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Golden Outpost | After the third halving, more than 200 million US dollars of BTC have been transferred out of the exchange.



Investors have moved 23,540 bitcoins, worth more than $200 million, out of exchanges on the first day after bitcoin's third halving, which seems to indicate that investor confidence in bitcoin has grown.

Golden Morning | Overview of important developments overnight on August 5: 21:00-7:00 Keywords: Sberbank, US SEC, Lebanon

1. Sberbank of the Russian Federation is considering issuing stablecoins.

2. The US SEC is seeking smart contract tracking tools that can discover security vulnerabilities.

3. A huge explosion occurred in the capital of Lebanon, and the cause is currently unknown.

4. The price of spot gold broke through $2,000 for the first time in history.

5. The total number of tokens anchored to BTC on the Ethereum chain reached 20,422.

6. Sichuan will promote the construction of new information infrastructure focusing on blockchain.

7. Grayscale’s total assets under management reached USD 5.4 billion.

8. The three major stock indexes in the U.S. stocks all closed up, and the blockchain concept stocks in the U.S. stocks generally closed down.

9. The participation rate of Medalla, the Ethereum 2.0 multi-client test network, has exceeded 80%. [2020/8/5]

It also continues a recent trend of users moving their bitcoins off major centralized exchanges and into wallets they control. In the two months since Black Thursday, the number of BTC in exchange wallets has dropped from 2,634,574 to 2,332,524.

Golden Salon | Ran Yang: Whether the blockchain can support the scene depends on whether it can form a strong positive feedback network ecology: In the golden salon with the theme of "Privacy Computing-Blockchain Information Security Guardian" held today, PlatON Chief AI officer Ran Yang said that whether the blockchain can support these scenarios depends on whether it can form a strong positive feedback network ecology, such as: 1. The industrial Internet of Things ecology built by digital enterprises + digital governments. The data communication efficiency between one node and another node depends on the value feedback speed between the two nodes. The denser the node, the more it can attract more other nodes to join, and the denser the node. 2. The IOT ecosystem built by 5G operators + IOT devices. Users use more mobile phones and IoT devices for a better life. In this virtual data city, the complex distributed network structure links more commercial resources, public health resources, and government resources, thus forming a more efficient IOT network structure. Once the privacy AI enters the self-evolution of the blockchain, it will have a strong ability to correct errors and generate compound interest. In the face of environmental changes, the safe flow of data assets allows personal privacy and business secrets to be traded under conditions that prevent leakage. At the same time, it maximizes the public interest. IMHO, including those of us here, individuals and companies, if we cannot participate in this closed loop at this moment, we will not be able to enjoy the dividends of any blockchain in data elements. [2020/4/15]

Analysis| Golden Disk: The market is gradually moving towards a bullish trend: Analysis of the Golden Disk: BTC as the first weight, the amplitude is too large, which is not conducive to market development. Instead, as it is now, stabilize the price of BTC and give more to other targets The opportunity is more reasonable. Yesterday, after BTC rose strongly, funds began to flow in, and the top 25 tokens by market capitalization performed well overall. Only XRP, TRX, and BNB closed down, and the rest rose across the board, while some oversold targets even soared sharply. It shows that the confidence in doing more has increased, and the market is gradually moving towards a trend that is beneficial to the bulls, and short-term opportunities can be seized. Remind investors to view market fluctuations rationally and do a good job in risk control. (Log in to the Jinse Finance APP—Discovery to view exclusive reviews of more currencies)[2018/10/9]

A reasonable assumption is that users withdrawing funds from exchanges is a bullish sign. If a user intends to sell their bitcoins in the near future, it may seem counterintuitive to move the asset off an exchange. Instead, users may move their tokens to non-custodial wallets for more secure, long-term storage. As you can see, on Black Thursday, March 12, exchanges recorded one of the largest Bitcoin inflows on record. Users deposited nearly 40,000 bitcoins in 24 hours. That trend has reversed as prices have recovered, with users pulling their assets out of exchanges.

Many key on-chain metrics point to a very healthy Bitcoin network. As Bitcoin production continues to decline, holders may bet on Bitcoin appreciation.

Part of this article is compiled from Cointelegraph


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Golden Outpost | After the third halving, more than 200 million US dollars of BTC have been transferred out of the exchange.

Investors have moved 23,540 bitcoins, worth more than $200 million, out of exchanges on the first day after bitcoin's third halving.

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