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The golden trend丨is still blocked 0.618 BTC how to go next?



This morning, BTC led other mainstream currencies to dive, and the basic decline was more than 10%. 10060 began to turn around and fall back. As mentioned earlier, 10090 is the 0.618 Fibonacci suppression level from the peak of the market in 19 years to 3800. Only when this position is effectively broken through will the upside open up. I also said that the 0.618 suppression level is suppressed in a round of trend market The effect is relatively strong. In the previous 19 years, the peak of 13900 failed to break through the 0.618 suppression level from the 17-year bull market peak to the 3150 low. At the beginning of this year, the 10500 peak also failed to break through the 19-year market peak to the 6450 low. Started the road to rise and rose to a maximum of 10,000 US dollars. The overall rise has been relatively high, but there has been no decent correction in the early stage, and the benefits of halving are about to land, so the higher the risk, the greater the risk. Risk of diving.

Golden Noon News | January 24 at noon list of important developments: 7:00-12:00 Keywords: Taro Aso, Liberal Democratic Party of Japan, Gemini, founder of BTC-e

1. Taro Aso, Minister of Finance of Japan: The idea of central bank digital currency needs to be studied.

2. The Japanese Liberal Democratic Party plans to prepare a proposal to prevent digital currencies from being used for money laundering.

3. Gemini exchange launched an insurance company to ensure its custody business of up to 200 million US dollars.

4. Circle CEO: Stablecoins need open standards to transform business models.

5. Bloomberg: Due to slowing demand, the cryptocurrency market may usher in a decline during the Spring Festival.

6. BTC-e founder Alexander Vinnik has been extradited to France.

7.11 French blockchain companies established the Digital Asset Development Association (ADAN).

8. The 24-hour net outflow of BTC funds was 2.734 billion yuan.

9. BSV fell sharply within the day, falling as low as $244, a daily drop of more than 10%. [2020/1/24]

At present, the price has fallen sharply, and the upward pattern has been destroyed. It has successively fallen below the 5-day and 10-day lines, and driven the hook downward. Line, falling and heavy volume, basically established a phased top. The current price is oscillating near the upper line of the previous upward consolidation channel. If the daily line closes, the probability of continuing to fall in the short term is high. At present, it is not recommended to buy bottoms. There is an inertial decline, and the gap between 7600-7700 below is the gap left by the BTC CME futures contract in the early stage. It is also the daily consolidation area before the recent round of market acceleration, and it is also the 0.382 support area where the apex falls. Excluding the possibility of continuing to attack this position after the price range is adjusted, it is not recommended to buy bottoms at present. Short-term support is 8300-8400, strong support is 7600-7800, pressure is 9000-9200, and rallies are mainly for lightening up positions.

Analysis | Golden disk: BTC time-sharing divergence upward pressure increases sharply: comprehensive analysis of the golden disk: BTC cycle icon shows that the 30-minute K-line chart divergence disappears, an upward breakthrough is completed, and the short-term remains strong; the 2-hour K-line chart maintains the bullish trend unchanged ;However, the 4-hour K-line chart has formed a top divergence, which is a relatively large level of divergence and needs to be closely monitored. Once there is a turn, risk control needs to be done; Be cautiously optimistic, but you need to consider the pressure above $7,200 and the impact of time-sharing divergence. [2018/9/2]

Analysis | Golden Disk: FGI Fear Index remained at 16: Golden Disk Comprehensive Analysis: FGI Fear Index remained at 16, the same as yesterday, but due to the time difference, our rebound this morning was not captured. Overall, market sentiment began to recover. The short-term bottom is basically formed. [2018/8/15]


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Golden Finance, April 28 News Solala, a public chain project that has just completed a token auction on Coinlist and listed on Binance.

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The golden trend丨is still blocked 0.618 BTC how to go next?

This morning, BTC led other mainstream currencies to dive, and the basic decline was more than 10%. 10060 began to turn around and fall back. As mentioned earlier.

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While many countries have come to a standstill due to COVID-19.

The South Korean government led the development of a blockchain-based self-driving identity verification platform

On May 8, 2020, Sejong City, South Korea announced the establishment of a blockchain-based digital identity trusted platform for storing and verifying the digital identity of self-driving vehicles. According to Aju Bu.

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