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Everything you need to know about BiKi perpetual contracts



At 3:00 pm on April 1st, the BiKi perpetual contract online conference was held as scheduled. The conference was unexpectedly long. The entire conference lasted about 4 hours, but the content-ethexc was very rich. In addition to the new product introduction by Jme, the vice president of BiKi, Tong Yang, the partner of Jinse Finance & CapitalN CEO, Dingdang, the co-founder of Yuehedi, and Li Rongbin, the managing partner of Genesis Capital, also had an exciting round table with guests. Today we will review the most noteworthy highlights in the BiKi perpetual contract conference.

"Contract double gold" + "deep optimization": BiKi's core strategy to solve the problem of zero allocation

Since it is a contract press conference , BIKI's newly launched perpetual contract is naturally the key content. This time BiKi released the strategic product "Perpetual Contract Basic". The reason why it is called basic is that this contract of BiKi is not a professional contract in the typical sense, but a "mainstream contract" for more than 90% of ordinary users.

Although it is designed for ordinary users, the product logic followed by BiKi Perpetual Contract Basic is still relatively consistent with standard digital contract products. Functionally, users can freely choose 1-150 times leverage, between the currency standard and the U standard Choose the trading habits that suit you to operate. At the same time, all currencies have opened USDT standard trading pairs, which is more suitable for ordinary users who have a relatively basic grasp of standard profits and losses.

AAX on the completion of BCH hard fork and BCHA distribution: According to the official announcement, since BCH has completed the hard fork upgrade and forked out new tokens. The Bitcoin Cash Node (BCHN) scheme has won the support of more users. Therefore, BCHN will inherit the naming, candlestick and related transaction pairs of BCH. The deposit and withdrawal functions of BCH have been opened. The other party of this hard fork, Bitcoin Cash ABC (BCHA), will distribute its tokens to BCH users in the form of candies. AAX will distribute according to the ratio of 1BCH to 1BCHA according to the snapshot of the user's BCH holdings at the time of the fork (20:00, November 15, 2020, Hong Kong time). At present, all BCHAs have been distributed and users can view them in their wallets. [2020/11/24 21:52:52]

The concept of perpetual contract Basic is very novel, but the mechanism of "contract double gold" + "deep optimization" introduced by Jme next arouses my interest even more.

Contract double gold means that BiKi has established a "transaction guarantee fund" mechanism independently of the insurance fund. BiKi will invest 20 BTC every week to join the "trading guarantee fund", and have invested 200 BTC to join the guarantee fund for 10 consecutive weeks. It is parallel to the insurance fund mechanism. When the market changes drastically, the double fund will automatically give priority to replenishment, and the reverse will be reversed in case of accidental distribution. Compensate users for their share.

Analysis | Peter Schiff is wrong about BTC hitting $3,000 sooner than gold: Gold proponent Peter Schiff recently said that BTC will fall below $3,000 before gold rises above that level. The CCN analysis article stated that Schiff was wrong about Bitcoin, just as he was wrong about the housing market crash before. The Fed's expansionary monetary policy has steadily depressed the value of the dollar. This is by design, as it makes people spend and invest money, rather than cling to it. Mainstream economists such as John Maynard Keynes and Milton Friedman supported the design, arguing that it would stimulate economic growth. The downside, as Schiff and the Austrian economists he has studied, is the boom-and-bust business cycle. As money expands, the frenetic consumption of money leads to a misallocation of capital into risky, unproductive investments and speculative bubbles. Crashes occur when the market adjusts prices to reflect the true value of the economy. Bitcoin didn't exist when the real estate market crashed and the Great Depression brought down the world economy. But if it exists, one can imagine how much capital would flow to it as a global macro hedge. Bitcoin has proven itself to be a safe-haven asset like gold, priced independently of stocks. The real question is which comes first: $3,000 gold spot price, or Bitcoin reaching an all-time high of $20,000? Hopefully the latter. Because if the price of gold doubles in the next few years, it means another big recession. (CCN)[2020/2/24]

Other platforms may have a similar mechanism, but in fact, it mainly avoids liquidation allocation by increasing the forced liquidation coefficient. Increasing the coefficient means that forced liquidation will be advanced, and users will actually bear more losses. Objectively speaking, the depth and guarantee mechanism will affect user sharing, so how thorough the solution is is the point that many platforms have been questioned about solving the problem of zero sharing in the early days. The real zero sharing is not based on the mechanism of forced liquidation in advance. BiKi The combination mechanism of "contract double gold" + "deep optimization" is the most sincere and transactional solution to the problem of zero allocation.

News | CoinGeek: Media reports on the BSV Quasar protocol upgrade exaggerate the facts: CoinGeek published an article stating that BSV recently upgraded the Quasar protocol, increasing the block size from 128MB to 2GB. As with any protocol upgrade in the Bitcoin ecosystem, there are some minor issues that need to be improved; however, some media and research institutions have exaggerated this infinitely, reporting that the blockchain formed a temporary fork resulting in three chains. According to a media report, more than 35% of the nodes failed to keep up with the update, which was painted as a dire incident. It is also claimed that this is the result of the centralization of mining in the BSV ecosystem, and that small miners are just acting as a foil and have no chance to make a profit. One of the most misquoted and misunderstood events is the Money Button. [2019/8/12]

Global Brokers and "Scout Program"

At this press conference, BiKi announced the second largest community mechanism after partners: "Global Broker". As we all know, BiKi has unique advantages in community building. Its community partners should be the most in the world, and at the same time hold the highest lock-up rights. As of today, there are more than 2,100 BiKi partners, holding more than 100 million BiKi platform tokens. In this global economic man plan, BiKi will provide broker partners around the world with a highly competitive revenue sharing mechanism in the contract business, and adhere to the two continuities of "always let brokers share the most revenue" and "fairness and no evil" in principle.

Announcement on BTCC mining pool supporting Bytom (BTM) mainnet mining: BTCC mining pool Bytom (BTM) mining now supports the mainnet address, and the minimum payment unit for the mainnet address is 1 BTM. At the same time, the BTCC mining pool will continue to support ERC20 Token mining. If you switch to the main network address for mining and the ERC20 Token account balance is less than the minimum payment amount (40 BTM), you need to pay a withdrawal fee of 1 BTM when withdrawing. [2018/5/22]

BiKi officially launched the beta version of the brokerage platform. As the first open professional brokerage platform among mainstream platforms, BiKi provides brokers with a real-time report-level background, and brokers can clearly manage revenue, business and conversion. This is a marketing weapon launched for global brokers. The broker invitation link is valid for 30 days, and the invitation relationship is retained after visiting, which greatly solves the loss of invitations. BiKi provides brokers with a 24-hour automatic settlement service, and there will be no one-point account period on the BiKi contract brokerage platform. Jme pointed out: "As of today, the first batch of gold brokers with the highest income users has exceeded 100,000 USD in a single week." This is BiKi's practice of the principle of "always let brokers share the most revenue".

Details about the transaction rewards of BI Network on May 16: B-I.TOP’s transaction reward details on May 16: BI Network in the first half of May (the calculation time period is: 0:00 on May 1, 2018--2018 At 24:00 on May 15, 2019) the accumulated transaction amount is ¥156433374.26, and the total handling fee is ¥313453.31. Rewards will be distributed to all users who hold BIC at 10:00 on May 16 (based on the amount of BIC held at the time of distribution) , 1BIC reward 0.06342CNT (100% reward mechanism), a total of 1089.44 BICs were destroyed this time, and the total remaining BICs were 4942544.02. [2018/5/16]

Adhering to the principle of "fairness and no evil" means that BiKi will refuse to cooperate with black position brokers in any form. At present, there are many platforms in the industry that "black positions" and "eating users' positions and packing them" have long been an open secret. As a mainstream platform, BiKi is the basic responsibility to ensure that every transaction of users is safe and reliable. BiKi calls on more platforms to join the "mainstream responsibility" and create a healthy market environment. Compliance not only depends on the license, but also depends on the self-discipline and responsibility of the platform.

Brokers are not only partners of the platform to increase users, BiKi will also invest resources to support the development of brokers. In 2020, BiKi will support at least 100 gold brokerage partners and invest at least 10 million USD in resources to create a million-level brokerage partner. In order to implement the manager plan, BiKi launched the "Star Scout Plan" at the same time.

Anyone who has an agent or community resource on any trading platform or market can apply to be BiKi's scout, discover and invite suitable brokers. BiKi will invest one million in BiKi's entire network to offer rewards to brokerage officers. Every user or organization that participates in the scouting program can join the million-dollar reward reward activity. The strength is amazing, and it seems that BiKi is ready to detonate the community again.

Why does the contract become "a battleground for military strategists"

The second half of the product launch conference was a wonderful round table session. Around the theme of "contract", the guests present gave their unique interpretations.

Li Rongbin, managing partner of Genesis Capital, pointed out that a contract is a type of financial tool. Any perfect financial market must have financial instruments and financial derivatives. The development of the cryptocurrency market was not mature enough before, but now it is developing faster and faster, and more and more derivatives and financial instruments are appearing on the market. Originally, this market should provide products with different characteristics to groups with different risk preferences. To some extent, the contract itself is a tool for risk adaptation for customers. Some people use it to hedge against spot fluctuations, while others rely on it to amplify their risk exposure. This is the customer's own choice and the inevitable result of market development.

Jme also believes that the financial market for derivatives contracts is a truly healthy market. Because digital asset trading itself is a very typical financial investment target, and trading is its core scenario, the user's own needs for trading are very three-dimensional and multi-level. The platform provides users with rich transaction scenarios is the most basic value output for users, and the contract business platform must compete because user needs are also essential. The contract provides users with different preferences in risk and return structures with greater imagination in terms of returns and leverage. It is a part of the three-dimensional scene of the entire digital asset trading market. Derivatives are the blood of the entire financial market, and generally a market where derivatives are active-ethexc is also full of flesh and blood.

Tong Yang, partner of Jinse Finance & CapitalN CEO, further pointed out: From the perspective of the traditional financial field, the volume of contract derivatives exchanges is more than ten times that of spot transactions, while the volume of cryptocurrency contracts is still lower than that of spot transactions. The market space is worth looking forward to. However, cryptocurrency contract trading is not perfect because it is an emerging market. In the early days of the top exchanges, their platform contract transactions also had incomplete trading mechanisms, system vulnerabilities were attacked by hackers, and they were unable to carry instantaneous large-traffic requests when the market fluctuated violently. This also allows the new exchange to take advantage of latecomers, adopt a differentiated approach, improve user experience through product design and risk control system, solve user pain points, and realize the so-called "curve overtaking".

2019 is known as the first year of futures trading, and has achieved a scale leap from several billion to tens of billions of dollars in monthly trading volume. According to data from Tokeninsight, the annual derivatives trading volume is as high as 3 trillion U.S. dollars, with an average daily trading volume of 85 One hundred million U.S. dollars. IEO, delivery contracts, perpetual contracts, leverage, options, ETFs, currency deposits and other new products and new ways of financing emerge in an endless stream, which not only injects vitality into the market, but also provides an important impetus for the innovation and development of the blockchain industry.

Since the second half of 2018, the digital currency derivatives market has shown a trend of "concentrated detonation". In 2019, derivatives will "show their talents", and exchanges that open contract trading business will be "open everywhere". The market scale of digital currency derivatives is developing towards a market scale of trillions of dollars.

The high operating threshold and high risk of cryptocurrency investment have always been important factors that hinder the "out of the circle" of cryptocurrency. In order to find new increments, the exchange has been exploring the "secondary investment" with low operating threshold, low risk and high return since last year. This is the internal logic and motivation for the development of cryptocurrency derivatives. The contract released by BiKi this time perfectly reflects this point.

In 2020, the derivatives market has great potential for development, and there may be more high-quality derivatives for us to choose from. We expect more responsible platforms like BiKi to appear to promote the formalization of the industry and truly promote the development of the digital economy. .


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Everything you need to know about BiKi perpetual contracts

At 3:00 pm on April 1st, the BiKi perpetual contract online conference was held as scheduled. The conference was unexpectedly long. The entire conference lasted about 4 hours.

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