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Golden Sentinel丨Transfer $1.1 billion worth of Bitcoin with a fee of only $0.68?



Golden Finance Blockchain News, April 13  On April 10, a huge bitcoin transfer transaction attracted the attention of the entire cryptocurrency industry. Someone discovered that the transaction fee for this 161,500 BTC transaction was only 0.00010019 BTC, or about $0.68.

Golden Evening News | List of important news on the evening of August 21: 12:00-21:00 Keywords: Securities Association of China, Telegram, Filecoin, Yam Finance,

1. Securities Association of China: Encourage securities companies to increase investment in blockchain and other fields.

2. Director of the Monetary Policy Department of the Central Bank: The Telegram case has important reference significance for my country.

3. The European Commission hopes to introduce the cryptocurrency bill as early as Q3 2020.

4. Filecoin may issue the token FIL in late September.

5. Yam Finance: Tokens must be migrated through the official website before 0:20 on August 23.

6. The locked position exceeded 1 billion US dollars.

7. Data: Both Bitcoin and Ethereum futures open interest have hit new highs recently.

8. BB: has begun to explore multi-chain mining strategies.

9. Yang Dong from Renmin University of China: Digital currency is just a superficiality, and reconstruction of the payment network is the grand plan. [2020/8/21]

If calculated according to the price when the transaction was initiated, the total value transferred by the transaction reached a "terrible" $1.1 billion. According to the details of the transaction records on the blockchain, 15,000 BTC was sent to an independent wallet in this transaction, and the remaining 146,500  BTC was returned to the original address.

Golden Noon News | A list of important developments at noon on August 17: 7:00-12:00 Keywords: Yam Finance, CITIC Securities, DeFi, NEM

1. Yam Finance official: YAMv1 holders will destroy YAMv1 through the migration contract to generate YAMv2;

2. CITIC Securities: Digital currency boosts the advent of the era of digital finance

3. The adoption rate of Litecoin Segregated Witness exceeds that of Bitcoin by 80%;

4. The total market value of DeFi projects exceeded 14 billion US dollars, and LINK accounted for more than 50%;

5. The total circulation of BTC anchored coins exceeded 40,000 pieces;

6. Members of the Compound community initiated the COMP token proposal 020 to upgrade cUSDT to the same interest rate model parameters as cDAI;

7. The progress of NEM's release of Symbol: the mainnet release time is tentatively scheduled for December 17;

8. In August, the computing power of the ETC network dropped to the lowest level this year. [2020/8/17]

It is reported that Twitter user KRMA_0 was one of the first to discover the transaction. As more and more people began to pay attention to this matter, Bitfinex Chief Technology Officer Paolo Ardoino finally stood up and responded. He admitted on Sunday (April 12) that the huge Bitcoin transaction was operated by Bitfinex because they wanted to top up the exchange's own hot wallet. Paolo Ardoino says:

Countdown to BTC Halving | Golden Finance Mining Earnings Report: According to Jinse Finance, according to data from the OKEx mining pool, the next BTC halving date is expected to be May 15, 2020, and there are still 41 days left before today. The current block height of BTC is 624151, and the block height of the next halving is 630000.

Today's network computing power is about 103.08EH/s, the network difficulty is about 13.91T, and the next difficulty is predicted to be 12.98T (-6.71%). There are still 5 days left before the adjustment. Today's BTC income: 0.00001808BTC/T/day. [2020/4/3]

"Yes, this 15,000 BTC transfer transaction was operated by Bitfinex. We recharged the hot wallet, and the remaining bitcoins were returned to the original address."

The record for the highest Bitcoin transfer transaction has been broken

In terms of dollar value, the 15,000 BTC transferred by Bitfinex is the most valuable transfer transaction in Bitcoin history - the last Bitcoin transfer transaction worth more than $1 billion occurred on September 6, 2019, according to Transaction records show that the number of bitcoins transferred at that time was 94,504 BTC, worth about $1.018 billion, but the handling fee was as high as $700. In contrast, the handling fee for this transfer is obviously much lower.

However, in terms of the number of bitcoins transferred, neither of these transactions is the largest bitcoin transaction. The single largest number of Bitcoin transfers occurred on November 16, 2011, when 500,000 BTC were transferred. However, the transaction was valued at only US$1.32 million in US dollars at the time. If the transaction took place today, the estimated transaction amount would be US$3.5 billion.

Part of this article is compiled from cointelegraph


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Golden Sentinel丨Transfer $1.1 billion worth of Bitcoin with a fee of only $0.68?

Golden Finance Blockchain News, April 13  On April 10, a huge bitcoin transfer transaction attracted the attention of the entire cryptocurrency industry. Someone discovered that the transaction fee for this 161.

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