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Golden Outpost | Blockchain Status in China Internet Development Report



Jinse Finance reported that on April 28, China Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC) released the 45th "Statistical Report on Internet Development in China", which introduced the development status of my country's blockchain. In terms of policy, the blockchain-related policy environment is more optimized: policies are intensively introduced to encourage the development of blockchain technology, and the blockchain regulatory framework has initially formed. In terms of technology, the key technologies of the blockchain have made progress: the innovation of the underlying technology continues to improve, the encryption algorithm focuses on self-controllability, and cross-chain technology has become the focus of research. In terms of application, the integration of blockchain technology and all walks of life is accelerating: blockchain government applications are implemented in the field of people's livelihood services, blockchain financial applications have achieved phased results, and blockchain-based supply chain systems have been used in actual business middle.

Golden Noon News | March 21 at noon list of important news: 7:00-12:00 Keywords: Filecoin, bitclout, Ether Capital, Grin

1. Filecoin and Livepeer, a live video platform on Ethereum, jointly launched;

2. Security companies: DeliveryDefi may have high risks, so be cautious before interacting;

3. Shenyu: I have not registered to use bitclout, and bitclout has the risk of running away at any time;

4. Canadian listed company Ether Capital bought more than 11,000 ETH;

5. The Grin community released a node anomaly briefing, and the person in charge of the Beam Foundation reminded that the Grin code branch may suffer from the same attack;

6. The governor of the central bank of Turkey was dismissed due to excessive interest rate hikes;

7. John Cleese, a member of the British comedy group Monty Python, released NFT; [2021/3/21 19:04:54]

The relevant parts of the blockchain in the report are excerpted as follows:

Golden Noon News | September 20th at noon important news list: 7:00-12:00 Keywords: Uniswap new proposal, Alibaba, MakerDAO, ETC

1. The Bitcoin network difficulty was raised to 19.31T, a record high.

2. Report: The number of blockchain-related patents soared in 2020, with Alibaba ranking first.

3. Community members suggested adding UNI/ETH and YFI/ETH to the UNI liquidity mining reward pool.

4. MakerDAO launched a 175,000 DAI subsidy program to diversify collateral.

5. Data: The total 24-hour trading volume of DEX is 1.35 billion US dollars.

6. V God: I am glad to see that ETC adopts weak subjective fork selection rules to prevent 51% attacks.

7. Tamil Nadu, India announces blockchain infrastructure plan.

8. Coinbase encryption researchers initiated a proposal discussion on adding a SNX/ETH liquidity mining pool to Uniswap. [2020/9/20]

Analysis | Golden disk: ETH/USD goes down slightly: Comprehensive analysis of the golden disk: ETH/USD goes down slightly, due to the large net outflow of main funds. [2018/8/25]


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Golden Outpost | Blockchain Status in China Internet Development Report

Jinse Finance reported that on April 28, China Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC) released the 45th "Statistical Report on Internet Development in China".

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