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First release丨Exclusive interview with Justin Sun: Whether TRC20-USDT can subvert the DeFi market.



Since entering 2020, the development of DeFi (decentralized finance) can be described as twists and turns. At the beginning of the year, the locked-up funds of projects soared all the way, breaking through 1.2 billion US dollars in mid-February to create a record high. However, under the influence of the 312 plunge and the liquidation of DeFi lending projects such as MakerDAO, the locked-up amount fell to the lowest point this year. With the halving of Bitcoin, the price of mainstream currencies began to pick up, but the DeFi market was still deeply affected by the aftermath of the plunge, which fully exposed the vulnerability of MakerDAO and its stable currency DAI, allowing many projects to see the opportunity to overtake. TRON moved the fastest, launching JUST, the first DeFi platform in the ecosystem, coupled with the TRC20-USDT stablecoin, launched a surprise attack on the DeFi market. In this regard, Jinse Finance exclusively interviewed Justin Sun, the founder of TRON, to gain an in-depth understanding of the JUST platform and the TRC20-USDT stablecoin, as well as TRON’s ambitions in the DeFi field. The following is the transcript of the interview: Golden Finance: On May 7th, the JUST project token JST created by you in the DeFi field debuted on five exchanges, Poloniex (P Network), Matcha, BiKi, Bitribe, and Jubi, and opened trading channels. It even soared 20 times at the opening. It can be seen that Mr. Sun has a good relationship with the exchange, and JUST is also favored by many exchanges. But many people say that except for P.Net, an old-fashioned exchange, the others are all junior exchanges, so will JST be listed on a big exchange in the future? The so-called big tree attracts the wind, and JST was maliciously defended when it went online. What is going on? The auction of the first NFT work in the mining circle was completed, and the encrypted artwork jointly signed by Yuchi and the artist was auctioned for 49ETH: Jinse Finance live report, on April 25, the 2021 New Infrastructure Blockchain Summit was held in Chengdu. On the 8th anniversary of the Yuchi Special Session, Yuchi joined hands with the BCA Encrypted Art Platform to incorporate the awe of the guardians of blockchain network security into the encrypted art works and conduct on-site auctions. It is worth mentioning that Justin Sun and Just Fund participated in the auction remotely. In the end, the first NFT work in the mining circle - an encrypted artwork jointly signed by Yuchi and the artist was won by the No. 235 bidder on the spot, Mr. Jiang, a miner, with 49 ETH. [2021/4/25 20:56:22] Justin Sun: Objectively speaking, it is not every IEO project that JST was listed on 5 exchanges at the same time, and achieved the highest increase of 2041% and the lowest increase of 542%. can do it. I am very grateful to all the exchanges for their strong support for JUST, and I also trust these 5 exchanges very much, so I handed over TRON’s trump card DeFi project to them, and at the same time gave Poloniex LaunchBase the lead. At present, we have achieved very good results in the small test stage. I believe that with the strength of JUST, there will be no problem with the top big exchanges! TRX is already the mainstream digital currency that must be listed on large and small exchanges around the world. BTT even scored a good score of "14 times when it goes online" in the first show of Binance LaunchPad, so everyone must give confidence to Sun Ge. Right after JST went online, it was a farce. The reason is very nonsense, saying that the price of JST dropped from 0.009 US dollars to 0.0047 dollars after it went online. In fact, our IEO price is 0.00202 USD, and the price after the fall is still maintained at two to three times the IEO price. You don’t need to take it out of context to maliciously incite emotions, just like you wouldn’t use today’s Bitcoin price of $9,000 to compare it with the peak price of $20,000 back then. So who are the people behind the fanning the wind and lighting the will-o'-the-wisps?’s first project YIELD has a maximum increase of 3388% within 2 hours of its launch: According to Sesame Open Market, YIELD will officially open for trading at 20:00 tonight, with a maximum increase of 3388% within 2 hours of its launch, and the highest price is US$0.947, which is about the first The subscription price is 0.025 USD 38 times, and the current price is 0.3533 USD. Recently, the market has fluctuated greatly, please pay attention to controlling risks. [2021/3/5 18:19:39] Jinse Finance: Juan Benet, the founder of IPFS, accused BitTorrent of plagiarizing the hexagonal "block" logo-ethexc on Twitter last month. To this, you also responded strongly: "IPFS has been silent for three years, and BitTorrent's BTFS and BTT have been running smoothly. You are the one who copied and pasted BitTorrent's technology. Shame on you. "In this regard, what does Mr. Sun want to say to domestic users? How do you view the future development trend of distributed networks? Justin Sun: First of all, the hexagonal "block" logo-ethexc does not belong to anyone, and everyone knows that ,It is completely meaningless to use this to say things. The quality of a project is focused on an irrelevant logo, which is obviously trying to cover up. IPFS has been silent for three years, and there is not even a technical update iteration. The essence is to use concepts to develop long-term Deceive investors! These products are not intended to be launched at all, and they are completely false propaganda. BitTorrent not only did not accuse IPFS of copying and pasting our technology, but everyone can see that BitTorrent’s BTFS and its token BTT economy can be said to be getting better and better. Smooth development. BitTorrent has been working on perfecting its own technology for nearly 20 years, and IPFS should be grateful that there are great industry leaders and technology pioneers like BitTorrent paving the way for others, instead of rashly, Falsely accuse us. Jubi will launch PAC at 21:00 on December 29: According to official news, Jubi will launch PAC (Pacman) at 21:00 on December 29, 2020 (UTC+8) ,Open PAC/USDT coin-to-coin transactions. Jubi’s PAC recharge is now open. Deposit PAC in Jubi Jubi to get double computing power of "coin deposit mining". The Pacman team will make elements including NFT, TCG, Roguelike, etc. Different types of games can be perfectly combined with DeFi. PAC holders will get the right to share the dividends of the entire game platform. [2020/12/29 15:59:47] Such accusations will only make people in the industry laugh, It even makes outsiders feel disappointed about the blockchain. What we really should do is to unite, motivate each other, and compete with each other healthily. The first person is the pioneer who led the post-90s generation into the currency circle. From the candidate for the chairman of the Peking University Student Union, the second generation of the Bitcoin circle, the Weibo hotspot maker, to the dream person, you can easily establish various IPs and personal settings. During these struggles, to what extent have you thought about the solidification of the breakthrough class? Can you share it with everyone? What do you think are the qualities that "youth elites" should possess for today's young people? Justin Sun: Brzeski, a famous American strategist, put forward a theory of "titty happiness". The way some people are dissatisfied is to put a "pacifier" in their mouths to appease them, and finally make them lose their minds about "breaking through class rigidity". will open the Startup first project JGN subscription at 12:00 on October 9th : According to the official announcement, will open on October 9 From 12:00 to 14:00, the Startup first project Juggernaut (JGN) will be launched and the subscription channel will be opened. Valid orders placed within two hours will be treated equally. Users who reach VIP1 level and above can participate. sets the participation quota based on the 14-day average holding amount of GT. See the original link for details. [2020/10/6] Therefore, I always keep myself thinking, keep sharp, catch up with the trend and see the essence of things. There is a law in human history, as long as a new tool is invented, human beings will be divided into two halves again, half of the people will make better use of the new tool to achieve better development; Can't keep up with this era. I don't know how many people still don't understand the blockchain industry, but "blockchain engineering and technical personnel", "blockchain application operators", and "Internet marketers" have all been proposed by the China Employment Training Technical Guidance Center. In the newly added new career information, it has become even more difficult for people who look down on them to step into this threshold. No matter what the label is, knowing what you are doing is the most important thing. Choose a field where you can dedicate your life and work hard for it, and maintain "tenacity", I think it is the spirit that young elites should have. If a few words of public opinion can defeat you, and a small setback in your career can defeat you, then any drizzle can defeat you. I personally take ridicule on the Internet very lightly, and I even work 24/7 non-stop, and I don’t have much time to surf the Internet, so the persona is just one aspect of everyone’s understanding of me. News | Credible Educational Digital Identity Launched in Baiyun District, Guangzhou Using blockchain and other technologies: On December 25, the launch ceremony and application seminar of the Trusted Educational Digital Identity (Education Card) Guangdong Province application pilot was held in Baiyun District, Guangzhou. According to reports, Trusted Education digital identity integration adopts core technologies such as domestic encryption and blockchain, and innovatively issues integrated digital identities under the network environment of "cloud computing, edge computing, and mobile computing", realizes integrated key management, and builds " Trusted Educational Identity Chain". (China News Network) [2019/12/25] Golden Finance: You once said in an interview: Once you were sick, the doctor asked you to take medicine at 9 o’clock, but you took it at 4 o’clock, the doctor asked you why, You answer to surprise pathogens. This kind of thinking is very interesting. In fact, "surprise attack" has the same meaning as "surprise, attack by surprise" in "Sun Tzu's Art of War". Mr. Sun has always had extraordinary talents in strategy. This time, he used JUST to surprise MakerDAO of Ethereum, and started to make a big splash in the DeFi field, and also gained super popularity. Do you think you can surprise the most important factor for victory? what is it What is the application prospect of DeFi in the future? When will the next surprise attack be? Justin Sun: I think the most important factor is the strong advantages of the TRC20 protocol: security, zero transaction fees, fast transfer speed, and no congestion. The transaction speed of TRON alone is as high as 2,000 TPS, which completely beats Ethereum. In addition, on top of the PoS algorithm, TRON has proposed the DPoS algorithm. This mode makes the transmission speed of TRON faster than other public chains. I have said on many occasions that DeFi has always been the focus of TRON's development this year, and our deployment of DeFi has actually started as early as a year ago. For example, Tether's TRC20-USDT stable Coin, the circulation has surpassed Omni and is about to break through the 2.1 billion US dollar mark. People who have used it feel that it is very convenient and fast, and the feature of zero handling fee has attracted many fans. Recently, the Pool-X decentralized mining pool project incubated by the KuCoin team is also developed based on the TRON public chain. Pool-X has achieved both staking income and liquidity. It is also a great trust for their team to choose us . The JUST purchase activity this time is indeed very popular. At the beginning of the test, the JUST project has attracted the attention and use of quite a few users. In just four days, the USDJ generated through pledge has exceeded 120,000 pieces, 481 operations, and The pledge ratio has been maintained above 300%. Therefore, there is still a lot of room for expansion in the DeFi field, such as the compatibility of single pledge and multi-pledge functions, the use of JST tokens to achieve autonomous management, and the integration of anonymous transactions, etc. Speaking of which, you can look forward to the anonymous network project of Tron. The previous MPC torch incentive activity has been very popular. In the next stage, we will focus on promoting the privacy protocol. After the promotion of privacy, we will push the cross-chain project. We have to play this game of Go rhythmically. Golden Finance: With the halving of Bitcoin, the price of mainstream currencies began to pick up. But the decentralized finance side presents a different look, suffering from the aftermath of the previous plummet of mainstream currencies. This wave of slump especially exposed the vulnerability of MakerDAO and its stablecoin DAI, which gave competitors in DeFi a great opportunity. Then the stablecoin USDJ issued by TRON’s TRC20 protocol will be integrated into which ecology of TRON ? How does Mr. Sun plan to increase its liquidity? Justin Sun: First of all, let me introduce to you what USDJ is. USDJ is a stable token included in the dual-currency system of the JUST project, and JUST is a decentralized stable currency lending platform, and the platform token is JST. At present, users can mortgage TRX on JUST's CDP platform to borrow and generate USDJ. USDJ is a decentralized stablecoin that maintains a 1:1 anchor to the US dollar. Users can freely control the USDJ they lend. Let’s talk about USDJ. I don’t think the real meaning of USDJ is to play a role in the overall system of the TRON network. TRC20-USDT is used more and more conveniently by users in the TRON network. Currently, TRC20-USDT is viewed from the data He did a great job at this point. The attribute that USDJ can really use is its DeFi attribute, that is to say, it will be a powerful decentralized financial tool in the future, and it is really used to serve users and provide decentralized leverage services tool. At present, there are still a lot of problems in the centralized trading platform, including this kind of long-selling and short-selling tools. The instability of the index leads to frequent liquidation of users, and so on. However, JUST can provide a decentralized, free from artificial An absolutely fair DeFi financial tool influenced by various factors, and as a stable currency, an important part of this financial tool, the potential of USDJ is unlimited. Regarding liquidity, USDJ will continue to deeply integrate with exchanges such as Poloniex (P-net) in the future, open more trading pairs to improve liquidity, and then there will be an interest-free Mortgage TRX activity, you can look forward to it! At the same time, deep integration with project parties such as wallets and mining pools will also be considered. You can use USDJ with confidence, because it is over-collateralized by TRX, which is more valuable for small users.


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First release丨Exclusive interview with Justin Sun: Whether TRC20-USDT can subvert the DeFi market.

Since entering 2020, the development of DeFi (decentralized finance) can be described as twists and turns. At the beginning of the year, the locked-up funds of projects soared all the way.

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