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The positive landing of Bitcoin is waiting for the bear-bull conversion



Madman Says

Bitcoin’s four-year halving occurred at the block height of 630,000, and the mining reward was halved from 12.5 coins to 6.25 coins. The rewards were reduced, and the supply was also reduced. At the same time, mining costs rose sharply. Some old mines Miners with high machine or electricity costs will face shutdown. According to foreign media reports, at least 30% of Bitcoin miners will shut down. If these miners want to continue mining, they must spend a lot of money to update the mining machines. The source of the money is often realized from the market. Therefore, for a period of time after the halving, there will generally be a large selling pressure. After the second halving, the currency price did not rise but fell. After a period of time, the currency price will gradually start to rise due to the reduction of network supply. This benefit will continue to benefit for 1-2 years, and finally complete the bull-bear conversion every four years.

The market was full of ups and downs last night. The wave after wave of huge shocks made the investors who stayed up all night waiting for the halving very excited, but in the end both the long and short sides failed to reach a result. The high point was above the pressure level of 9100 and the low point was at 8200 In the area, there were a total of 2 retracements, that is to say, this fluctuation of 1000 points, as long as you can catch a wave, it will be a huge profit. The attention of funds is still on Bitcoin, and most of the mainstream is still difficult to become a hot spot in the short term, so we still have to focus on Bitcoin spot and its derivatives, try not to participate in weak currencies, and wait patiently for the market style to change.

Morgan Stanley Confirms Bitcoin Exposure to Its Wealth Management Clients Through Two Crypto Funds: According to news on April 16, Morgan Stanley has confirmed that it will provide Bitcoin exposure to its wealth management clients through two external cryptocurrency funds. mouth. During Morgan Stanley's first-quarter earnings call on Friday, Chief Financial Officer Joonathan Pruzan said the firm allows accredited investors access to two cryptocurrency funds. If clients show greater interest, Morgan Stanley will offer more crypto services. When it comes to its encryption services, he said that we will work with regulators to provide suitable services. [2021/4/16 20:29:09]

I still remember that in 2013, the founder of ada said that Bitcoin would not reach $10,000. At that time, Bitcoin was only a few hundred dollars. If anyone said that it would reach $10,000, it would be like talking crazy. As a result, Bitcoin in reality The currency trend has exceeded people's expectations. Now some people look at 100,000 dollars, and most people still think they are talking crazy, but we can hardly predict how the world will change in a few years. We can only find opportunities in an uncertain market. People who are likely to realize their dreams, who dare to try and participate, will live a better life than those who remain unchanged.

Data: Inactive Bitcoin supply hits highest level in 3 months: According to the latest data released by Glassnode, an on-chain encryption market analysis company, in the past 2 years, about 45.3% of Bitcoin supply has not moved, which is 3 highest level in months. [2021/3/29 19:26:36]

Judging from the current situation, when a country's legal currency collapses, Bitcoin will be particularly popular. In some countries such as the Middle East, South America, and Africa, their legal currency continues to depreciate, and their Bitcoin exchanges will continue to have a premium, because Bitcoin The currency can resist the depreciation of the legal currency, and can be easily converted into the currency of a powerful country such as the US dollar, breaking through the control. Therefore, as long as there are laws and crises in the world, Bitcoin will be used by people, and will be used by more and more oppressed people. This kind of value is irreplaceable, and it is also the source of continuous gains for him in the future.

BlackRock may allocate Bitcoin futures through some of its funds: Jinse Finance reported on January 21, according to the double documents submitted by BlackRock, the world’s largest asset management company, to the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) It shows that BlackRock may allocate Bitcoin futures through some of its funds.

To be sure, the documents themselves do not explicitly say that Blackstone is preparing to buy bitcoin futures, nor does it say whether Blackstone might buy futures settled in cash or actual bitcoin.

But such filings have come before such moves, suggesting that Blackstone is at least laying down the regulatory tracks to deploy if it chooses. (The Block)[2021/1/21 16:38:39]

Market Analysis

81% of Twitter voters use Bitcoin as a long-term investment: Golden Finance reported that on April 23, cryptocurrency analyst PlanB launched a vote on Twitter. The results show that 81% of voters use Bitcoin as a long-term investment, 7.3% use Bitcoin for transactions, 3.1% use Bitcoin as a means of payment and shopping, and the remaining 8.6% choose " I don’t know”, just want to see the survey results. [2020/4/24]


Bitcoin began to shrink and fluctuate in the past 10 hours. After the halving night, everyone should take a break. The current pressure level of Bitcoin has moved down to 8850, and the new low we have been waiting for is still not there. Appeared, so the madman believes that we continue to wait for the new low to appear. The pressure above 9000 is relatively high. With the positive expectations of the halving being fulfilled, there is not much upward momentum in the short term, and the focus is on lightening up positions on rallies.

On the other hand, the U.S. dollar index once again stood at 100. This is a signal of capital market risk. USDT continues to have a negative premium, but it is still printing money on a large scale. This is not a long-term solution. It will also be restricted, and the market will eventually be "cut off". Everyone must take these risks into consideration. Don't rush around 9000 for the time being, and wait for him to hammer a wave before entering and participating in a down-to-earth manner.


The new low trend has been completed, so there is an expectation of a further rebound. The short-term pressure is 200. After the shock, we are considering reducing positions.


The monthly repurchase of platform currency will lead to an increase in market value with the increase in profitability, so although it will go slowly in the long run, it is still worth holding.


The rebound is weak, and the linkage is still weak.


Today's rebound is not bad, and it is expected to continue to attack, with a pressure of 45.


Those who took the lead before were smashed down and have funds to save themselves today, so they can consider participating, and the stop loss is set at 220.


Weak rebound, pressure 2.5.


After hitting the support platform 5.6, it rebounded somewhat, with average strength and mainly linkage.


Today's rebound volume can be significantly enlarged, indicating that there is capital participation. The rebound pressure is 205, 220. Those who are bold can participate.


It has basically smoothed out the magnitude of this decline, indicating that it is extremely strong. In the short term, it is the leader among mainstream currencies, and the trading volume continues to increase. The subsequent strong pressure is 0.053, 0.057.


The trend is also relatively strong, with a certain degree of independence.

The last wave of mainstream currencies did not keep up with the rise of the pie, but did not escape the knife of the fall of the pie. Therefore, it is normal for the mainstream currency to be slightly stronger after the pie is halved, but everyone who participates in the mainstream currency should stay weak and stay strong. Because the mainstream currencies without funds will continue to be weakly linked to the pie, and those with funds to participate will be able to walk out of the independent market on their own, and the differentiation will be very serious in the future. Conservative investors can wait for another 1-2 days before taking action.


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Bitcoin’s third halving passed peacefully, without causing much repercussions inside or outside the circle or on the price of the currency. However.

The positive landing of Bitcoin is waiting for the bear-bull conversion

Madman Says Bitcoin’s four-year halving occurred at the block height of 630,000, and the mining reward was halved from 12.5 coins to 6.25 coins. The rewards were reduced.

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