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Golden Outpost | More than 80% of investors decided to withdraw from the TON project



Golden Finance News, according to a latest report by Forbes, out of concerns about the "uncertain position of the US regulators", more than 80% of TON investors decided to withdraw from the TON project to obtain a 72% refund, and only A small number of investors want to support Telegram and wait for a 110% refund until April 2021 when TON is officially terminated.

Exclusive | Jinse Finance's February 10 mining revenue data broadcast: Jinse Finance reported that according to Inbit data, based on the BTC reference price of 69,000 yuan and the electricity price of 0.38 yuan/kWh, the current market price and return rate of mainstream BTC mining machines on sale This cycle is: Whatsminer M20S-68T (used mobile phone 11560 yuan, 244 days return), Innosilicon T3-57T (new spot 9300 yuan, 269 days return), Avalon 1066-50T (new spot 6300 yuan, 229 days to pay back), Ant T17e-50T (quasi-spot 7100 yuan, 225 days to pay back). [2020/2/10]

The report shows that the Telegram blockchain project TON received US$1.7 billion in financing, of which US investors invested US$424.5 million, and the number of investment entities reached 175, with 39 investors from the United States.

Analysis| Golden Disk: Mixed ups and downs in the night market The market is still disorderly: Comprehensive analysis of the golden disk: The night market is calm, except for BTC and EOS, the mainstream currencies with the highest market value basically maintain their adjustment trend, XRP fell 3.03%, ETH also fell by 1.59%, but the overall volatility has narrowed, and the market has shrunk and is facing a direction decision. Remind investors to remain rational and do a good job in risk control. [2018/9/11]

According to Anatoly Knyazev, executive director of Exante and TON investor, some investors have already received refunds from the TON project, and Telegram has returned 72% of their investment.

Yuhong, one of the founders of Jinse Finance's live report at 3:00: Blockchain is sexy: Jinse Finance's live report, at the 2018 World Blockchain Summit held on April 3, Yuhong, one of the founders of 3:00 Express three views on the blockchain, first, the past business model is from zero to one, and the blockchain is from one to zero. Second, the blockchain has its own hormones, and the blockchain is very sexy. I think the next ten years will be a great entrepreneurial opportunity for many entrepreneurs. [2018/4/3]

Knyazev added that Telegram made no attempt to force TON investors to stay in the project, a decision based primarily on concerns over possible lawsuits from U.S. investors.

However, there are also some investors who want to support Telegram until April 2021 to get a 110% refund. On May 16, Qiwi group co-founder Sergey Solonin decided to choose to reissue his $17 million investment in TON in the form of a loan.

According to previous reports from Golden Finance, on May 12, Telegram founder Pavel Durov posted on his official Telegram channel that due to the company's deep-rooted struggle with U.S. regulators, Telegram's long-running and troubled blockchain project TON It's over. While networks based on the technology the Telegram team is building for TON may emerge, Telegram will not be affiliated with them and is unlikely to support them in any way.


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Golden Outpost | More than 80% of investors decided to withdraw from the TON project

Golden Finance News, according to a latest report by Forbes, out of concerns about the "uncertain position of the US regulators".

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