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MXC Matcha SpaceM Phase 2 JST will open lottery registration at 16:00 on May 5.



According to the official announcement, the second phase of the MXC Matcha project is launched on the marketing channel SpaceM, and the lottery time is changed to May 5th from 16:00 to 20:00. This phase of the project is JST. JST trading will be officially opened at 22:00 on May 7, and the JST/USDT trading pair will be launched. At the same time, this issue of SpaceM also added a lottery session for the transaction volume of mainstream currencies. Users can obtain lottery quotas by trading mainstream currencies.

SpaceM is a project launch marketing channel launched by MXC. MX holders can obtain project tokens at discounted prices. Users can register for the lottery by clicking "SpaceM" on the top of the MXC Matcha web homepage or clicking "SpaceM" at the "More Events" on the mobile homepage.        

MXC will launch the ZENUSDT perpetual contract at 18:00 on November 24: According to the official announcement, MXC will launch the ZENUSDT perpetual contract at 18:00 on November 24, which supports free adjustment of 1-50 times leverage. Users can choose the cross-margin or isolated-margin mode to open a position. The MXC Matcha contract uses reasonable prices to calculate profit and loss and forced liquidation to avoid large deviations in index prices. At the same time, it optimizes the price difference, buy-sell-one thickness, and now covers UNI in addition to mainstream currencies such as BTC, ETH, and XRP. , SUSHI, DOT, YFI, YFII and other DeFi and Polkadot concept popular currencies. [2020/11/24 21:54:20]

The second phase of SpaceM will be in the form of lottery, and the participants will be selected according to the minimum amount of MX positions held by MXC users within 30 days The user allocates the transaction quota, and each sign can get 50,000 JST quota, with a maximum of 12 JST

MXC Matcha will list ALITA at 20:00 on July 9, and open ALITA/USDT trading: MXC Matcha will list ALITA (Alita) at 20:00 on July 9, and open the ALITA/USDT trading market. According to the official announcement of MXC Matcha, ALITA deposits will be available at 17:00 on July 9, and ALITA withdrawals will be available at 20:00 on July 11. Alita official information shows that Alita Network is an edge cloud computing and big data service provider that utilizes idle resources of edge terminals. It is the first cross-platform heterogeneous edge big data computing system that supports Android phones, and supports complete cloud native and data privacy protection. computing services. Please read the relevant announcement for details. [2020/7/8]

In order to ensure that more users have the opportunity to participate in SpaceM, MXC Matcha also added a special lottery session for mainstream currency transactions. From 20:00 on May 1st to 20:00 on May 5th, users can trade BTC, ETH, EOS, BCH, LTC, TRX, XRP, BSV, ETC, DASH in the USDT trading area of currency trading, and the accumulated transaction amount is greater than 5000 USDT. You can get the quota for the second lottery of SpaceM, each lottery is 25,000 JST, and you can get up to 4 lots.        

MXC Matcha is now available for AR/USDT and COMP/USDT leveraged trading: Official announcement, MXC Matcha is now available for AR/USDT and COMP/USDT trading, supporting 3 times leverage. MXC Margin Trading is currently the platform with the most tradable currencies on the entire network. It now supports 77 currencies, adopts the isolated margin mode, supports 2-10 times leverage ratio, supports automatic currency borrowing and repayment functions, and places orders and withdraws Borrowing currency and repaying currency can be completed with a single order. On April 1, MXC Matcha launched a new version of the spot leveraged trading system, which greatly optimized the trading experience such as depth, order spread, lending efficiency, and matching efficiency. Please read the relevant announcement for details. [2020/6/22]

SpaceM empowers blockchain projects by providing a trading market, and at the same time allows loyal MX users to have priority in launching new projects Trading eligibility. SpaceM is an innovation of the marketing model. SpaceM is only open to some countries or regions.

According to the official rules, users can sign up for the lottery draw from 16:00 to 20:00 on May 5th, announce the result of the lottery at 21:00, and officially start JST trading at 22:00, and launch the JST/USDT trading pair. At 22:00 on May 5th, the system will automatically deduct MX from the winning user according to the corresponding price. Since this exchange needs to be carried out with MX, the user needs to hold a sufficient amount of MX during the exchange settlement period.

The number of MX deducted by winning users to purchase JST = (number of winning lots * 50,000 JST * 0.00202 USDT) / MX average price, the average price of MX exchange will be determined based on the average closing price from May 2nd to May 4th.

It is understood that JST tokens are the management tokens of the JUST platform. The total number of JST Tokens is 9.9 billion. SpaceM released a total of 5 million tokens at a price of 0.00202 USDT. By participating in and voting for community proposals, JST holders have decision-making power over the JUST lending platform and control the operation of the JUST network. Secondly, JST can be used to pay the interest of CDP, and the JST paid will be automatically destroyed through the smart contract.

In JUST, users can lock their TRX through collateralized debt positions (CDP) in the form of aggregated TRX (PTRX), and then JUST's smart contract ecosystem will automatically generate USDJ for users.   To reduce the risk of price fluctuations, PTRX needs to be over-collateralized. Currently, the overcollateralization rate is set at 150%, which can be changed through community voting.   If the value of the collateral falls below a predetermined liquidation ratio, the collateral is sold to pay off the debt with an additional liquidation penalty (currently 13%).


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MXC Matcha SpaceM Phase 2 JST will open lottery registration at 16:00 on May 5.

According to the official announcement, the second phase of the MXC Matcha project is launched on the marketing channel SpaceM.

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