain point of traditional trade finance that is highly dependent on paper documents. (Financial Associated Press) [2020/5/12]

 ChainTalk Online Events online live broadcast function can meet the strong demand for online events in the industry. Individuals or businesses can register personal or business accounts on the ChainTalk platform. After having an account, the user can independently create an online live broadcast homepage, and the platform will carry out activity promotion for specific countries and regions according to the specific needs of each user, so as to ensure the smooth progress of the online live broadcast.

Dynamics | Xiamen police uncovered a new type of drug case, and the suspect used the dark web and Bitcoin to transnational drug trafficking: Jinse Finance reported that recently, the Xiamen City Public Security Bureau in Fujian Province arrested two drug trafficking suspects and seized more than 900 grams of marijuana chocolate and marijuana candies. In this case, the suspected drug dealer released drug information through the "dark web" and used the virtual currency Bitcoin to conduct cross-border drug trafficking. [2019/10/30]

ChainTalk TV

 ChainTalk TV is a column of interviews and documentaries in the blockchain/digital cryptocurrency industry. Every week, ChainTalk TV will talk to opinion leaders from the world's outstanding blockchain/cryptocurrency industry, and will also conduct in-depth interviews and analysis of global outstanding projects. Every quarter, the selection of global excellent blockchain/digital cryptocurrency industry corporate documentaries will be launched.

ChainTalk TV shows not only the cutting-edge technology of today's blockchain/digital cryptocurrency industry, but also a stage to showcase the global blockchain/digital cryptocurrency industry opinion leaders and colleagues' professionalism. A platform for digital cryptocurrency corporate culture. Because of the excellent professional industry colleagues and the creation of high-quality corporate culture, the integration of the two will eventually lead the entire blockchain industry into the next stage.

Guo Shuo, Associate Professor of Beijing Jiaotong University: The application of blockchain to criminal evidence will reduce the cost of transnational law enforcement and improve the efficiency of law enforcement: At the first series of seminars on "Internet Thinking for Legal Professionals", Associate Professor Guo Shuo of Beijing Jiaotong University said that the United States The response to technological issues is "officially cold, folks are hot", while China is just the opposite: "officials are hot, folks are cold", the reason is related to the actual application of technology in the folk. In fighting crime, he mentioned that blockchain technology, as a global data ledger, can instantly realize the extraction and use of evidence, which will reduce the cost of transnational law enforcement and improve the efficiency of transnational law enforcement. The first application of Bitcoin is money laundering. How to respond to the application of blockchain in currency is a key issue in the law. Regarding the right to privacy, Professor Guo believes that the right to privacy is an inherent right, but it is acceptable to disclose the right to privacy to a certain extent in the blockchain world. [2018/4/19]

 ChainTalk News ーDaily News

 ChainTalk News Daily News mainly provides the latest industry intelligence and information delivery for the Chinese, English, and Japanese markets. In addition to the content-ethexc delivery of the platform itself, ChainTalk News daily news is also an information output window for everyone in the blockchain/digital cryptocurrency industry. By registering a ChainTalk account, individuals or enterprises can freely release the latest industry information and intelligence through ChainTalk News daily news.

ChainTalk Explore ー search-ethexc function

 ChainTalk Explore Search provides real-time trends happening around the user. Through ChainTalk Explore search, you can follow the real-time news of friends around you, and it is also a good channel to express yourself on the platform.  

ChainTalk Network ー social function

 ChainTalk Network Social is a channel for users to expand contacts and make friends. With the participation of a large number of outstanding individuals and enterprises in the industry, the goal is to provide ChainTalk users with an accurate blockchain/digital cryptocurrency industry exclusive contacts and a social network for business development.

ChainTalk Groups — Creating a Community

 ChainTalk Groups The community is an open group, focusing on the topic of blockchain/digital encryption currency. ChainTalk users can independently name the community and create exclusive communities for individuals or businesses. The name of the community will automatically become one of the platform tags since its creation. The creators can increase the popularity of the community through various topics and activities, increase the number of community members, and recommend it to others.

 ChainTalk Groups The purpose of the community is to break through geographical, language, and cultural restrictions to build a new ecology of the blockchain/digital cryptocurrency community.

ChainTalk is TEAMZ's first online live broadcast and social media platform. TEAMZ is a blockchain solutions company based in Tokyo, Japan. The headquarters is located in Otemachi, Tokyo, Japan. Its core business is marketing, and it is committed to the global marketing of Japanese blockchain companies and the landing of overseas blockchain companies in the Japanese market. TEAMZ has 3 core service channels: TEAMZ BLOCKCHAIN SUMMIT, the largest blockchain summit in Japan, TEAMZ strategic consulting, online activities and media platform ChainTalk.

In the process of serving the market for more than three years, the internationalization and professionalism of its team have laid a good foundation for this ChainTalk online live broadcast and social media platform. And in the past 3 years, more than 100 offline activities have accumulated precise users in the blockchain/digital cryptocurrency field in Japan, Europe, America, China, Southeast Asia and other places. This time TEAMZ will invite all database users to join the platform. The team will definitely build this product into a leading platform in the industry. At the same time, we also hope for the strong support of our partners and users. Welcome to experience ChainTalk. Let us build an excellent new ecology of our own industry together.

Contact information for business and media cooperation: ChainTalk PR:  Mika


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ChainTalk, a cross-country and regional blockchain/digital cryptocurrency online live broadcast and social media platform, is released

ChainTalk  is a comprehensive platform for cross-country and regional blockchain/digital cryptocurrency online activities and social media. The platform is officially launched today.

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